Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I took Ethan to the Dr. Office on the 23rd of December because of symptoms I thought may be RSV. It turned out he had a bit of Pneumonia in his right lung and they had concerns about his wheezing and cough. Poor guy reall had it rough the first few days until his antibiotics kicked in and he recieved a blessing from his dad and Paka. These were taken on the 27th and he is such a happy boy. He is growing up so fast. He will be 10 months old on the 1st...where did my little tiny babe go?

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Christmas Card

Merry Christmas! This is our Christmas card picture. I can't send them to everyone on my email list, so I thought I'd post it and wish you a Happy Holiday! We think about you all often and love that you are a part of our lives.

Ready for Christmas

We are getting so excited for Christmas!! We got our Christmas tree and decorated the house. Kaylin is such a goof ball. She loves life and lives it to the fullest. Ethan is one cute baby and loves making us laugh.