Saturday, March 31, 2007

Children's Museum

We took the kids to the Atlanta Children's Museum with Kaylin's Joy School group. They had a blast! This picture is of Melanie, Brittany and me...
There were all sorts of pretend play there. Kaylin could have played there all day. This picture is of her ans Brittany's daughter Savannah.
This is my best friend's little girl Savannah.

Ethan was in heaven there. He didn't want to leave!

Ethan Man!

Ethan loves being outside and just recently found out how fun it is to torture his big sister. He loves to laugh and he is always very concerned about "wee-bee" which is what he calls Kaylin. He loves his daddy and always wants to help him with whatever he's doing. He still loves his trucks and has become very vocal lately! Sometimes he won't ever stop talking! We went to the Peachtree City airshow. I don't know who loved it more, Travis or Ethan!

Kaylin's growing up!

Kaylin is so sweet. She is always worried about how I'm feeling. She's also very imaginative. She'll play by herself for long periods of time with hardly any toys. At times she does include Ethan, but it's only on her terms. She loves her friends and tells them that they are her favorite or her best. She is very sweet to them and is always taking care of them. She loves the Disney Princesses and loves to be Ariel or Belle. But her favorite right now is Peter Pan. When she plays, she acts out all the parts and voices! Most days she is Wendy and won't answer to Kaylin. At the park she'll tell people that Wendy is her name!

Emily's House

We had so much fun at Emily's. Her four kids were a blast for my kids to play with. One day we went to Uncle Dave's firestation and Ethan was just about in heaven there! This was when Travis was in town for the wedding! I loved being with my sister and watching the cousins play with each other.

Breezy's Wedding

Travis' sister got married in Nov 2006 to Troy Sheide in Utah. It was an amazing wedding and a fun reception. We flew out there for a week ahead of time to spend time with my sister Emily in West Jordan and help Breezy with some final wedding plans.

A second Christmas

When Nathan came into town, we had a Second Christmas with Travis' Family. Everyone was together and we had so much fun!

Friends and Family at Christmas

We spent Christmas Eve with the Sharps. We went to Aunt Angie and Andrew's House. Tami and her family came and Meagan too. It was a full house! We did the Nativity and had a yummy ham dinner!


Ethan was a little overwhelmed with everything. He couldn't decide whether he wanted to ride his bike, play with his race track or watch the choo-choo train! It was so funny!

Kaylin was so excited Christmas Morning! She opened all her presents immediately and hugged each one saying "Thank you" in the most dramatic way!


Christmas was so much fun this year. Kaylin asked for a doll house and a kitchen from Santa this year! We saw him at the Mall and Kaylin was so sweet and excited to see him! Ethan was not...