Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Didn't know...

I didn't know I'd cry today...
Well my "big girl" is going off to preschool this year. And boy is she ready!! This was meet the teacher night. She found her apple :) We asked her if they wanted her to call her Aidrian Mika or just Mika and she said, "I AM Mita!" So okay...they call her Mika. 

She is going to a local High School's Child Development Class. So basically she is one on one with a high school student 3 days a week for a few hours. I thought this was great for her, exposure to other kids and she loves attention from older people (like her aunties and babysitters) Below is the door I drop her off and they have a great playground too.
 This morning, all smiles! We've been counting down, but a 3 yr old has no concept of time, so when she asked me this morning, "Mom is school yet?" I said Yes! And she ran to get her new school shoes and her glitter back pack. It was so cute.
 I pulled up to the curb and got her out, she immediately said, "Bye Mom!" and when I said I would walk her to the door she said, "I'm FINE mom!" I choked up walking her in and then called Travis on my way home bawling that my little shadow was at school. (I still cry about it.)
So proud of our little Mika. She said the boys were nice, she played pirates on the playground with a wheel and a little lookey through thing ;), ate apples for snack, sat on the carpet for circle time and talked about the sun and clouds and rain.:) Too cute.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Big kids

Is there a "stop growing" button. Man, these kids are getting so big and it's really surreal. I took a moment today to just sit and talk to each of them, and I couldn't help but smile at everything they said and at their adorable growing faces. 
This boy I adore. Always had a soft spot for him and I need to hug him more.

My little beauty. I'm so proud of her. I love listening to her talk, her little mind is constantly going, thinking, wondering, questioning. Big questions too. I love that she trusts and values everything I say. I love that she is excited by life and all there is in it. I love that she loves science and experiments, drawing and pretend play--all these I loved too.

Such little buddies. They fight, they wrestle, they push each other's buttons, but boy do they love each other. They protect, care and encourage each other. I love it. I love how Ethan is "hugging" Kaylin.

My growing girl

I took Ashlynn to her 2 month check up although she's a week shy from 3 months. She weighed 11.2 lbs (20% tile) and was 22 inches long ((20% tile) 
She is constantly changing and I feel like she's growing SO much! Her eyes are always changing too. Lately they have been this pretty blue/green color. I wonder what they'll turn out to be. What do you think?

She's been taking long naps in her swing. It's been great to have some time to catch up. I love her precious face when she sleeps. And those cheeks--all my kids have had them although they are skinny they are droopy cheeks! (very kissable)

 She is cooing, smiling and lately even giggling. I can't help but stop and "talk" to her. She gets mad when she wants to talk and no one is there. (but please "no touching" is usually her motto)

 She still has her curly dark hair but it is getting lighter. In the heat or if it gets wet, it's tiny curls. And her bangs will never lay down flat.

She loves bath time! She kicks constantly and never cries until she gets out. Another water baby?

Mika loves bathing with her and since her cast we've let her often because the water level is lower. She's very soft with baby Ashlynn.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Travis is 32! This year his bday was on the first day of school and the weekend before he was at the lake for a scout campout, so we just did a small family fun night. First we had his favorite meal, Alfredo with bacon. (the red signs are birthday greetings from us to him)

The kids insisted I make cupcakes so he could blow out some candles (although Travis' request were ice cream sundaes--we had those too!)

These next 3 pictures crack me up because they totally show each kids' personalities. Ethan stuffing...
Kaylin licking...
 Mika showing...and messy...

A "normal" family pic...
 Oh wait, and another normal family pic...
 Ashlynn was sleeping...

Then it was onto games with balloons, birthday tickles and spanks. We had a blast celebrating Travis!
Mika took this one, that's why we are on the floor.
 We played blind hide the block...
Happy Birthday Travs!! You sure are loved!!!

1st day of School!!

About the catch the bus on their 1st day of School!! I really can't believe. I have to admit, I'm enjoying a quiet house, but at the same time, I miss my little helpers...my heart drops when I think about Kaylin in 3rd grade...Where did the time go?!?
 Ethan the 1st grader! He has Kaylin's 1st grade teacher and he's so excited about it! His best buddy Logan is also in his class. He's one happy little boy this morning!!

 Kaylin the 3rd grader. GULP! I can't believe it!! I feel like I was just in 3rd grade! She is such a beauty and I'm so proud of her, she has a great teacher and she's so excited for the new school year.

I got this idea from a friend. Although she goes all out with a meal and treats etc, I just chose a scripture for the kids to think about during the school year. One that they could memorize and we could use through out the year for family home evening lessons. We introduced it last night before Father's blessings and they did well reciting it. This morning I had they both say "Remember Jesus in everything you do!" 

Sunday, August 07, 2011


Ashlynn loves sleeping on her daddy's chest.

Mika and her friend Casch coming in from outside dirty from head to toe...

Me and Ashlynn at Angie's house...

Some very cute faces :)

 Happy Birthday Henry! Lily, Mika and Henry...

My lifesaver...now I might be able to get some things done...

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Mika's Elbow

Tuesday the kids were playing outside with the hose. We have a brick wall that goes along the driveway, it starts at 1 foot and goes up to about 4 ft. Mika was on the brick wall and slipped off, unfortunately at the 4ft level. She fell on her elbow. 
This is the first day of swelling. We gave her advil and iced it. The next day the swelling moved to the back of her arm and about 2x's larger, so I called her Dr. They had me take her to a outpatient X ray place, then made an appt for the next morning.

Turns out she fractured her elbow. They made her a temporary cast, a splint and then covered it with a camo wrap. She was pretty happy about how it looked and she said her elbow didn't hurt her anymore. I'm taking her to a pediatric orthopedic to put a full cast on Wednesday.