Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day

 While me and Ashlynn were recouping at home, Travis took the kids to Wedowee for Memorial Day Weekend. They had a blast!!! Ethan loves the boat, playing with his little boats and with Bronson.

They are little water bugs. They played King of the Tube with their dad and Travis said they are strong kids!! He had to really fight to get up there. :)

Brandon and Travis always think outside the box. They have SO much fun together. These pictures made me laugh....

While they are having fun on the wakeskate, Ethan was put in charge of the video camera. Travis said he did a really good job!

This picture I have to call "True Joy" that look on Travis' face is priceless to me. :)

 Mika loves her Clarke aunties. Jocey painted her nails. Look at her cute bun!

Kaylin loves the lake. She doesn't even mind that little fish nibble her toes. Devon caught a fish one day, marinated it and cooked it. Travis said if she took a bite she could have some chocolate. So she did. When asked if she liked it she responded "It was okay..." My heart sunk, but I think she'll stick on my side for the time being....

Mika liked stealing Bronson's floatie. I have to say she looks pretty cute in it! 

Yo Yo and Kaylin on the Paddleboard....

 Kaylin swam out to see Paka. I call him Paka the grouch in this pic ;)

 Mika swimming with her "Bama"...

Friday, May 27, 2011

End of the Year!

The kids had a GREAT year at school! Ethan learned how to be a terrific reader and is working on writing and math. He had a fabulous teacher who I adore. I was their room mom and loved his little class so much. 

 I seriously can't believe he'll be in 1st grade next year!!!

Our Kinder-Grad! (with Mika hugging he does not have two sets of arms...)

Kaylin has learned and grown so much in her 2nd grade class. She's become quite the little reader and excels at math and science! Her last day was board game day and she had fun playing and saying goodbye to her friends. We brought Ashlynn too so her class could meet her.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


 Sunday my cute little family came to visit with Grandpa Sharp and Grandma Wendy. We realized then "We have a BIG family!!" But it's perfect and can't imagine our home with out baby Ashlynn.

Kaylin loved touching her hair and singing to her. Ashlynn looked A LOT like Kaylin at birth.

Ethan thought she was the cutest thing ever. He wanted to hold her constantly. What a good brother he's going to be with her.

Mika liked laughing at all her noises and grunts and yawns. She thought baby "Ash-a-lin" was so fun to watch, hold and kiss!

Grandma Clarke came home from NC to see baby Ashlynn!

We call Grandpa Sharp the "baby whisperer". He just has a way with babies....

 Friends came to visit too! It was nice to have so many visitors! Emily, Andrew and baby Mia came to meet Ash.

 So did Kenda and David.

Other hospital visitors were Joyce (she brought a bunch of goodies like a diaper cake and baby necessities. Ashlynn was in the nursery when she came. :( Brandon and Stacey came to see their new niece, and also Maddie and her kiddos came to stop by. Thanks guys!

Once home Brandon and Stacey stopped by a lot. I think it was to use to golf cart, but they came to say Hi to baby Ash every time :)

Jocey came a lot too. I didn't get one with Garret though. :( I have another kiddo for Jocelyn to spoil!

 Renae came into town and came by on the way home from the airport! We love our Clarke aunties!!!

Britt Butler stopped by to meet Ash too. She brought us breakfast! 

Angie, Lily and Henry came to visit to celebrate my mom's birthday! It was so fun to have them here for a day. Lily LOVED holding Ashlynn and asked every chance she could. :)

Angie had to steal her quick from Lily bug :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ashlynn Grace

Ashlynn Grace Clarke was born May 21st at 9:14pm. She weighed in a whopping 7 lbs 11 oz (my biggest baby so far!) and was 20.5 inches long. She had dark black curly hair and was very alert. 

 It was a very quick delivery. I progressed so quickly after they started inducing that I got an epidural after an hour and was a 6-7. That slowed things down a little bit, but a little less than 2 hours later, she was ready to come! I had to wait for 10 mins till my Dr came and that was probably the hardest part of it all. After 7 pushes this beautiful bright eyed baby girl came into this world and into our hearts. :)

My labor and delivery nurse was awesome!! I loved her and hated going over to postpardum because I wanted to stay with her. She took our little fam picture. This was about an hour after Ashlynn was born.

She nursed right away and was a little pro! Here's daddy giving her her first burp :)

Going Home

Ashlynn was so alert and calm. I love this picture, how she's looking at me...and she looks so much like Kaylin did when she was a newborn. 

Daddy loves giving kisses and having his babies suck on his nose. She didn't like it at all, so he'd end up just nose to nose talking to her....

Little miss is going home! 

Sweet baby girl...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mika is THREE!

What a little spunky birthday girl! She had a fun family/friend party on Saturday and then a small family party on her real birthday. She wore her tutu she got from her friend Caroline and LOVED it. She made me call her "Princess Ballerina" all day...

She picked out some cupcakes for her real birthday and enjoyed them thoroughly.

She was trying to cover a spill on her shirt so she could be soooo pretty. I just adore her.

She got a bubble wand from Kaylin so here Travis is making bubbles. I love their faces....

I love how she gets so excited about every gift. She took time to look at each one and tell everyone thank you.

And of course a funny face. When we say to smile or say cheese she'll do this...

Travis and I cracked up at her sitting position.

She loves doing somersaults. I thought this was the cutest pic in her little tutu.

Polka Dot Birthday Bash! 
After we walked over to watch Uncle Andrew run, bike and swim we came back for her party. She was so happy. Kind of did her own thing, but loved her friends and family there. She is showing off her lollipop that she run playing musical dots!

 Opening gifts and giving every one the best surprise look!

 The party table...some of her friends aren't in this, but what a fun little table--eating pizza and chips.

Thanks everyone for coming and helping!! She had such a great birthday and loved all her gifts so much!!