Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer Time

Kaylin playing with playdough
Ethan at the pool
Ethan playing tag. He always has the cutest laugh. It's contagious. When he's in his giggly mood, you just have to look at him and he hysterically laughs.
Cute Kaylin. I love it when she wears green and brown, those colors compliment her eyes and skintone so well. What a gorgeous little thing.

Breezy and Troy came for a short visit in July. We played games, went the lake for the weekend and went to see Harry Potter. Travis has really enjoyed wakeskating and had gotten really good at it. I love taking pictures of him out on the lake. It's like that's where he belongs. The kids love the lake too. I love the picture of Ethan swimming with his daddy.

Danen's 2 yr. Anniversary

On July 6th every year we get together to remember Danen. At the park by where he died. His friends all come and we have a BBQ. Last year was painful, this year was happier. I still like to walk along where he died and end up where they found his body. My mom and I made a wreath and Brandon hung it on a tree right above where they found him. It's a peaceful place for me. Even though there are kids just 5 seconds away playing at a park, I can't seem to hear anything but my thoughts.
Travis' dad, Brad is explaining the Honor Award Danen and 2 of his friends are receiving at the end of the month.
Some of my favorite people! Renae, Kenda, Brittany and Laurel.
Ethan giving his "girlfriend" Savannah and kiss. Eating Danen's favorite cake!

Princess Party

Kaylin had a Princess Tae party with her favorite friends! (of course Karinn and Nash couldn't come, bummer!) But she had so much fun! They all dressed up in their princess dresses. They made some Princess crafts, had a tea party, ate cake and opened presents.

Kaylin turns 4!

Here's a picture I took of the show. The fireworks were awesome!

We spent the 4th of July up at my parents house. We slept over the night before so we could see Grandpa run the Peachtree Race, a 10K through the city. We got up early and headed downtown. We waited till we saw him and then met him at the finish line. Then we came home, ate lunch and had a little party for Kaylin. Angie, Andrew and Lily were there too. Kaylin was so excited! Grandma got her a Dress Up trunk and Princess Paper Dolls. Lily got her some Princess books. I made a small cake and some mini cupcakes. Before she blew out her candles she stopped and said, "I wish....I wish....I wish I'd have a Princess Party!" A few days later, she did with her friends, but it was so cute. Grandpa got Ethan a huge Tonka Dump Truck. They played all day with their toys, went to the park, and then after dinner we headed down to Peachtree City to watch fireworks with Grandma Clarke and Paka. By then both of the kids had fallen asleep, but they still sat and watched the fireworks in awe.

My Birthday!

This year for my birthday we went with our friends Jeff and Brittany to 6 Flags over Georgia! It was so much fun! We got babysitters for the day! Both Brittany's share the same b-day!! Crazy! My favorite ride was the Golliath! It was huge and the best part was sitting next to Travis yelling "whooooo hoooooo"! I also loved Acrophobia where you are at the top of a tower and then drop you. That was the funniest thing ever. At closing, we were the last to ride Golliath and someone said it was their birthday and asked for one more ride, so we got one more! It was so much fun!!
This is my best friend Brittany Butler. We share the same birthday so it was fun having a special day togther! On my real b-day Travis took me out on a date! It was nice being with him. I think we saw a Pirates 3.