Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Caterpillars and Flowers

The blossoms are in full bloom right now which makes our yard spectacular! We had to take the photo op! Travis took these of Mika on Sunday. I think you can see so much of her personality in these shots! She is such a happy girl, very giggly and thinks she is the funniest of them all. Showing her sweet side...
And still our little worrier. :)
Ethan loves to collect. Whether it's monster trucks, race cars, rocks, or.... caterpillars- he has a place for them all. Inside. I'm a lucky mom. :)
Kaylin is my tough girl. If I need her to get a bug or spider etc, she gets it for me. And now she searches the yard for caterpillars. And when they are found they get a special home--an empty Easter bin. Although they always seem to escape the kids want to watch it turn into a butterfly...
Pretty girl. She's growing up way too fast! She is my flower child. It takes major self-control NOT to pick every flower she sees, usually ending up unsuccessful.
I love the dynamics with these 3. Siblings are such a treasure.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break

We were lucky enough to spend Spring Break at Gulf Shores this year! This is the house we stayed in, Lucky Dog. It was perfect. We had our friends the Butlers meet us there for some of the days too.
Jeff and Travis.
The kids: Mika, Halle, Ethan, Savannah and Kaylin
Me and Britt
We had so much fun, spending most days at the beach, but when the weather was chilly we made our own fun of it. The Butlers' niece passed away and the funeral was taking place only 2 hrs away. The day they left is was rainy and gloomy, so we took the kids to How to train your Dragon, 3D. It was such a good movie!! At night we played games or watched movies. I know, I always have to have a goofy picture, but I laugh so hard at this one because here I am giving Travis bunny ears and then look what's behind my head....
One night we let off fireworks. Travis and Jeff lit off a ton of bottle rockets. I think it was mostly for their amusement, the 3 older kids were playing their own game in the dark and Britt and I were holding our little ones as they were terrified of the fireworks.
Travis joined us on Thursday. It was so good to have him with us!
Kaylin is a total beach girl. No shoes, sun dresses, the sand and the waves are passions of hers.
Of course we had some quiet time too. Despite Ethan's protesting, he always fell asleep. :)
Kaylin having quiet time on the screened porch.
Yes, we attempted family pictures. We went out at 7 thinking there would be plenty of light, but it was gone in a matter of minutes! I forgot to post the individual kids on here, so I'll put them on the sidebar. I'm just loving Mika's cheese now a days. Nothing holding back. She sure loves her dadeeee!
Ethan actually took this one while we were waiting for our friends to join us. I think it turned out pretty good!!
The best attempt. Once the sun went down it got pretty chilly with the wind. But they were good sports.

Me and the girlies. This was our color shirts for Easter Sunday.
My kids. Boy, even though they are my crazies, I love them so much. We had such wonderful memories made on this trip!
Daddy and the kiddos. I love this pic.
Kaylin found a ton of muscles or clams. She'd squeal when their tongues came out, but she loved digging for them. The first day we were there we didn't know they were everywhere and she gave me a pretty looking "shell" and I brought it in, set it on my nightstand for the week. Last day we were there, Travis says, "I'm surprised that clam doesn't stink" Wha...? I had a dying clam next to my bed all week?! Gross!

Off to the right are two dolphin fins. I actually think they were porpoises. They were dark with white bellies and small.
Ethan loved jumping in the waves! I was surprised at this, and even though timid the first couple days, he got just as brave as Kaylin.
Playing Frisbee with Dad.

Easter Weekend

These are all out of order, but I don't have much time as it is, so it's better than nothin!
We went up to my parents house for the weekend to enjoy Conference and Easter with them. Here is Easter morning, Ethan finding some goods. :)
Me and Mika --I love her new cheesy face
Kaylin so happy it's Easter....
Mika found an egg! She was actually picky about which ones she chose...
Ready for the Hunt!
At my mom's cemetary near her house is a beautiful replica of the tomb, called the Grotto. She took us there Saturday morning and we read the Easter story in the Bible. There was a waterfall near it that Mika really liked.
Ethan was on overload....
Grandma reading the story and asking questions....

There were lots of pretty decorations and flowers that the kids loved.
Inside the tomb--He is not there, He is Risen!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Hayes Visit

Angie, Lily and Henry came up for a day visit. We started at Jump 2 it, this is Lily giving Mika "hugs" :)After the older kids got home from school we went for a golf cart ride for pictures and parks! Here's Lily and her bubby. :)
Cute Lily Jane.....
Flower Child...
(the other two crazies weren't cooperating with my picture idea...Ethan was very concerned with all the bees and Mika was too busy being busy...)