Sunday, December 30, 2007

St. Simon's Island

The weekend after Christmas we went down to St. Simon's (about a 5 hr drive South) to Uncle Paul and Aunt Christina's where Grammy and Grandad were staying and also Uncle Daune's family. Needless to say it was a full house!! Above is Brandon and I (Travis' youngest brother) chillin on the couch...
We took a walk on Jekyl Island (no idea how to spell that!) The kids were having so much fun playing with Emma and the boys that they stayed at the house. This beach was amazing. The beach was coroding away and so all these trees were dead lying on the sand roots and all. Travis and Brandon sure had fun climbing them! Us girls ventured out on them too. But there were nests of gnats everywhere in the wood!
Above is the whole group (excluding parents and grandparents)
This is as high as I would usually go, balance is decreasing!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day Night

We went down to Macon to Angie and Andrew's House for Christmas dinner. We had a great time (even though Ethan was still a sickie) Kaylin and Lily were so cute together. Kaylin gets Lily giggling, it's so funny.
Lily likes everyone's hair right now...

18 weeks pregnant.

Angie and Andrew bought for us this year, so Kaylin got a cool Lite Brite (don't you remember those?!?)

and Ethan got a cool Knights Castle. His favorite part are the cannons. :)

Lily bug was so cute. She was so happy. We got her a little noisy drum (sorry Ang!) but it was too cute not to get!


Even though little man threw up the night before just as we were leaving, he was so happy Christmas morning! He got an electronic tractor that was just perfect for him! He also got lots of race cars, a big monster truck, bat and balls, and other games and books.
Kaylin was hilarious! She was so excited she would dance around so over-joyed that Santa "finally came". She got a "pretend real doggie", 2 babies, a scrapbook kit, moon sand, and lots of games and books and clothes. It was a successful Christmas to say the least in their little eyes.

Above, they are opening a game together. We got them Dora Dominoes (so they don't lose and play with ours)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

We went over to the Clarkes for the traditional cousins Christmas Eve. We had a great time. Kaylin really wanted to play Mary so we did a little Nativity. Wasn't the most spiritual, but it was sure funny! Above is Ethan playing Joseph. But he quit, so Brandon took over....

Clarke cousins, me and Ethan.

Kaylin as Mary. Look how cute.

Mary riding the "donkey" (Travis)

Friday, December 21, 2007


For those of you who were betting that Ethan would cry this is proof he didn't! I'm as shocked as any one! He even told Santa he wanted a dump truck although Santa had no idea what he said. Of course Kaylin was in heaven. She was very grateful we didn't have to go to the North Pole to see him, we could just go to the mall. (although around here it's like going that far!--no malls nearby) 2 very happy children!
PS When it was our turn, the assistant asked if they were ready to ask Santa what they wanted to Christmas and Kaylin exclaimed, "Yeah, but Ethan doesn't get anything from Santa, he's been BAD!" (feeling guilty from this morning telling Ethan if he kept making bad choices we wouldn't be able to see Santa) I said, "Well sometimes little brother's don't make the best of choices..." The assistant said, "Maybe we can give him what they call a 'second chance', what do you think?" Kaylin hesitated, then agreed. It was pretty funny.

It's snowing!

When we stood in line Santa (in a very thick southern accent I might add) he told us that it was time for Snow! He let all the kids come in the middle with him and he told them it was going to snow. Above is Ethan waiting....Below is Kaylin waiting....
Santa saying Hello to the kids.
Ethan all snowed out
Ethan and his friend Savannah.

When it first started to "snow"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

O Christmas Tree

After we got home from Kaylin's class party, they insisted taking pics by the tree. Of course I didn't hesitate! I also wanted to try the timer on the worked! You don't see the whole tree, but it's cute and rustic. The kids love it and I found a lighted star topper that they went crazy over.

This picture is funny because Ethan tripped and fell right in front of us. Kaylin and I were standing in place ready to go! :) And he's sprawled out on the floor at our feet! Can't help but wish I had a pic of that!
Me and my big bad pregnant self. ;)
Everyone gives me a hard time asking when I'm going to start showing. I usually say when I'm 5 months along...they laugh and ask if I ever look pregnant. I usually respond (well depending on who it is) that they haven't seen me naked! And trust me, you don't want to! But I'm popping out more than I have in the past so I wanted to show off my big bad belly! Ha ha, yep you can laugh. I just finally "feel" pregnany so this is me and baby #3 at 17 weeks. Wooop woop!

Kaylin's School Party

"Can my brother get a cupcake?"

"this is how I eat a cupcake Ethan!"

and this is how ethan does...

Kaylin's friends

Kaylin's Pre-K Class Party was today. It was so cute. She made sure her brother was taken care of...he was very shy. They got to open a present from their teacher and had lots of yummy snacks. In which I had an interesting conversation with Kaylin and her friend OJ discussing if Spiderman ate cupcakes.
She came home with a bag full of crafts she had made, goodie bags, and a gift for mom and dad. Too cute.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Daughter Day-Out!

I really wanted to take Kaylin to see the movie Enchanted. My mom came with us, so it was an official "daughter-day-out!" We went to a matinee right after she got out of school. It was perfect!
They had a huge tree outside and the bows were really Kaylin's size!

Dancing like Princesses at the Ball!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Travis and I decided to celebrate our anniversary early this year. (the real date is Dec 15th--but it just gets too busy by then) So my parents watched the kiddos the whole weekend! Freedom! Travis took Friday off and we had such a great time together! Lots of Christmas shopping, eating out (which I love), sleeping in, and watching ANY movie we want! (yep, no Cinderella or Cars!) It was a fabulous weekend just spending it with each other. Didn't need anything else. Didn't get any do you take pictures of yourself?? Anyway, Just wanted to share...6 years down, forever to go....