Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A short visit!

Emily and Dave had a layover in Atlanta on the way back from their cruise. Angie, Andrew, Lily and Dad all came over to see them too. It was fun to have them even if it was short!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Peachtree City Air Show!

The Airshow was awesome! We got free VIP tickets and Travis' parents came with us, bringing the golf cart---nice! It started out chilly and got to a balmy 78 degrees! Travis burned!--yeah, in October!!! Anyway, we came around noon and had fun looking at all the planes, the show started at 1pm. The kids were done around 4, so the g-parents took them back to their house while we stayed till the bitter end with our friends the Butlers. It was so much fun!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pumpkin Patch!!!

Saturday we went to a small pumpkin patch on the way to the Air Show. The kids were so excited! They got to pick their own pumpkins. We'll take pictures later after they carve/paint them!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jumping Bean

Again--the matress. It's actually kind of nice to have around, he gets his wiggles out!

What a cute little face!

Picture Day!

Today was Kaylin's picture day at school! I don't know if she's just tired or it happened to be really cold this morning...but I hope she smiles better at school! :)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Georgia National Fair!

Kaylin and I drove down to Macon to go to the Georgia National Fair in Perry, GA with Angie, Andrew and Lily. This isn't the best pic, but here's Angie, Kaylin and I with the rides in the background.

Andrew eating his Giro, with Lily asleep, and Angie.

Kaylin at the Petting Zoo. There were a lot of fun animals like monkeys, a baby zebra, camels, a porqepine and other animals I didn't even know what they were! The camel above was just munching right in her face. It was funny...

Kaylin especially wanted to find the Sheep. She actually wanted to ride on them, but we told her she could just pet them instead. We also saw beautiful performance horses in a barn nearby, Cows and a Horse competition where two people rope a small cow.

Lots of venders there showing all their fancy stuff. Lily and Kaylin sat on some tractors.

At the end of the night, Andrew treated us to ice cream! Kaylin got sprinkles on hers. Yum!

I would have never believed this--but there is a sign to prove it. (above there were fried oreos and below a fried candy bar on a stick. ONLY IN THE SOUTH!!!!

Above is Kaylin's first pick for a ride. The carousel. After that we went down the slide in potato sacks. She screamed at the end and exclamied how much fun that was!

Kaylin and I waiting for the Circus to start!

Eating Corn Dogs and Nachos.

Andrew sportin a true dad's outerwear: a Snuggli and a pink diaper bag!

The rides behind us. This fair was HUGE!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A day in the Life...

Pretty Kaylin, after she got home from school.

She loves doing "art projects"! Here she's coloring birthday cakes after she made a book "All about Kaylin" for Grandma.

Here's our grinning Ethan man. He loves the camera and tries to "help" me take pictures. But when I can, I can get a few shots of him!!

It's either too hot in the afternoons, too cold in the mornings, and occasionally rainy, so we let him bring his big wheel inside. This is him zooming around like he does most days.

Trying to color and do "art projects" with Kaylin. And with markers and stickers--he's sold!

Although he's all boy through and through, he does love playing with his sister! Occasionally he gets sucked in to dress up, Barbies, and yes, Art projects. Their little friend Savannah just had a birthday party where the girls we to come wearing their fairy wings and sure enough Ethan insisted on wearing his as well! He never took them off! (See a few posts below!)

Monday, October 01, 2007


So Kaylin (besides Travis) is the bravest in our house in the defense against bugs! And we have a ton for our backyard runs into a retention pond. -Ethan and I are useless- So I usually tell Kaylin to go get a paper towel and get the bug, then put it in the trash. She does this willingly. (One could say one of her pastimes is sitting at the sliding glass door and squishing flies with her bare hands) She was outside playing on a blanket in the grass and exclaimed,
"Mom, there's an ant on the blanket!"
Mom replies: "Just flick it off!"
Kaylin: "No way, that's gross! I don't want to lick it!"
Mom: *giggles* "no, I didn't say 'lick', I said 'flick' --with your finger!"

County Fair!

Saturday Night we went to the County Fair. It was so much fun. The kids had a blast! Kaylin chose the Carousel, while Ethan chose the motorcycles. Then they both went on the helicopters, slide and roller coaster. I regret more than anything not bringing my camera! The roller coaster was by far the funniest thing I've ever seen! Shear terror on Ethan's face and they dropped down and then after the neck kinking corner, full on smile. Of course we had to buy some Cotton Candy and on the way out they met Pinocchio. We waited FOREVER to meet him after the puppet show, he gave Kaylin a hug, whispered in mom's ear, and when it came Ethan's turn, he pushed him, 2 hands right on his chest. Poor Pinocchio. And then of course when we left that's all he wanted to see....

Think we might have to make this a yearly tradition!