Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Park

Kaylin loves the park. She pretends they are on Captain Hook's Pirate ship or some days it's a Princess' Castle! She'll sing and dance around. It's so cute!

Ethan loves the slide and swings. He loves to ride his bike to the park, we only live a few mintues away walking distance. He likes to play with Kaylin sometimes but he's usually the "bad guy"

A Sunbeam!

Kaylin's first day at Sunbeams in Primary at church. What a big girl she has gotten to be! She was so excited and sweet. She walked with 2 friends hand in hand down the hall. It was so cute! At first she was a little scared but then she saw all her friends sitting in a row. And she's never one to be left out!

One cute little man

Ethan is so happy. He loves to do funny things. He loves to cheese and wear mommy's shoes.

What a handsome little guy...

Winter 2007

Kaylin is such a fun girl. She loves to smile and laugh. She loves mommy and is her little shadow. This was a day before church. We love to get dressed up and look pretty! Kaylin gets to wear sticker earings and sometimes lip gloss and eyeshadow! What a treat for a princess!

Mom and Kaylin one rainy day. She was snuggling and my friend took the pic. I love this picture!