Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

The first pics in the slideshow are all of the good family pictures. I think I have some posted is another post, but these I used on our Christmas cards and it was fun to add them to the slideshow. I absolutely love how they turned out! Of course I can only get my children in candid shots looking like "themselves" and I'm in love with our couple picture. What a handsome husband I have! But the family pictures are questionable. I still love 'em tho, showing my children's personalities with their crazy facese! :)

The other part of the slideshow is Thanksgiving! We went to my parents house this year. Meagan and Chris came too! Kaylin spent the morning helping grandma frost muffins, wash the dishes and help make dinner, while Ethan hlped daddy outside fixing the car. It was nice day. Dinner was great as always but my favorite was the dessert! YUM! Of course Meagy made us sing Karaoke, but we had a blast. Mostly playing in couple teams. Yes, Meagan and Chris won, but we still had fun!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Grandpa's Funeral

I went to my Grandpa's Funeral in Oregon. Here are some pictures taken at the luncheon after the Funeral. I'm sitting by my favorite cousins ever, Matt and Jason. Of course they have to be retards and create a photo op like that one above, but you gotta love 'em anyway. :)

Above is a picture of all the cousins that were there. It was so great seeing everyone.

My beautiful sisters that came. We missed Angie. :(

Em and I

Holding Hannah, Tami's baby.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Family Pictures

So here we are attempting another round of family pictures for our Christmas cards. Of course I can't post the ones we'll actually use on the cards, but you can get the idea of how well the whole event went. :) The kids made faces the whole night. At the end, I was wishing even a blank stare at the camera would be better than their crazy faces! But I guess it shows their fun-loving personalities??? I love the ones of Travis and I--woooeeee, what a great looking couple!

Nice wide open mouth Ethan...and I think Kaylin's done...

Cute Kaylin

So seeing as I'm the photographer, I struggle taking our family pics as I have to be in them! But I had my friend take them in between taking pictures of her family. That worked out pretty well. Every place we posed we'd trade spots and arrange the kids so they looked okay. But no matter the positioning, their faces tell it all.

So I have a sister who cuts hair as a profession and all 4 of her kids had no hair till age 1. And here I am who loves taking pictures and my kids can't stand posing. Hmmm. Something's wrong here.....

In Memory

In Memory of my Grandpa Sharp. He died November 12, around 9pm. I have many great memories of him, especially when I was younger. He was the one who inspired me to draw with charcoal. He had such a gentle heart and a whitty sense of humor that I loved. He passed that on to my dad. :) Even though years went by that I didn't get to see him (he lived in Oregon and I was living in Texas or Georgia) his memory and love always remained strong. I will miss him although I know he is in a better place, and with his sweetheart once more.
This is the last time I saw him in April. He was the same sweet, whitty, lovable Grandpa as always. Even though he was tired and in pain, we shared pictures and stories with him. This day meant so much.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


On Saturday night we went to the church for our Trunk or Treat! The kids were so excited! At first Ethan was too shy to come with Kaylin and I so he stayed at the truck giving out candy with Travis. Kaylin and I made our rounds, she did very well, exclaiming very loudly "Trick or Treat!!!" But then Ethan was ready, so we took him along with us. Surprisingly he said Trick or Treat, except to a few "scary" cars, like a man dressed as a skeleton. And then when another man asked where a Pirate's favorite place to eat was Aaaarrrrrby's. He just scowled and held out his bucket. It was pretty funny. 4 cars later, Ethan was already unwrapping his candy and ready to go home!!

On Halloween Night, The Hayes came, Lily all dressed up as a Bumblebee! (so cute!)Mom and Dad came too which was very exciting for the Clarkeys since Grandma has been out of town for a while! We had a yummy dinner and Ang and I made carmel popcorn--YUM!! Then we ventured out in our neighborhood to get some candy! The kids were in heaven. It was a lot of fun!