Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Meagan's Visit

Meagan and Chris came to visit! They first spent the weekend with us; we went swimming at the pool, saw Fantastic Four at the Dollar Movies, Meagan and I sang in church before my lesson, had a fun family dinner on Sunday and then on Tuesday we toured Atlanta. The picture above is at the Undergound.

We also went to the CNN building and ate.

We all got wet at the Olympic Park Water Fountain. The picture above is after Ethan got hit in the face with water and Megan laughing. It was a fun day!

I also took some photos of Meagan and Chris for my portfolio. They turned out really well--I've got some skills, or maybe they are just really photogenic! :)


I love taking pictures...I decided after taking my friends and family's pictures all the time, that I should really make it professional. So I'm starting up my own business. Brittany Photography. I want to specialize in Babies, Children, Families and Maternity. I've started working on my portfolio and also setting up a Website. I'm really excited, although it's a lot of work, I hope it will be worth it! Here are a few photos I took of Travis and the kids...

Check out my website at --let me know what you think!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ethan Man

Here's my little Ethan man, just before bed, watching Shrek on mommy's bed. He was so cute, I had to capture the moment. We had Shrek 1 and 2, and he wants to watch them all the time. He'll even say, "Mommy, I am Ogre! Roar!" Like Shrek does in #2.
Since Kaylin is off to school, it's just been Ethan and I. Although he's a busy body, we've been having a lot of fun. He's definitely mommy's helper! He's getting so big and talking up a storm. Most of the time, he's shy around strangers at first, but lately that hasn't happened for long. His loud, crazy side comes out quite quickly! He's hilarious, always concerned about daddy and his trucks, Kaylin at school, and his toys.

I have to wake him up to get Kaylin off to school on time, so most days he crashes--anywhere, from the car, the couch, the floor or whatever bed is closest! :) Today he fell asleep in the car so I tranfered him to the couch as we had to pick up Kaylin in 1/2 hour. Thankfully he stays asleep...

Lily Jane

Grandma and Angie came up/down for the day. We hung out, made burp cloths, yummy brownies, picked up Kaylin from school andwent swimming! Above is a picture of Ethan "talking" to Lily. She is so smiley and tries to giggle. It's so cute. Ethan just loves her. He's becoming quite the chatterbox!
Sweet Lily Jane. She loves looking around, being held (especially by her momma, but Grandma and Auntie Brit try to steal her away as much as possible!) and being outside.
My little niece Lily is 2 months old already! She's growing so fast! Below is me bouncing on an excercise ball, Lily loves it!
Sleeping Lily. Isn't she beautiful?

Monday, August 13, 2007


If any one else has a busy 2 yr old boy, you know they don't sit still for much. But in this case, there are two books that Ethan will sit down for, one is a Construction Book which goes into detail about every dump truck that exists and the other is an old worn copy of Transformers. Travis will find the old cartoons online and Ethan will sit in the computer chair the WHOLE time watching an episode. During which, he'll declare he's Optimus Prime. It is the cutest thing. (It's hard to get Travis away form the computer while he watches it!)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Travis is 28!!!

We took Travis out to eat at Red Robin. (us two will go out on a hot date this weekend...) Above: Wrestle Time with Ethan man. Below: Travis and his big brother Jonathan.
Surprising the singers when he answered, "I'm 28", Travis getting totally embarassed by their loud clapping and shouting Happy Birthday, Ethan pooping through his shorts, balloons popping and floating anyway in every direction--I'd say it was an eventful dinner out!
The Sharps (specifically Adam) bought Travis a surprise present way back in April from NYC. I saved it and bought Jeff one too. Avid Office watchers...
The Dwight Bobble Head

Goodbye Mel!

This was Melanie's last day here! So here are some pictures while celebrating Travis' birthday too. Above: Me, Nash and Melanie. Below: Me and Brittany
I don't think I can take very many strait pictures. Especially with these two girlies. They bring out the silly side....I love it.
Ah, here's a good one.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Kaylin starts Pre-K!

Today was Kaylin's first day of School! She started Pre-K today. Here she is before we left. I had to wake her up at 7:30 so we could get her there on time!!!
So excited!!!
Last week she had to get shots for school. She was determined to to be brave and knew she would get a treat after so she wasn't scared or nervous at all. She had to do an eye exam and a hearing test. For the eye exam instead of the letters, they had pictures. Whenever the nurse pointed to the tea cup she yelled it so loud because she was so excited that it was on there amongst all the other shapes. For her hearing test, the nurse told her to raise her hand when she heard a sound in the huge headphones that were on her little head. But instead she would say, "that was a loud beep!" or "I hear a telephone ringing". For her shots, she layed down and mommy held her hands. We decided to do them in her legs this time. She wanted to watch because she told me she was so brave. She had 2 shots in both legs. The first 2 she cried slightly, but the 3rd one she let out a blood curling scream and said, "Ouch that hurt!!" She cried pretty hard after that until the nurse put her band-aids on, (tears come to a screeching halt with the magic of band-aids) then she jumped down and asked if she could have her treat now. It was so cute.

Melanie comes in town!

Melanie and her kids came into town! We had so much fun with them swimming, having play dates, a girls luncheon, out to the movies and game night! Above: Kaylin and Nash watching Shrek. Below: Melanie holding our friend's new baby Dade.
Me holding baby Dade. Isn't he so tiny???
Dave, baby Dade's daddy...
Game Night: Me, Melanie, and Britni
Kenda and Dade

Friday, August 03, 2007

Danen's Display Case

At Danen's Highschool I helped his parents organize a Display Case of him. Looks good, doesn't it?
Kaylin and Ethan came when I took pictures of it.

"Danen Clarke’s memory and heroism has been preserved through an annual scholarship given at FCHS in his honor. It was established immediately after his death by dozens of his high school friends whose lives were impacted by Danen’s friendship and example. The $1,000 scholarship, funded through donations by local businesses, was first given in May 2006. All the details and organization of the scholarship are handled by Danen’s friends from his 2005 high school class. The award is given to a student who demonstrates integrity and good character – reflective of the high standards that Danen kept and was able to influence in many of his friends – such as staying away from alcohol and pornography."

Danen's Award Night

Danen's Award Night
Three Georgia boy scouts, who acted heroically to save another teenager swallowed up in an undertow caused by post-storm flooding, have been selected to receive the Boy Scouts of America’s extreme risk heroism award the Honor Medal With Crossed Palms, Ranked higher than an Eagle.

I was the photographer for the event and my friend Melanie was my assistant. It was a lot of fun and gave me some great experience!
With my Eagle Scout!! :)

Two years ago on July 6, 2005, the three 17-year-old boys, Danen’s father Brad, and his visiting cousin were at a heavily flooded park near Peachtree City’s government offices. They had just done a good deed by helping a man get his stuck golf cart out of the rising swells. Shortly thereafter, Danen’s cousin ventured into what seemed to be still waters near a flooded road and was immediately sucked under by an unseen rip current.
Thinking that the cousin was being pinned by a possible grate, the three boys waded in to feel around for the missing boy with their feet. The cousin had actually been sucked through a 40-foot-long culvert located five-feet below the road, which wasn’t seen in the high waters. He was swept safely under the road to a pond on the other side of the culvert. Danen was next to be caught under the ferocious current, followed by Brock whose legs caught on the four-foot wide culvert. Brett, who used a rope nearby to pull out Brock, still bares the rope burns on his palms from the incident.
Searching frantically for his son, Brad was next to be sucked under water but managed to make it through the culvert to the other side. Danen’s body was not found until the next day in the stream that fed into Lake Peachtree, caught in a group of branches that prevented the body from being swept out to the lake. It was believed that Danen hit his head on a large damaged piece of the culvert – knocking him out and causing him to drown.