Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trunk or Treat

Our trunk-or-treat at the church was so much fun! Travis as the walking half dead experiment gone wrong and me, a witch! 
 Travis' brother's Brandon and Nate (on left) along with their cousin Garret (middle) did a huge haunted house in a moving van hooked up to the enclosed trailer. Brandon and Travis were the "victims", Nathan was kind of like Frankenstein (his costume is off in this pic) and Garret is the creepy doctor. Kids were terrified!

My young women were in charge of a witch's spooky house. We decorated and all dressed up. Me and my girls! (and Mika too)

Stacey was the super aunt! When I was in the spooky house and Travis in the haunted house, she helped me with my little girls. Cousins with their Auntie after the fun party...

Kaylin won the best costume at her table! Me and my gypsy :)

I loved my friend Joyce's costume! Can you guess what she is?

My sleeping kitty. We got her nose done when she was sleeping :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Capital Field Trip!

Kaylin had a fun field trip to the Capital! I was able to come and be a chaperon. This is the Freedom Lady that's on top of the gold dome. 

They got to ask questions to our Peachtree City Representative. 

Sitting in the desks.

Rep Ramsey and some of her class.

Me and her outside the front.

With her besties, Lana and Gage.

I love this girl. She is so happy and loves learning. She is enjoying 3rd grade so much and her teacher is seriously amazing! We are so lucky!


We've been doing fun little projects around the house! They are little but do SO much!!
New sink!

We tore down a wall in the opens it up so much! Plus I painted the door and new hardware. It's wonderful!

Friday, October 21, 2011


We met Angie and her cute kids at the Zoo Atlanta! (the kids were out of school) 
Here are the 4 bigs on the caboose!

Kaylin loves the Gorillas! 

It was pretty chilly in the morning and the shady parts, Ashlynn was all bundled up!

Mika rode in Angie's stroller with Henry most of the time. 

I loved snuggling with Ashlynn! 
After a fun day at the Zoo we came back to our house. Kaylin, Ethan and Lily played outside most of the time, while my little girls slept the rest of the afternoon. Thanks Angie for such a great Friday! We loved being with you guys so much!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pins Out!

Yesterday was a big day for Ethan! I took him up to the Emory Clinic where he'd get to take his pins out! He was a little nervous, but super brave and happy to get that splint off! 
 The 2 balls come off first, then they pull with tweezers 3 inch pins. I was amazed they were so long and didn't poke out the other end! Ethan watched the whole time and was slightly uncomfortable very briefly.
His X-rays were awesome so he got to go home with just a bandage and a sling for a week! He can't participate in PE for 3 weeks, but he's doing fine adjusting to the freedom :) The Dr encouraged us to let him move it around on his own terms, not to push or pull his healing of his range of motion. We'll go back in 3 months to make sure it's healing properly and his range of motion is all back. But as for now, he's getting used to using two arms again!

Fall Weather

One day we are out at the park in the high 70's and in the sun sweating!! 
Ashlynn and I are taking a break on the golf cart in the shade :) She's almost 5 months this week! I'm dying!

She had her first swing ride. She loved it. I took a little video and it was hilarious. We set her back in the swing and you could barely see her head over it.

The next day (literally) we are indoors with a high of 54 and freezing our southern bums off. It made me sleepy and Ashlynn cuddly :)

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Growing "littles"

I call my two youngest girls "littles". They are growing so fast...
Ashlynn is 4 1/2 months in this picture.

Mika loves being a big sister. She's helpful when she wants to be. She loves making sure Ashlynn has her bottle. And loves to be on the floor with her.

Mika loves to dress up. She's a princess but if you look, she has boots on and is about to go outside with Ethan.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Coweta County Fair!

We love taking the kids to the county fair. It was a perfect night! 

Our fam in front of the big ferris wheel! (Don't ask what Mika is doing, we have no idea!)

Travis, Kaylin and Mika rode the ferris wheel.

We went with our friends the Ohmans. There little girl Ella is Mika's little friend. They all rode on the firetruck.

Mika yelling MOM-eeeee everytime they came around...

The girls went on a small rollercoaster. The cutest thing ever was to see both of their little hands up in the air.

They have a cute petting zoo. This donkey just stood there letting us all pet it.

Cute farmer girl :)

I love her many faces. This one is saying "It smells in here!"