Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

Our rule is the kids have to find their basket first. The basket is from Mom and Dad. They find the best chocolate, a toy, and some small nick-knacks. Once everyone finds their basket they can find the eggs.
Ethan got a...surprise! Another Monster Truck! 

Kaylin took the longest to find her basket, but on the way back to us she kept saying "No way! No way!" She got some small La-la Loopseys. (don't even ask...) 

 Another rule was that the eggs on the grass were for Mika. Travis made it a bit harder for the older kids :)

One of Ethan's toys were those boxers and you use your thumb to make them box. Him and Travis had a pretty good round. :)

Jocelyn, Garret and Laurel came over for the hunt. Mika just adores Jocey and sat with her while the older kids kept trying to find all the eggs. She was content with her little loot and her new pony.

 Yeah, it looks a little scary, but it's a plush my little pony and Mika loves it. It even sings and talks to her.

Kaylin enjoying the air conditioning and all her treasures!

We took a few quick shots of the family. Mika had a hard time cooperating, but the older kids were adorable. It's time like these where I think they really do love each other! 

Me and my love. I'm 35 weeks....

Yeah it was fast Sunday. I guess I'm super tasty :)

 My family!
Happy Easter!! It was fun to be able to talk to the kids (now being older) about the meaning behind the Easter Egg, Springtime etc. Kaylin really enjoyed the talk and it made so much sense to her. We also watched a wonderful Easter Message on about the Savior that was very sweet and deeply touching. We are so grateful for our Savior's sacrifice and the Resurrection that allows to live forever as a family someday!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Our friends the Anthony's hosted a great Easter Egg Hunt and Potluck! The kids had a fabulous time!

Travis was a "hider" and maybe a too good of one at that...he kept having to give hints :)

 Ethan is exclaiming: "I found a golden egg!" He was so fast and found a TON!! Later he told me he followed a smaller kid and picked up what he spilled! Stinker! (we made sure the little boy had enough) I love this pic because that is a genuine smile for bubs....

Kaylin could reach a lot of the high ones and had a great time with some of her favorite friends!

Mika was hilarious. She'd spot the high ones and I love her expression, it's like "the egg is Where?!?"

Mika and her stash
 Ethan and his loot

Thanks Anthony's for a great afternoon! 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Atlanta Temple Open House

The Atlanta Temple was open for tours the last two weeks. We were able to go inside with our little family and see the new remodeling and show the kids where Grandma Wendy and Grandpa spend a lot of their time and also to see where Mom and Dad got married! It was so beautiful and we all felt such a peaceful real feeling. Grandpa walked through with us as well, while Grandma Wendy was in the reception tent at the end of the tour. 

 It was so wonderful to walk through with Travis, my eternal companion in the place where we were sealed 9 1/2 years ago...It's also fun to see where we are now all these years later, with 3 beautiful crazies and one on the way, living nearby.

They were so well behaved in the temple!   

Kaylin loved all the white rooms with the big chandeliers. She was so sweet and felt a warm feeling while there. She loved being with Grandpa too.

 Ethan liked the baptismal font. He held my hand most of the tour. He was happy to see where Mom and Dad got sealed.

And Mika? We were just happy she was quiet! :) Travis at one point told her to look for Jesus (there are esquisite paintings everywhere of Him) and the air conditioning turned on and she said in a very loud whisper: "Gasp! I just heard the toilet! Jesus flushed the potty!" (she IS potty training right now, so her and the toilet are "one" right now...)

 The kids were so excited to see Grandma afterwards. We took a quick picture at the backside of the temple so Grandma could get back to her "job" in the reception tent.

It was such a wonderful day! We love the temple!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby Shower Dinner

My fabulous friend Emily threw me a fantastic baby shower dinner! Her and her mom along with Maddie made THE cutest decorations! These bouquets were made of baby shorts, onesies and socks. How cute is that?!? Thanks for spoiling me Emily--best baby shower I've ever had. :)

Can't go wrong with Chocolate Strawberries!! Yummy cake!

 My friend Joyce gives THE best gifts! She totally spoiled me. :)
checking out the goods...
Look at this gift basket! It had so many of my favorites! I had to hide a lot of it from Travis and my kiddos! 

With my wonderful, kind friend Kindra. She made sure I had something for me AND for the baby!

Yeah I'm a dork...

Maddie is so creative, she always surprises me with her amazing ideas! She's also my prego friend due a couple months after me!

A bunch of ladies contributed to the diaper cake. So cute! I can't even open it yet, it's the centerpiece on our table right now :))

My gorgeous friend Megan (who is also pregnant!) put together a hospital essential kit. :) It was put into this carry on bag--I love it. I'm halfway packed now!

My thoughtful friend Britt gave me some cute bows along with some other baby clothes! I love girlie stuff!

 My amazing and lovable friend Erin, she's so fun :) She gave me cute summer rompers.

Most generous and sweet friend Jennifer, always need warm pj's! 

My talented beautiful friend Kenda, who took pics all night. Thank you!! It's nice to not be the one behind the camera all the time! :)

 I missed all my dear friends that weren't able to make it, but I had such a wonderful time and appreciate all the gifts and friendship I share with all of you. Now I feel ready for this baby girl in about a month!!

A big girl on our hands...

Mika has been potty trained for a week now! We still have issues with #2, but she'll go with out us even asking if she has to go. It's so nice. What a big girl!! ;)

We are eating lunch with Travis at a new BBQ place and all she wanted was pickles...

 Mika washing her hands after using the potty. How cute it that???

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break - Hilton Head - Let's Play!

After dinner we saw a park with a statue of a guy walking an alligator. We had heard stories that sometimes people would see gators on the we had to take pics of all the kids riding a gator!

I'm 33 weeks!

 Ethan! He thought this was the coolest thing ever!!!

 Kaylin, pretty little thing...

 There was also a spinning compass thing that Kaylin thought was so fun.

Mika was very unsure about the gator. She did not like sitting on it by herself.

 We found a fun little beach park with a fountain. I love her expression. She truly is a little fish.

We had such a great time, we plan on taking a longer vacation there again. It was so family oriented, with so much to do. We love Hilton Head!