Monday, March 24, 2008


We had a really fun Easter Weekend! Friday we bought the movie Enchanted and I think Kaylin watched it about 3 times by Saturday. I really didn't mind because I love the story and music! Saturday Travis did some work and took Ethan along, not only was I happy with this arrangement, so was Ethan. He was daddy's big helper! It gave Kaylin and I a chance to do some girlie bonding! We went out to McDonalds, visited a friend selling stuff at a store, bought some sugar cookies and then made them! (the whole time reminding Kaylin of the story of the Little Red Hen...for she only wanted to frost them) And then had a BBQ and movie night with some friends.
Easter Sunday was nice too. Our ward split and made a super branch, which caused some Peachtree City ward members added to our ward. It was so fun seeing so many faces that I love! Our ward is better than ever now! After church, we did some family pictures that I thought turned out really cute, then we had our Easter Hunt. We distracted the kiddos with an Easter movie and Travis and I went outside to hide everything. He grew up hiding the baskets with toys and candy already in them and I grew up just hiding the candy, so we compromised. We hid their baskets with their fun toy and then hid the rest around the yard. Kaylin was ecstatic! She would ONLY pick up the pink and purple eggs and the ocassional yellow...She loved all her treasures and mostly liked the toys and games, but loves peeps and the white chocolate bunny. After Ethan found his basket with two mini monster trucks (his favorite ones, Grave Digger and Blue Thunder) the candy took 2nd place.--amazingly!)But he is a fast egg finder! Travis and Ethan stacked up the empty eggs and would run the monster trucks into the eggs. Ethan's been building opstacles since.
My mom and Dad came down for a yummy BBQ dinner and we showed them our house being built too! Well just our lot, but there was a house around the corner that just had been dry-walled that was the same exact floor plan we could walk through. It was so fun seeing them and the kids loved showing off for them!
We hope you all had a wonderful Easter spending time with family and loved ones as well and remembered the true meaning of Easter and the beautiful message that Christ lives!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Tornado in Atlanta

So after our Easter Hunt at the church we came home to a huge storm. We found out that a tornado had blown through downtown Atlanta. Luckily all we got was wind, rain and hail. The pic below is after the storm (I had trouble getting these in order!) the kids (and Travis) wanted to play in the rain... Kaylin girlie, playing after the storm cleared
I love this pic. The storm clouds are so dark, but then the sun is peeking through...gorgeous.
Travis showing the kids the hail.
Yep, those tiny white spots on the grass are hail! :)
Here are some close up. We all thought they were pretty big! Kaylin ate them like candy!
The view from our backyard during the hail storm...
Ethan's there to save the day! (hey someone has to when Nate's not around!) I'm just glad he didn't take me with him! My balance is decreasing!
Ethan waiting for the rain so he can "eat it"

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Hunt

This morning we had an Easter Egg Hunt at the church. First there was a yummy brunch, where the pic below was taken. These are Kaylin's favorite church friends Haley and Tarin. I was in charge of taking the photos for the activity, so I had to make my kids pose afterwards! This is Ethan's pose--the Mommy I want my picture taken look. Nice.
Ethan on the hunt. He scored!
Kaylin was on the other side of the building. Lots of running back and forth....Pretty girl looking for "pink" eggs.
This is what happens when I say, "Cheese!" I don't know why I even bother....

Friday, March 14, 2008

Grandma's House!

Ethan riding his big boy bike, with a great happy face.... Look at that face, what a cute little man...
Kaylin and her cousin Lily. (she's practicing!)
Movie night!
Kaylin didn't have school on Friday so we went up to Grandma's House thursday night and had a sleepover with Angie and Lily! Thursday was a gorgeous day so we went outside for a while. Ethan rode his big bike and is getting quite good and fast, even though he fell a couple times. Friday I had to run some errands so Grandma watched the kids while Ang and I went to the store in pouring down rain. and got soaked :( But at least we got out with no kids! Yay for Grandmas!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kaylin girlie

"Little Miss Model" for Brittany Butler's new bow and bracelet company called Starlette. Kaylin was excited to get all dressed up, this is her Easter Dress. We are working on her "pretty princess" smile. :) As for the poses we need to show off the bows and bracelets...but I thought she still looked super cute.
It's always cute to have a little distraction. You can catch a possible "real smile" and this one caught her cute profile.
This one doesn't really show off her bow at all, but I loved her little face. She's just growing up too fast!!! (this one is my fav!)
Now I think she's just bored. She's ready to play and wants to get this over with! :) Aren't 4 1/2 yr olds patient????

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ethan is crazy

Ethan felt a little left out in all the picture fun (as you know he either has to be taking the picture or be in it!) But needless to say he was a little crazy. I couldn't get a strait smile out of these two!
This one is a classic--Ethan digging up his nose and Savannah's crinkled nose smile. Too cute!
Cute Savannah giving Ethan a kiss on the cheek. Ethan looks like he's the man! :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dress Up

While I was out signing papers my friend Britt Butler watched the kids. The girls love to dress up and apparantly they wanted Ethan to joing them too! At least Britt put him in a Superman cape! Here he is ready to fly! (Doesn't Superman wear spandex?)
Flying into Savvy's room!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Ethan's 3rd Birthday!

Some highlights...
Ethan got a new bike! Travis did all the work, painted it, put on the motorcycle stickers, polished it up, new seat etc. I think the grown men thought it was cooler than even Ethan did! Ate at Red Robin (my fav resturant-Angie's too!) and had one yummy lunch!
Ethan was so shy when the birthday singers came out, he hid and was so embarassed. It was pretty cute.
His little friends (with some siblings too) all with their superman capes on!
Double piggy back rides from daddy after a treat at coldstone!
Have to say Ethan is one happy boy. What a fun day. To see a fun slideshow, go to Ethan's blog: