Sunday, September 28, 2008


So who's sexy hair leg is that??? One guess-- and it's not mine or my kids.... So what happened? you ask...He is on his way to helping his BF move--apparently he always jumps up thse brick steps at his parents house, but this time his foot goes in a hole just before he jumps. That means he jams his shin right into the corner of the brick step. OW!
He went to Urgent Care and got it stitched up. He said it was pretty deep, Could open the flaps and move his whole leg around seeing all his tendons and muscle. Thank goodness the brick didn't cut through those or he'd be in the OR.
Fam--remember Trevor's gash?? Travis had to call Trev and he told him he thought about Trev the whole time!

Movie Night

After the car show we went over to the Butler's house for dinner and a movie! Anyone want spaghetti?? Rule: Take off your shirt first.... :) The kids went upstairs to watch Peter Pan while the adults (and Mika Moo) watched a movie on the "big screen!" Jeff has a projector--it was awesome!
Girlies chillin on the couch. So we thought this was a solid plan-kids upstairs, they have their blankets and pillows, bowl of popcorn and water cups--they are set! But they kept coming down stairs needing something or other, so I have no idea if the movie we watched was good or not. But hey, eating popcorn in your PJ's and relaxing with friends is always a great night in my opinion!

Car Show

After we went to Savannah's b-day party (the little girl in the pink) we went over to Senoia to the Car Show. The boys had a great time, but I think the girls were a little on the bored side. :) Here's a pic of the gang... Aidrian loved being in the Snugli. It was a really nice day, cool breeze, not hot sun beating down on you. So she really enjoyed it. Looks like there's a little bit of static in the air??
Walking back to the car, there were some train tracks that were closed down. I wish that big old building wasn't behind them because the picture is soooo cute!

Friday, September 26, 2008

The most beautiful thing....

So I think I have the worst day I've had in a long's like the universe was against me. Everything that could go wrong did--no, nothing major, but all those little things piled high and toppled over. I'm at my wits end and my cute sweet baby starts cooing and giggling...the kids swarm her immediately...I get my camera and capture (in my opinion) the most beautiful thing...

It's taken me 3 hrs to post this--and no my day hasn't gotten any better, but I'm sure glad I took these pictures to remind me how much I love these little kids--and that they truly are worth it.

Houses I love

Don't know if you knew but we are house hunting!! I've seen about 20 homes now with our realtor and have narrowed it down to 3...We are hoping to make offers on these this weekend, but if it doesn't work out we'll just keep on lookin! Wanted to share just for fun....nothing's for sure yet...

This one is my ultimate favorite. Nothing bad about the entire house, only negative is that it's on a busy street in Summergrove. BUT it does have a fenced back yard...and a million parks around the neighborhood to ride bikes at. Gorgeous inside! I love it!!! This is my 2nd fav. The only bummer is we'd have to replace the carpet and pain the huge enormous walls from a dreary gray...but other than that, I love the location the best!
This is my 3rd. Not a fabulous neighborhood, but has 3 stories and a fabulous middle deck with a great backyard! Great hardwood floors on the main--move in ready.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Wheels are Turning

We had a nice little chat about behaving at a store I had to quickly go into to pick out a present for their friend who is having a b-day--and I was dreading it. So I gave a mini lecture about listening...this was Kaylin's response: "Oh listening to mommy is easy Ethan! I always listen because if you don't, you go to the bad man in heaven!"

Kaylin and Ethan spent Saturday with Aunt Jo Jo. When I came to pick them up they were watching Bambi. Aunt Joanna told me this:
Background--Bambi's mom gave him the last leaf on a tree
Kaylin: What did she give him?
Aunt Jo Jo: A leaf, you know they eat green things
Kaylin: But not all green things-- like crayons, they would choke!

We have those Vitamin C Halls in the car that are different flavors. The kids love them.
Ethan: Mom, can I swallow these?
Mom: No, honey, I don't want you to choke.
Ethan: (famous line) Why?
Mom: Well when you choke, you can't breathe and we'd have to take you the hospital and I really don't want you to die...(yeah you may think that's extreme, but you have to take extreme measures to get this kid to listen)
Ethan thought about this for a while....he responds:
Yeah, I don't want to die mom, then I'd go to heaven with Danen and Jesus way up in the sky! I won't swallow this.
Check!! Lesson learned! :)

We are eating popcorn one night...
Ethan, pointing to his tooth: Mom somethings wrong way back here.
Mom: Did you get a popcorn seed stuck in your teeth?
Ethan: No, it's a shell. Sea shells are sharp!

Cute Kids

Now forget that Kaylin is in dress up, Aidrian is covered in spit up and Ethan has no shirt on--their faces were too cute not to post! ~My cute girlies!They think Aidrian is so funny and she's like "What did I do?"
Loving their baby sister...

Welcome to my world

So yeah, the house is quiet-which is so nice because I have a screaming headache, Aidrian is cuter than ever, rolling around, I'm like, Oooh let's get the camera! As soon as I hit record--all heck breaks loose.

If you already have a headache, I advise you to turn your volume off. This video is funny to me now, only because I don't currently have a headache and I wanted to show a glimpse of what Sunday afternoons are like in the Clarke house. Ethan has no pants and wants to wrestle, Kaylin is growling at her dad, trying to be scarier than him, and Aidrian is trying to enjoy time with mom! ;)

Have fun!

Look what I can do!

Mika Moo loves tummy time!And she's rolling over!
And loves talking to Daddy

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mika Moo

Ethan just can't get enough of his "Aidrianny". No she's not really in terror, just her classic worried look she's had out for Ethan since Day 1.
Little Missy is now 4 months old! She is darling, babbles, coos, laughs, giggles, blows bubbles and jams her fists in her mouth constantly.
Still loves her tummy time, but finds it difficult when Ethan's always in her face (see the red shirt tothe right-yeah that's him!) But I caught a pic with out him slamming her down, thought it was too cute not to post. I think she looks like the Who girl in the Grinch. Love that "deer in the headlight" look, all my kids have it as babes. Love it. Today was actually a little chilly. We went to the park so I decked her out in a warm jumpsuit. So cute.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Prison Break

What!? Why didn't anyone tell me how fabulous this show is?? My dad bought season one and while he was in California on a business trip we borrowed it! Oh my gosh! It is soooo good! We are addicted! One night we stayed up till 2 am saying, "okay, just ONE more, then we'll go to sleep..." And Friday (after a week of teaching Ethan's joyschool class, needing a break and some R&R) I watched 4 1/2 episodes without Travis! (Couldn't resist the temptation!) My conscience had to come clean so I confessed, although my initial plan was to just watch them over with him pretending I hadn't sneakily watched them with out him! Now we have 2nd season coming to us via Netflix, although my dad just called and said he bought Season 2 at Costco! (they are hooked too, watched 4 episodes last night!--oh ye that mock!) So if you need something to watch--I highly recommend it!

You may have dreams that your husband is in jail and you do something bad to land in the same prison (although- a nice prison with couches and a "lounge feel") to have him be let out on parole and you have to flirt with fat slimey guards to let you escape!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Around the House

This past weekend we played long and hard. Kaylin was so tired when she came home from school so I turned some cartoons on. Next minute I see the kids intertwined like this. So cute. Silly faces per Ethan's request while trying to make dinner....
Aidrian loves to lay on my legs and eat my knees. Today she was frustrated at my knees and wanted my fingers. She was so cute talking and munching.
Me and the little squirt...

Article of Faith #2

We have been memorizing the Articles of Faith at bedtime. Kaylin knows 1 and 2. Ethan is working on #2. We had to record this because this is how he says #2...

I apologize for those of you who aren't mormon, you won't know what I'm talking about, but it's still cute!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

All the places to snooooze...

Are you tired of waking up at 6:45 AM and have have energy to send an average person into cardiac arrest? Then I have some ideas for you! All you need is two foam chairs, put them together--wala, a perfect bed.... Too tired to stand, with no way to relax your feet? Use this handy ottoman...great for the back!
Is your bed not comfy or big enough? Just roll over and find a cozy spot on the floor next to it! (Bring your own blanket)
I showed Ethan these pics and he said, "Oh, why did I sleep there? That's silly mommy."


My wonderful sister Angie just celebrated her birthday! We met up at our madre's house to party! :)Travis and I went out to dinner with Angie and Andrew at an Italian resturant called Alfredos. (I swear it's run by the mafia.) It's soooo good! Yes, I'm the queen on plain, so I had Fettucini Alfredo--I know, our waitor couldn't believe I didn't like seafood and kept teasing me...but I thoroughly enjoyed my meal! The two Hayes' had seafood (supposedly really yummy) and it took all the maturity I had NOT to barf when I smelled the discusting "seafood smell" every time I leaned over to take a bite! But of course they both loved their meal and even Travis was picking at it. What's the big fuss about scallops? Is that what they are even called? Who know, they all smell the same...
I like this picture best with out the flash, cuz it just goes to show how incredibly dark it is in there. No windows, lighted only by candlelight.
We had a little birthday bash before we went to the resturant. Yummy cupcakes! (with blowing helpers!--they decorated them too)
Happy Birthday AJ! So glad we could spend it with you!! We love you!!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Milestones and Pictures

Okay, so I'm letting the burn air dry now since there is no more puss. It's looking great and healing so nicely! I was getting her PJ's on, left the room for a sec and next thing I know, she's rolled over!
3 months Photo Session--
So my mom asked for a recent pic of Aidrian...I thought, I just did her photos!! Oh--3 months ago...I guess I'm quite the slacker for being a photographer! I got some great ones of her cute little face, so I thought I'd post my favorites! This one is definately #1~

I love this one because it's her classic worried face.
Now a days she always has one of her fists in her mouth...
And the yawn...too cute.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sittin Pretty

Cute little missy in Kaylin's poofy chair. Doesn't look like it in this pic, but she's so happy sitting up!

Joy School-- such a joy...

Today was the first dayof Ethan's preschool. We do a mommy teach kind of thing called Joy School. There are 7 other kids in the class and each week we rotate houses. It was a little confusing to Ethan though. This week Andrea is teaching, his buddy Ethan's mom. So he's thinking he's just playing at his house today because "where's the school bus?" "why aren't you packing my lunch?" "where is my school?" So was interesting trying to persuade him it really was school! We tried a picture outside, but he immediately covers his eyes when he sees the sun. I wouldn't let him put on his sunglasses for the picture, so we went inside instead. He HAD to pick the spot--right by the decorated fridge! har har. And this was his cheesy grin. Hey, I'll take what I can get!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Aidrian Mika--3 months!!!

Okay so Aidrian got 2 big owies this week. Last Monday she was burned on the whole top of her foot. I can't blame Travis--cuz I hold her taking food out of the oven all the time, but this time some hot lasagna splattered onto the whole top part of her foot leaving a huge blister. We called her Dr and they told us to take her to the ER, a nearby clinic said the same thing. So instead we called my sister's friend who is a nurse at the Children's Hospital ER. She told me all the things I needed to get from the Pharmacy and after a good hard cry, Aidrian was a tough little thing the rest of the week. Here is her cute foot all wrapped up--it looks like a cast. I took her to her Dr a few days after, a little concerned about the healing process, but he said it looked great and skin was already growing back. She weighed 11 lbs 6 oz!
Her 2nd injury was falling off the bed! I've never seen her roll yet...I put her on the bed by the huge laundry pile I was sorting, went into the laundry room to get another load and BOOM! She had rolled off the bed! I think she landed the best way possible though, a little ball on her back. She cried pretty hard but then fell fast asleep. What a sweetie.

So our little missy is now 3 months old! I really can't believe it. She's been such a joy--really. Such a good, happy baby. Here's a picture of her in the bath. I have a video, but didn't want to put any nudity on the internet, so you get this picture instead! She loves her bath. She'll start kicking the side of the tub like crazy, it's hilarioius. Bright eyes... This is how she gets herself to fall asleep. She grabs her blanket and burp cloth in her hands and nuzzles them into her face. Her hands won't stop moving until she's totally out. Of course I'm interupting this process, hence the furrowed brow, but it was too cute not to try to capture it.
Happy Girl--she loves to smile and has found a real true giggle. She's one noisy little thing, but of course only when it's quiet...