Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving FUN!

  My parents drove with me and the kids up to Virginia to stay with Meagan and her cute family. It was exciting, because we got to stay in their new house! My brother's fam was driving from CT to stay with some of Sarenas family that live very close as well. So it was a big Sharp and Woodruff partay.

We had our Thanksgiving feast at the church with about 8 families of Sharps and Woodruffs. It was a blast for all the kiddos. And boy did we have a feast! The food was excellent!
We also had the opportunity to be with Trevor as he was ordained a deacon.

Here are most of the little kids. They had so much fun together.

Ethan gained 2 little shadows. They were all blondies, so cute. He's in the middle of Trey and Jacie.

My brother is the best. I think he's a keeper.

Meagan's house was so much fun. She put up her Christmas Decorations for us and the kids loved it. Ethan loved baby Wendy and always played with her. 

All the Sharp, Clarke and Perdue cousins that were there. 

 Eating pizza!

This will be the last moment in time that my nephew will be the same height as me! And he even looks taller in this pic! Booo! I can't believe how much he's grown up. I can vividly remember when you were born and I came to visit you when you were only a few weeks old. Love ya Trev.

 Travis sister lives about 30 minutes away and came with Troy and cute Sayla to Meagan's. It was so fun to see them. Sayla is getting so big and is so stinking cute! She was super sleepy in this pic.

Ethan loved having the Sharps over so they could play the Wii. Jared was so nice to play all his games with him. They sat on Meagan's HUGE beanbag.

My mom was reading a story to Wendy--she loves books, and I just happened to be chilling next to them. :)

One day we went to Great Falls. It was very cold, but the kids had so much fun going on a hike and running around. Kaylin and Karinn- so excited to see each other.

The 2 preggie sisters. 

We had a wonderful time sharing Thanksgiving with all of you. It was always fun and had the best food ever! Thanks Perdues and Sharps for making this all happen!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ethan lost his 1st tooth!

So Sunday Ethan did a flip from the ottoman to the couch and landed in the middle of the two. He sat there and said, "Hm, something feels funny." Then we realized his mouth was bleeding. He wasn't quite ready to lose a tooth, according to him. He was quite upset. (Although he's wanted to loose his teeth to get money for 2 years now, since Kaylin lost her first tooth. I guess it wasn't as great as he expected.) Travis convinced him that it wouldn't have come out if it wasn't ready, but he didn't buy it.
 So we let him sleep on it. ;) He lost it today at school during rest time. What else does a bored boy do while laying on his mat for 30 minutes? He was so excited when he came home and has reminded me constantly we need to put his "shiny clean tooth" under his pillow....

Monday, November 01, 2010

A-Scary-Um (Aquarium)

Our friends the Butlers found great discount tickets to the Aquarium. Kids got in free if they wore their costume! It was SO MUCH FUN! And Travis had never been!! 

Kaylin loved all the fish and they seemed to love her. 
It was kind of strange...In the under water tunnel she stood up on a ledge and a school of fish zoned in on her.  You can't see it very well here, but when she first stood up they looked like those fish on Nemo who would change shapes to make signs.

Ethan in the tunnel with Dad. He was a little nervous:)

I had no idea that shark was behind me! Holy Crap! It took a lot of calm breathing to walk to the rest of the tunnel! ;)

Me and Travis in a huge stadium room watching giant sting rays. They would do circles in the water, it was amazing!! They also had huge whale sharks, biggest fish in captivity.

 Mika was so good in the aquarium. She loved seeing all the fish and was content to spend most of the time in her stroller. Here there wasn't room for the stroller to see the penguins, so she stood on some decorative rocks. What a big girl :)

 We went to the kids exploratory where they could pet sting rays and little sharks. Kaylin was the only brave soul in our family besides Travis. Behind us is a play place and slides they spent a lot of time on.
When we got out the kids were so hyper and I was so exhausted! Funny how that works! :) Luckily there was a great playground across the street that the kids could have played on for hours! Then we headed off to my parents to meet my cousin and go to their trunk-or-treat!

Trunk or Treat

We got to go to 2 trunk or treats this year! On Friday we went to ours. This is a pic of the parade, my two little fairies. 

 Here is my little bro's new fiancĂ©e, Stacey. Mika's warming up to her! (which is no small feat)

Superman and Golden Fairy

 Then we headed to my parents on Saturday. There ward went all out. They had an old fashioned cotton candy machine, popcorn machine, had a cake walk and doughnut eating contests. The kids had a blast and a sugar overload!!! (so did I!)

My kids with my cousin Rachel's kids. Abby is hiding, but Brighton is a bumblebee and Jackson is a giraffe. I also LOVE seeing my cousin and her cute family. 

I helped my mom in her trunk while Travis took the kids around. After a couple times around the kids joined us in the trunk. If we were thinking, we would have snapped a pic of all of us...oh well. 
Thanks for inviting us mom and dad--we had a great time and love every minute we spend with you!!!