Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kindergarten here we come!

Ethan graduated from Pre-K! They had a huge big ceremony! Even if it was a little extreme, it was soooo cute! They recited the Pledge of Allegiance, sang a few songs and then got a certificate. His teacher, Ms. Cindy is in the brown shirt. He's waiting for his turn to get his certificate. We all cheered and yelled (even some of his friends families cheered) and that was just way too embarrassing for little guy. So he walked up to Ms Ramielle and then went right back with OUT his award! :)I asked if he wanted to get some of his friends to take a picture with and these girls flocked around him!
We took some pictures outside afterwards. I LOVE THEM!

Congrats Bubby!! We are proud of his hard work and all he's learned this year! On to Kindergarten! He can't WAIT to ride the bus with Kaylin!

Field Day

Kaylin had Field Day! I have great memories of mine in Elementary School so Mika and I (along with the Anthony bunch) headed over to watch the First graders get wet and play relay races.

Travis even got to come by at lunch. We had a fun day just being there to support Kaylin and her friends. I love dragging Mika with me, it reminds me of my mom dragging me around to Elementary Schools all growing up.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Lake

The last two Saturdays after we get everything done we need to (or want to) we have been taking the boat out on Lake Peachtree. I know my family will be wondering if I get in--No, I work on my tan. ;) And I do love riding int he boat and watching Travis wakeboard, so-- everyone is happy!

We like to go with our friends the Anthony's who have kids all our kids' ages. We dock the boat on a sandy part of the lake and they swim like crazy. Even Ethan gets in and dunks! Mika is pretty timid of the wide open space, but last Sat Travis got her in.
The kids love jumping off the back of the boat.
Travis and Kaylin tubing, yep it's my camera phone again, so it's not a great pic, but I keep forgetting the other one. I didn't get any pictures of Justin on the wakeskate (although I'm REALLY kicking myself on that one!) or of Travis on the wakeboard, but they did awesome and I'll take pics next time!
Ethan loves the boat. He's been daddy's helper getting it ready for the summer. I've been proud of him for how brave he is. I think it helps that all the other kids are getting in. I've got him enrolled in swim classes in June.
We are getting very excited for Memorial Day at Lake Wedowee. I think it may be another heaven for the kiddos. Travis coaxes me there by saying I can read anytime I want! :) So I've got my great new books from Mother's Day and the huge comfy chair waiting by the door.....

Mika with a capital D

D stands for Diva. She is such a character. These are all taken with my phone, just random days. She's getting so independent now and wants things the way she wants them. She insisted on wearing Kaylin's sunglasses in the car. She said, "MY glasses...for sleeping."

She INSISTS on reading MY book on MY pillow. She turns my reading light on (that's the black clip at the top of the book--nerdy I know!) and flips through the pages for a good 5-10 mins. (Usually when I'm getting ready...)
We wanted to get her a tricycle for her bday and she insisted on trying every single one. She actually didn't really care which one we got --which was a surprise-- she just cared if there was a bike in the cart or not.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mika Moo is TWO!!!

Our little Mika is growing too fast right before our very eyes. We had a little party for her with family and a few close friends on Saturday. It was pretty much chaos and nothing went as planned, but at least the kids had fun and that's all that matters.

I love this pic, because Mika loves Kaylin's friend Gage. He's in Kaylin's class at school and at church. He is so sweet to her. She usually yells at him, but whenever she sees him she screams "Gaaaa!"
She loved all her presents, but she did stop opening the rest after she opened her new cell phone. She walked around for a while talking on it. It's conversations like, "HELLO! Um Hi Mommy, Da, Bubby. My pone (phone) yeah, Bye."
Mika had a blast. She went around singing a fragmented "Happy Bertday...Mita" even though we have no idea if she knows what it means, she did know however, that all the presents were HERS. This is her singing Happy Birthday along with the rest of us.
Blowing out her TWO candles...
And enjoying some frosting. On Sunday when we had more cupcakes, she licked one cupcake clean, pushed it away and said, "Don't want it." Then she walked over, grabbed another cupcake and proceeded to lick the frosting on that one too.
Yeah....chaos. I didn't even get a chance to thank everyone for the gifts, there were so many kids helping and asking to play with the toys, while I was trying to keep Mika sorry! She loves them all! When we got home, she had her stroller with her baby and doggie right next her, plopped herself on the ground adorned in all her new jewelry and dress up shoes, with her computer on her lap along with her cell phone, goodie bag and played music from her computer for her "audience."

Happy Birthday Mika! Can't believe it's already been two years since you came into our family! She definitely adds some spice and laughs...we can't imagine our home with out her!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day this year. I was definitely spoiled and I loved it! Church was nice, got lots of chocolates and Kaylin gave a talk in Primary. She did great and read it all by herself. Grandma Wendy had helped her write it about mother's. When we got home Travis took some pictures, he made me lunch, and then I read and took a nap all day. Heaven! When I woke up Brad and Travis were grilling. I got Brad's famous mashed potatoes, my favorite fruit salad and a green tossed salad fresh from the garden.
This is the only pictures of Travis and I that turned out! Bubby was a champ trying to take it! I think we are tripping over my heels! Thanks babe, for such a great day. Loves.

Happy Birthday Meagan!

We got to share Meagan's birthday with her! We had a very yummy meal with BBQ chicken and her fav steak, and then had a coldstone bday cake! YUM! Here's mom bringing that delicious cake in while singing Birthday Wishes!Kaylin showing Meagan our very pretty card....
My kids love Aunt Meagan!
Happy Birthday my wonderful sister!!


On Saturday Travis got the boat ready for the lake! We went on Lake Peachtree, even though it was a little chilly and windy. Meagan got up wakeboarding on her 2nd try and Travis and Kaylin went on the tubes, along with many swim breaks by Kaylin aka The Fish. Wendy's first time on the boat and in the lake! It was a little cold, so she just dipped her toes in.
Kaylin off swimming
Even Ethan ventured in...
...with daddy....
I was happy to stay on the boat and cuddle my cold girlies.
Here's a photo op gone wrong, or gone cute, you be the judge. They can't keep their eyes off Wendy!

Friday, May 07, 2010

We all love baby Wendy and Aunt Meagan! We are so happy they are here visiting! Mika adores Wendy, and tries to make sure she has her passy and toys, maybe a little too much....When my kids are asking to hold her, I am. I love this little thing!
Kaylin is very sweet to her, loves holding her.

Bubby always is making her laugh and smile. It's hard for him to leave her alone!
Cute cousins (minus Henry) All the girls are in matching dresses!