Wednesday, January 30, 2008

23 weeks (thats 5 1/2 months)

These pics were taken last week, but whats the difference really!? I'm past the halfway mark which is nice to think about!
We've been decorating Kaylin's room and making room for baby. My friend is going to paint the crib for me to match Kaylin's bed...
2 cute kids with prego mama!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

TAG you're it!

Alright, I've been tagged, but I have to say I'm kind of excited talking about my sweet lovey! :) This is a pic of me and Travs dancing at my sister's wedding...

what is his name? Travis Chase Clarke
how long have you been together? 7 years or so
how long did you date? 6 months, engaged 6 month, married for 6 years
how old his he? whoa, he's 28 now, he'll be 29 this summer! Yikes!
who eats more? Travis used to, but I usually take the cake while pregnant!
who said i love you first? gosh, i don't remember, i'll have to ask him!
who is taller? Travis but barely when I'm in heels! (or so I think!)
who can sing better? Me, but Travis sure tries :)
Who is smarter? We've both got our strengths...basically he knows guys things, I know girl things!
who does the laundry? Ugh I do and way too often!
who pays the bills? I do, but lately I've been a bit forgetful, oops!
who sleeps in the right side? Travis...but it changes in different houses or places. But once I pick my spot, I'm stuck
who mows the lawn? Travis does here, but I have in every place we've lived!
who cooks dinner? I do but not willingly...can't wait for the day i can have a professional chef in my house! --in my dreams, right??
who drives? when we are together, Travis. Although he has no sense of direction...I'm a dang good navigator! And I'm a horrible driver at night! Anyone seen my glasses?
who is more stubborn? Well that would be me I guess--married to the nicest guy on the planet.
who kissed who first? I definately did. Really fond memory!
who asked who out first? I did, saw him and made his cousin bring him to a party at my house. from then on he was mine for the keeping!
who proposed? Travis. Even though the whole day was a disaster for him, it was so cute and romantic on my end!
who has more friends? I do
who is more sensitive? Me, give me a break, I'm prego! :) (I am when I'm not though too!)
who has more siblings? Both have the same amount! 6 kids in each fam.
who wears the pants? I think we are a good team, but I run the house! ;)

TAG YOURE IT! Melanie, Britt Butler, Janine, Mandee, Angie (yes--do it!!!) Meagan and Brooke!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My sister Meagan's Wedding

Meagan and Chris got married in the Washington DC temple. Meag asked me to be the photographer. I LOVE the pictures I got of her and Chris, the family ones that I was in was a little tricky though! Above is Kaylin and Karinn, the two inseperable flower girls!
Above is one of my favorite photos of the whole day. Her dress was gorgeous on her!

I love this one of her too...yep in Sepia tone. It's just stunning with that train.
The Sharp Party! It was so fun seeing everyone, aunts, uncles, friends from Redmond, friends of was a fun weekend.

Meagan's Wedding!

All the nieces and nephews that were there. Makenzie, Lily, Jared, Allie and Trevor in the 2nd row and Karinn, Ethan and Kaylin in the first row.
All the "Sharp Siblings" Adam, Meagan Chris on top row, Tami, Angie, Me and Emily on the bottom row.
Siblings with spouses.
The Wedding party, aren't those 2 little girls so cute???
The Flower girls.

Meagan's Wedding Reception

Kaylin and Karinn giving hugs. They were the flower girls in the ring ceremony.
A tired Kaylin and a tired mommy...
A hungry Photgrapher....
but a hungrier Ethan!
Me and the Bride!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

What the Clarke brothers do for fun...

Last Saturday, on a cold, wintery afternoon Travis, his youngest brother Brandon and cousin Devon decided to build a "slider" and pull a wakeboard behind the quad over a frozen and utterly disgustingly dirty retention pond...
Travis fell face first INTO the pond, thus claiming "The muddiest" award...
I thankfully had a photo session earlier (and actually afraid a neighbor would come knocking at my door declaring some nature or environmental rights or something), I was gone, so yes, my children were out there too. Ethan thoroughly enjoying this spectacle and Kaylin was asking her daddy, "Dad, why do you think this is fun?"

Above, Travis after falling into the pond.
Below: Devon giving him a hand

This is proof it actually worked and they did have a really great time! I sit here wondering, what will they come up with next???

The big Clarke fam

Saturday we went out to take Clarke fam pics after one of my photo sessions. Brad brought the tripod so I could work with it (I have to take it to Meagan's wedding!) and I could be in the big group shots! They turned out really well. For more couple and individual shots, go to!

This one is my favorite. Ethan's even smiling!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Baby # 3 is a....


Above, it's not shown too clearly...but there's a hamburger (as my sister calls it) no signs of a boy at all. I was totally in shock!

Here's her cute little profile. We both thought it looked like she'll have Kaylin's cute little nose!

Check out the Baby Blog at for some pregnancy journals and more stuff all about Baby #3!