Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Golf Carting

I love the spring!!! Even though I have bad allergies, I can't resist a golf cart with the sun shining, the breeze blowing and these gorgeous trees blooming. Ethan was being so silly, I was trying to get a picture of him and Mika, but she was so mesmerized by the fishermen at the lake. Ethan would not smile to save my life. So I copied him and he thought it was hysterical.
This is the picture I got of them. She is pointing to the lake saying, "waterrrr!"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A new phone--with a camera that's awesome!

So I love my new phone!! Of course the big camera is much better quality, but it instances like these, when we are walking to the car and Mika has her purse in one hand and her snack in the other and I say her name and she turns and totally cheeses it....Click! Or Mika points to my phone and cheeses, meaning she wants to take a pic with mom, we can-and we do! Click!
Or we are at a park and the girls take forever building a castle for the ants and then once they actually see an ant on it, they high tail it out of there and hop on the swings, while Ethan stays and watches it for a while....Click!
Here is their cozy spot on the swings. My friend has the same phone and this was taken with hers...Click!

So sorry if you've been getting picture texts from me lately, it's just tooooo fun! :)

Baby Emerson

My friend Kenda had her sweet strawberry blond baby girl this month and we brought the kids over to meet her. Kaylin was so excited to see her! She says her favorite part is her eyes when they are open. She is so tiny, I love it. I think she is 1 month old now. Such a calm, beautiful baby.
You see that look she's giving me? She already knows Miss Brit is crazy! ;)
Even Mika got a turn holding Em. She was so soft with her, it was adorable.
Can you see she has wavy strawberry blond hair? I love it!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

Although the weather can't make up it's mind...we have days that are sunny and beautiful, in the 70's and then we have mornings where it hails, then snows and is a high of 46 (2 days apart). So we never take advantage of the spring sunny days here!
Friday we went to a YMCA park the kids call the Castle Park with our friends he Butlers and Roggemeiers. We were there for a good solid couple of hours!
This is Mika saying "A-mon!" (come on) to Ethan. She LOVES being outside.
Ethan helping her up the slide so they don't have to go the long way around to the stairs. :)
Girlies on the tire swing!
All the kiddos, well most of them playing in the sand with some of Ethan's trucks. Max, Henry and Alex made playtime for Ethan super fun. And Sophie kept Mika company most of the time.
Hope we can have days like these A LOT in the next few months!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friendsies and Pinches

Mika adores her friend Halle who is one year older than her. It's funny though, they are still figuring out how to be nice to each other. :) Mika will yell at the top of her lungs "Aaaallley!" whenever we see them.
We are so glad Rhese came along so Ethan isn't so outnumbered when we play with the Butlers. Ethan always makes sure Rhese has a toy and blanket and is happy.
St. Patrick's Day!! Look at all these green kids! Kaylin didn't have a green shirt but she had a glowing shamrock pin and shamrock socks. Kaylin came home and exclaimed, "Nobody pinched me Mom! I thought maybe someone would, but no one did!"
This is the best pic I got, Mika was not cooperating. :)

Monday, March 08, 2010

"Get ready for Monster Jam!"

Ethan had the best party ever! :) Monster Jam was the running theme, so we had a GraveDigger Pinata. That was a blast! We started from youngest to oldest...The oldest apparently was the one who busted it open. Little did he know his own strength and smashed candy sending it flying to many faces in the line of fire!
But the kids didn't seem to mind in the long run....
Ethan and his "loot"
We played Red Light, Green Light. I love this picture, taken by my dad. Even though we think Kaylin and Ethan tied, Ethan uses this picture as proof he was winning. :)
Mama Sharp was the Queen Grandma...her youngest granddaughters were glued to her most of the day.

I love Ethan's expressions, he has so many.
We had a pull-apart cake. It was a hit. HUGE cupcakes, with way too much frosting!!!
I love my mama! She was soooo much help! Thank you Thank you!!!
girlies playin!
Doesn't he look like a little dude?!? Yeah his pants are too baggy, but they were so cute!!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Big Birthday Boy

Ethan handsome man turned 5 on Monday. He had a very busy day! First: off to school!Travis and I got to meet him for lunch at school and brought him and his class Popsicles per birthday boy's request. After school he had a wellness visit at his new Dr's office. This boy is growing!! He was 44 inches tall (72%) and weighed 39 lbs (40%). He took a fun vision test he aced and a hearing test too! He even had to pee in a cup which was quite the adventure for a momma and all his siblings crammed in that little bathroom. :)
After that we went to Target to let him pick out a toy, which we found the ultimate monster trucks he's been wanting since Christmas. I would say if a little boys prayers were answered, this would be it. Then we ordered pizza, his favorite meal. :)
And he wanted cupcakes for dessert. I should have been more clear though, we learned he really just likes "the frosting with sprinkles, not that part"--pointing to the cupcake. :)

And then presents....what did he get, you ask? Can you say.......Monster Trucks??
Cute little faces posing. :)
Happy Birthday Bubs! What a wonderful day!

Baby Wendy

Angie and her baby Henry flew out with me to see Meagan and Chris who just had their first sweet little babes, Wendy Mavis. I practically just ate her up. She is the sweetest thing!! I loved seeing Meagan be a mommy, she was so good at it and was just glowing. And I know it was hard for Chris to give up his cuddle time, but he let me anyway and I gladly took it! Henry loved Wendy too, he always gave her a dashing smile or reached for her.
Look at that darling yawn! I took some professional shots too, and they are adorable. I can't wait to finish them up. They'll be on here soon..........
K--we had a few dinner mints....and a few laughs after a mystery mint got melted and stuck to my arm! Can you see it? It's the yellow blog with sprinkles. That was one of the biggest laugh fests I've had in a long time. "It's a mint!" :D
Sunday is just not Sunday with out a great nap. Their house was so peaceful and quiet I fell asleep right on their couch. Of course, with my little heater, Wendy. We had a great nap! :)
Thanks for letting us invade your home, steal your baby and laugh our heads off with sister time! It was a fabulous trip!!!

Let's Dance!!!

You might not know this, but dance parties are a favorite in the Clarke house! So we were up at my moms with the Butlers joining us and we had a mega dance party! My mom wanted it to be controlled, but we showed her how it's really done and let it rip! :)
Look at those cute kids boogy!