Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Okay, I'm done now

Well the thrill and excitement of being 36 weeks has come and gone...Not only do I have sympathy for pregnant ladies who have complications, babies early or babies in the NICU, I now have sympathy for all the rest that go longer than 35 weeks or full term!!!!! PS to my sistas, next to me is the travel lite crib, isn't it cute???? THANK YOU!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

May 16th here we come!

We made a calendar of the month of May, since Kaylin understands the days of the week and months now. We colored pictures and have a foam flower to mark each day. The countdown has officially begun! It's great to think we may have this baby full-term and an actual date or goal to look forward to! (I don't think you can see thepictures that well, but there is a pink baby on Friday the 16th!) Kaylin will tell us over and over, "The baby is coming not this Friday, or the next Friday, but the NEXT friday!"
So we have made history in the pregnant life of the Clarke family today! I made it PAST 35 weeks! Yep, I'm 36 WEEKS today!!!! We are so thrilled this baby is cooperating (and my body is too) and will stay in the cooker for a few more weeks! Yipee! Here is pic of me by her crib (still not painted, but still way cute!) with her wall all done. Me and Ethan in the girls' room. I love it! So colorful, bright and happy. But it IS Sunday, so we are in our comfy clothes...I would live in PJ pants if I could...
So yeah I've been leaning towards the name Aidrian...praying about it, day dreaming about it, writing it out, saying it outloud--you know putting it to the test. So I bought the letters and layed them out for a day and after I still liked it, decided to paint them and put them up. I still haven't taken them down, so I'm thinking this one has passed the test. :) It just feels right and sounds right. You should hear kaylin say it, it's so cute....
Right after church, the kids wanted to celebrate with me in the picture! (we had to document this day!)

Thursday, April 24, 2008


So this is my outfit in the afternoons...the shirt I wore that day paired with Travis' basketball shorts. It's quite toasty this week and they are oh so comfortable, it's really hard to resist! Ethan wanted to take mommy's picture...and I had to show Meagan how stylin' I am! (we are doing puzzles) I'm 35.5 weeks now! wooo hooo Now I'm saying, "Okay Ethan, that's enough pictures of mommy, give me the"
Travis was pulling the kids around wrapped in a big fleece blanket--I don't know why Kaylin was laying on her tummy, but during the "drag" Ethan jumped on her and it pushed her chin down against the carpet causing a nice rug burn on her little chin. It was even bleeding. Ouch. This is the 3rd day...
And here's little man doing a puzzle. Such a cutie.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Baby Shower!!!

My fabulous friends threw a baby shower for me last night. It was so much fun! My mom, Angie and Lily, Sarena and Makenzie all got to come too! The gifts were all so wonderful and so was the company! Thanks!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Line Creek

It was such a beautiful day...the Sharps came down to my house for the day. We took family pictures around Lake Peachtree and they turned out awesome!! I'll be sure to put them on my website! Then we went over to Line Creek where the kids got soaked! They explored and swam--my kids by accident, but Kenzie, Trevor and Jared were covered in mud and soaked and were haivng a great time! After Ethan made an official body dip, he sat on the rock with mom the rest of the time. :)
Trevor was his big helper. So glad he was there! (or I'd be in the water! Ew!)
Lily enjoyed the water too! She was splashing like crazy! Uncle Adam stole her away from Mama Angie and they explored that freezing water together...It was so cute!
The Sharp boys exploring...

Sharp Family photos!

I hope the Sharps don't appose to me putting their Family pictures on my blog, but I think they are just fantastic! They came for a week and we LOVED them being here!! I wanted toshow them off!! So here we go...Adam, Sarena, Makenzie, Trevor, Jared and Karinn... What a gorgeous couple!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A visit to Macon, GA

My sister Angie lives about an hour south of me, so the Sharps and the Clarkes headed down for an adventure in Macon! We spent most of the day at a Children's Museum downtown. We walked to it...this is Sarena and I after the walk. :)
Lily was very happy in this room!

More resting for me....
The "Architechs" the end is was down to Adam vs. Trevor. They got really tall!!! Mom's was more creative and fell rather quickly :)
Ethan had a blast too. There were several things he enjoyed like the animals, kitchen... but I think the cutest thing he did was he carried around a big plastic gas tank with a nozzle and wore a fireman hat and would put out fires. It was too cute!
Downstairs they had a theater/auditorium. Hide and Seek Tag with all the kids and Uncle Adam, Dancing by Adam and Sarena, a performance from Wiked by Makenzie and Sarena, and "freestyle" dancing all went on down there. It was quite entertaining! Below is Aunt Sarena dancing with Kaylin.
The Tripod?

Just like Mom

One of my clearest memories as a child is playing on the stairs with my stuffed animals and dolls. I think we'd play Primary and have them all sitting in rows on the stairs...but Kaylin reminded me of myself today. Her animals were resting, but they all had a stair with some article of clothing as their blanket. There are more, going all the way down the stairs. I thought it was too cute.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Dad's B-day!

Even though my Dad's real birthday was a week earlier, we held off the celebration till the Sharp Fam came to visit for their Spring Break! Mom, Sarena and I making Turkey Dinner! Yum! Me and my big self! 34 weeks right there....

Here are all the grandkids with Grandpa after we sang him Happy Birthday! And I had to include the cutest pictures...the best of friends...Kaylin and Karinn. This is right before church, so they look oh so pretty. :)
I didn't even tell Kaylin to do this, she just loves her cousin so much...and Karinn didn't seem to mind!

Friday, April 11, 2008


So yeah, Ethan was actually potty trained for a whole month before he turned 3. Then once he turned 3, he decided he didn't want to go potty in the toliet. Grrrr. One day this week Kaylin convinced him he needed to be a big boy, so he wanted his Superman underwear on and insisted I took a picture of him being a big boy...this only lasted one day....

Movie Time! We got some fun kid movies from my mom that she recorded from pay per view. Here are the kids enjoying quiet time to a new movie!
A day at Jump 2 it! My little jumping jelly beans! I love this place because we got 10 free toekns for their games, brought a sack lunch that we can eat at their tables, and then spend the day jumping! My kids are finally old enough that I don't need to help them. So they run around jumping and tackling each other. Below is Ethan's favorite game, the motorcycle race. He's actually really good at it!
Two cute kiddos having races down the slide! It's cute Ethan will jump really high before he slides and then tackle Kaylin at the bottom. Both of them will exclaim, "I won!" To put out the fire started of who won or not, I always call it a tie--they both win! So sneaky. ;)
Savannah and Halle met us there!
Another favorite game, although it's too many tokens, he just likes to sit in it! I don't know if you can see his expression, but look at his face....Soooo cool.
Why slide when you can tackle???
Who wants an ICE BATH???? It was so hot and the kids were so that means a nice clean bath--oh and don't forget the ICE! The kids loved it. When Travis poured the ice bucket in, there was no screaming, just laughing with excitement. Crazy kids...

A fun afternoon outside. I did some yard work and the kids did some sidewalk art with chalk. If you look closely both of their faces are blue from the chalk... did you notice I cute Kaylin's hair???

Grandma came to visit! We love living so close to grandparents! My mom drove down for the day. She played with them while I went to a Dr. appt, met them at McDonalds, enjoyed the warm sunshine, did some house projects while she took them to the park. I'd say it was one fun-filled day with lots of projects done! (Nesting has begun!)

The kids wishing for summer time when the pool opens. Here they are pretending to swim--or float...whatever! (and yes I know, Ethan IS wearing socks with his crocs...he won't take those dang shoes off!)
Kaylin's favorite person in the whole wide world....

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Some R & R

Conference Weekend is definately the best time to get some R & are my boys during a session...hmmmm. All I can say is that I can actually hear the speakers when Ethan is it was kind of nice. ;) Kaylin in her little corner playing quietly. At one part Elder Ballard talked to the children about how they can help their mothers. She was surprised he was talking to her! She also noticed that the choir changed from red robes (yesterday) to blue (today). She wondered if they were wearing blue on Grandma's TV too...
Funny Story: One night when mommy was sick, Travis was reading the kids a verse from the Book of Mormon before bedtime as usual, they repeat it after him and afterwards he explains it. It was talking about how bad people go to hell, good people go to heaven. Kaylin had never heard of hell before (we talk about death and heaven lots since Danen and my Grandpa died) so Travis explained more that people who lie, steal etc go to hell when they die...Kaylin's eyes widened, she sat up strait and exclaimed, "I am NOT going to tell a lie! I'm going to go to heaven!"
A few days later I heard Travis' truck pull up and said to the kids, "Daddy's home!" They go running to the door, Kaylin looks through the window and says, "Mom you told the truth!"

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Baby Baby Baby

So I'm almost done with my 32rd week. Crazy! All of us have baby on our minds....

Kaylin: "Mom your tummy is getting really big! I think it's almost time for her to come out!" Learning her months and getting excited when she realizes it's April now and the baby will come in May! Ethan: in the cutest prayer the other night, "Thank you mommy has a baby in her tummy...strong and healthy...come out and play...and she laugh at me like 'hee hee" like that...she think I'm funny..."

Me: Getting ready for a fun baby shower my favorite friends are throwing for me! Loving that Spring Break is next week and I can maybe possibly sleep in??? Having tiny freak outs that I'm not ready for her yet! Should I have stocked up on diapers already?

Travis: Worrying about money (do you ever have enough when a baby comes along??) Enjoying day light savings where he can come home, eat and then take the kids outside and get really dirty! Ready to sleep with his newborn on his chest (one of his favorite past times :) )