Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Emily and Allie visit!!

Dave gave Emily and Allie a birthday present to come visit family in Georgia! We have LOVED having them spend time with us!! Allie is great with all the kids, here she is holding baby Ashlynn.

Kaylin adores her. I find them holding hands and they've been inseparable! There's nothing like cousins!

Angie, Lily and Henry came on Monday too. Lily was so excited to play with her cousins, but she always has to have time to hold Ashlynn.

Henry wanted to hold "baby" too. So cute!
Having lunch!
Aunt Emily trimmed my girls' hair. Mika has only gotten one hair cut in her life. I was surprised she sat so well and listened to all Emily's instructions. :)

The kiddos at Grandma's house....
Grandma built a fort for the kids to sleep in. They love doing that at Gma's house!

 I love my sister!!
I love my niece!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

In the Water!

My kids LOVE tubing!! They wanted Allie to come on Saturday with them. They had so much fun they tubed with Travis after he finished work on Monday with the Hayes too. 
I love action shots!!

They went on a slow ride with Mika...

 Mika loves swim breaks the best. Here she is swimming with Aunt Emily.
 Travis playing King of the tube!

Mika wanted to go on a ride with Emily!

The real fun is watching these guys on the tube!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


My pet monster is just about the cutest little thing ever right now. If you look closely she is burping her baby dora doll and reading mom's book. I left the room and came back to her patting the baby on his back and talking to him. She told me, "I'm being a mommy!" I guess thats what I do all day?!?
 I love this face!!
Mika and her adorable new friend Casch. She said "I am the mommy and he is the daddy!" Then she'd feed him pretzels while he was driving :) When he left she was looking everywhere saying "Where did my daddy go?"

Ashlynn 8 weeks

Little Ashlynn is growing so fast!! And my favorite...she's smiling...

Her everyday life is simple: being surrounded by her siblings wherever she is, whatever she is doing...
and never with out kisses...
Her eyes are changing from blue to green, they change with her outfits, inside or outside...she's always looking up at fans. (we call them her "friends")

 She loves her bath, never cries until she gets out and that dreaded onesie comes on...

 Her favorite position- wrapped like a burrito with her bright green passy, whom she talks to.

 She has a new fun spot on Ethan's bean bag...

Her lashes are growing in, her hair is still curly...and is still super cuddly and ever so precious.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ashlynn Gracie Grace

Our sweet baby Ashlynn was blessed today. She had an awful night sleep and then was super fussy all morning. I was so scared she'd cry during the blessing! I had just gotten her to sleep when it was time. I handed her over to her daddy and he said she was wide-eyed, alert and happy the whole blessing. 

 I am so proud of Travis, being able and worthy to bless this sweet treasure. 

 What a weekend, it's been an emotional one to say the least. But wonderful. Sometimes you forget what priceless gifts from heaven our children are.
 After the blessing, she was so happy, smiling and cooing. I'm sure there were a million angels surrounding us from the feeling I had holding her. It was amazing and beautiful. I felt a sweet bond between us.

After an eventful day, miss Gracie Grace is finally out....

My friend Joyce got her this bracelet...I love it! 

 My friend Melanie gave her these adorable flowers for her feet. They are suppose to connect from ankle to toes but her toes were too little. They were darling anyway....

Saturday, July 09, 2011


Our firstborn was Baptized today. I can't believe it still...She was so excited and nervous. Travis and I were a wreck. We both started crying in the opening song. :) 

 Aunt Stacey took our family picture. I love it. Even though Mika wasn't feeling well and Ashlynn has her bright green passy, this was such a special day we'll always remember.
 Travis looking so handsome. I'm so proud of him, he was amazing.
 I love my beautiful sweet Kaylin. She is a mini me in so many ways, but I also see Travis in her. I adore her and her sweet spirit and her wonderful testimony. We are so proud of her obedience and decision to be baptized.

 She was baptized with her best friend Lana. Their birthdays are 2 weeks apart. The program was beautiful and simple. The girls were glowing.

My dad was able to come for the first part of the baptism. He had to quickly go to do a sealing at the temple, but we are so glad he was there. Kaylin adores Grandpa.
 My mom gave the Holy Ghost talk. She was brilliant. She talked about the story in the scriptures where you couldn’t hear the Lord in the wind, earthquakes or fire, but in a still small voice. She also had the congregation sing different songs loudly at the same time to distract the girls, while she whispered in their ears to fold their arms. She said that’s how the world is, loud and chaotic, but to listen for the holy ghost to whisper to you. She gave her a wand with a star at the end that said Believe. It's one of those talks you'll always remember.
Thanks to the Gardners (especially Jennifer and Stacey) for everything. It was perfect and beautiful, a cherished memory for us. All these pictures in this post were taken by Stacey, thanks- I love them all.