Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Car Show and The FOX!

Earl and Dixie invited us to spend the day with them in Atlanta. We first stopped by the Car Show. Earl and Dixie restore old cars, so it was really fun to see and get ideas. Above is a truck Travis loved. Below is a truck we thought would be fun to get Ethan. It's a '65 Chevrolet. Can't you just see Ethan driving this?
Then we went to the Fox Theater to see Young Frankenstein. Travis' FIRST SHOW EVER! It was full of laughs and very entertaining!
I had Dixie document this historical event of Travis' first musical! :)
I've never been to a matinee or a show that allowed you have popcorn and treats! So here's Travis --my sugar daddy!... :)
After we went to dinner at a Greek restaurant next door that had unbelievably tasty cakes. We got the white chocolate raspberry one. Yum!!! Thanks Earl and Dixie for the fabulous time!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sibling Love

It is interesting to me how much our family dynamics changed since Mika has come into our lives. And watching her grow and bond with each of her siblings is such a treasured thing to me. Above is Ethan and her playing. They love to play together. He is sweet to her and tries very hard to be patient with her. She loves wresting with him, and being the "monster" chasing him. Kaylin is her comfort. She always wants kisses and hugs from her. If Kaylin is ever hurt, sad or even laying on the ground, Mika will climb onto her and smother her with kisses. Below is a picture of Kaylin going to bed and Mika giving her loves.

Mini Me

Mika climbed into my bed one day, pulled the covers on her and held up my book. Pretty cute.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monster Jam

Travis and his friend David took their little boys to Monster Jam this year. They had such a blast and really great seats! All of them loved it. Freestyle was the best part, lots of crashes and broken trucks. Ethan said he loved the fireworks and his favorite is Maximum Destruction, Blue Thunder and Superman.

This is the only pic I have taken from David's phone. Sorry Ethan is blurry!

Mumm Shuz

I was changing her bum and went to get some comfy pants and next thing I know she had gotten my shoes and was putting them on. I love it.
She was a little embarrassed...and then Daddy came home. She was o excited they flew off and she was in his arms. :)

Friday, January 08, 2010

SNOW day

So yes it DID end up snowing in the frigid south--it had been a high of 21 degrees here! We could use a little snow to make the cold more enjoyable! So Thursday night it finally snowed. The kids would come home from school telling us their teachers said to put a spoon under their pillow ad wear their Pjs inside out--have you ever heard that before???
Friday morning we woke up to everything covered in about an inch of snow. Not enough to cover the roads, but they were slick and then when it dropped to 20 degrees over night, the roads froze=schools closed! Ethan was waking me up at 7 asking me every 20 mins if we could go out, finally we got out around 9:30.

Ethan testing his remote in the snow. We walked to the park.
Kaylin deciding it was cold enough for gloves....
I don't have any of Mika because I left the camera. She had a totally biff, but it was hilarious because she was so puffy from all the layers and her giant coat, that she just bounced. Her head was about 2 inches away from the ground and she was looking at it fromt he corner of her eye starting to cry. It was so cute. She also wouldn't touch the snow or eat it. If it got close she squealed like it was acid.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Miss Mika

She is so expressive, so loud, stubborn, funny, opinionated...
I love these pictures, I thought they really captured her. Above is her determined look. Like she's going to sit right here and her remote will too, so there. Below is the view we get often. Remember my post about her "comfort"? She sticks her hands down her pants all the time and so it pushes her diaper and pants down too.
This is one of my favorite looks. The "I probably shouldn't do this, but I think it's cool, are you going to stop me" look.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The New Year

We went outside to light off sparklers before the kids went to bed. They loved them!

Mika stayed up a little later because of her long nap...Paka giving her loves.
The party animals....
We love playing games with Jonathan. My most memorable gaming experiences have been with him. We got him laughing hard!!!
Here's Brad giving his eldest son a hard time.

We had a great time ringing in the new year with our family....
Hope yours is filled with a lot of love, laughter and happiness!