Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Pet Monster

Yes Mika has earned the title "My Pet Monster" or "Mika the Monster". Very lovingly of course. She is hilarious, friendly and lovable, and the next minute she's bossing me around, throwing a major fit, or running away with out listening and obeying. Never a dull moment!!

This is at a play date with Halle. She calls her "my friend Halle. No, no, my best friend Halle." Both are full of spunk and flavor ;)

 My other friend Emily has a little baby Mia who Mika adores. I was wondering about this and how she'd react to babies. So far so good. :) 

She loves being a "princess". Dressing up or even just wearing a dress makes her go into this mode of twirling and singing. I personally love the head band the best. 

As mother's we pick our battles. I think it's our way of staying sane. Every day getting into the car was a nightmare. Especially if I was running a tad late.... ;) So we decided to try to booster seat with the back. She LOVES it and honestly so do I.

 It's hit or miss with Mika at dinner time. She could love it one night and the next week won't even touch it. Such a mystery....but this night she sure loved her spaghetti!

She plays hard, talks constantly, and sleeps like a rock. This of course was right before dinner time. It's the most stressful time of the day for me, so when it's quiet and I don't have another kitchen "helper"...I bury the guilt and let this monster sleep.........

I love my little monster. She is my true joy. I was having a hard time thinking of her 3rd birthday approaching in less than 2 months--and although Travis reminds me I'll have another baby soon, I can't seem to accept that she is growing up. I wanted her to stay small forever!! But I've enjoyed watching her grow and learn so much. I treasure her--and the sugar and all the spice too! 

Friday, March 18, 2011

The name is in the bag!!!

I don't have a lot of pregnancy pictures this time around, so I figured I'd have Travis take some on a "big one." 30 WEEKS! Time has totally flown by. I'm ready in so many ways, but not in others. 2 MORE MONTHS!!! I can't believe it. One of my 'not ready' things is her name. NOTHING felt right or fit. It's been frustrating. But we've got one now and there's no going back! :))
(cool filter on this too huh? it's like grungy...)
 People say I look so small, but I feel so huge. I haven't gained a lot of weight, but this pregnancy has been different than my others. Actually when I look back, every single pregnancy has been different! Anyway this one has been a very sensitive stomach. I've thrown up more this time than all of the others combined. But I'll take that over kidney stones, pre-eclampsia or high blood pressure.  :)

So the name verdict?! Did I keep you reading? Okay drum roll please...Ashlynn.
I loved it as soon as I said it out loud, my heart just soared. I knew it was right. I told Travis and he liked it instantly (which has NEVER happened) We've prayed about it all week and every time I see or say it I'm so incredibly happy. I love that it fits with the other kids names, Kaylin, Ethan, Aidrian, and Ashlynn. We were going to use Arahia for a middle name, but now we aren't sure. We love Lynn at the end because it's Travis' only sister's middle name and it's also my Aunt Diana's, whom I was very close to growing up. So we've got both sides covered! :) Travis is debating with no middle name, but we'll see what happens. I'm just happy she has a first name now!
So I don't want to hear you don't like it, because I won't change it!! Practice saying it for when you all come visit me!!!! She'll be here May 20th!
My fabulous sister Meagan made the baby this beautiful comfy and perfect blanket! I love it, I can't put it away! It's so cute and fun, and best of all, homemade. Thanks a million times Meagy!! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Picture Day!

The kids had Spring pictures last week. It was gorgeous weather, so when they came home from school we took a few shots. I love the outdoor photos (and mine) much better anyway. :) 

 Ethan wanted one on his bike too. I love his little face. It reminds me so much of Travis.

Mika had to join in the fun too. Yes, that's a doughnut. Whatever works. :)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

New Hair Color

My friend Emily talked me into highlighting my hair. She added some caramel and blonde. I LOVE how it turned out! It's new and fun and perfect for Spring. It makes my eyes more green too! 

Friday, March 04, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Our little man is 6!! I really can't believe it! On Saturday we had a fun party with friends and family. It was a racing party! This is his awesome cake! 
The most stressful part of the party was making the Pit Passes! But they were worth it! (its around his neck) We had fun games, like jumping monster trucks, racing through cones, jumping through tires etc. After each event they would get a prize and at the end they got trophies. He was one happy little boy!

Kaylin's job was to hand out the pit passes. She had a lot of fun too.

On his real birthday Mika, Travis and I met him for lunch. Mika was being so funny that morning, I had to take a pic. She was being a pirate.

The birthday boy! It was such a beautiful day!! 

We brought ice cream cups for his class for after lunch. 

Mika loves seeing her siblings at school. She can't wait to go!

After school he had a friend over and we met some other friends at Jump 2 it. He was one happy boy.

He got to pick the dinner, which was tacos and we ate his left over cake. He's wearing his hat from school. 

Later that night, Aunt Jocey brought Ethan his present. 2 frogs!! He was so surprised and happy!

Kaylin decorated the upstairs :)

Mika enjoyed the cake :)

Happy Birthday Ethan Chase!!