Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The many faces...

I just love these cute faces...If Ethan could dress himself every day, he would wear his motorcycle jersey. We gave it to him for his birthday and even though it's long sleeve, it's really light weight and dries quickly. Every little boy should have one! ;) I'm loving Kaylin's new smile for pics, it's REAL! She has the cutest little dimple on her cheek!
"Help me!" This morning all Aidrian's wanted to do is sleep. Poor thing can't get more than a 5 min cat nap, it's been so noisy and she's been constantly invaded and disrupted! Here's the face to prove it!
I LOVE this picture. Travis taking a bite of Ethan. Ethan's face is priceless! It just makes me laugh every time I see it.
Story Time. This is the usual; Kaylin smiling at the book, "If you give a mouse a cookie." Ethan making sound effects and Aidrian surrounded by her siblings.
Aidrian talking to daddy. I put a video on, but she's not as happy in it as she is here. Her face lights up when she sees her parents. Maybe it's because we are her "protectors" against the evil ones. :)

Around the house...

Our neighbor and best friendsies come over lots! Here are the two kids loving on Savannah. My two are definately a different color!
My little helpers. Although I'm not as structured as my sis, my kids have been great helpers around the house. I had to take a photo or you might not believe me, looking at the way my house is lately! And the kids are wearing their typical outfits at home--dress up and Ethan with no shirt.
Me and the kiddos. The two olders are sooo tired, but Travis thought it was cute with all them cuddling up to mom.

A Lovie

So the other day Aidrian is fussin, I pick her up with a burp cloth on my shoulder and she grabs it (the best she can) and pulls it up to her face, nuzzles and falls right asleep. It was so cute. I layed her down in the bouncer and she grabbed it again and stayed asleep like that. I think she's found her lovie! She still loves being wrapped like a mummy tho...

She's figuring out how to control those little hands now. I'll find her gnawing on her fists. So we tried a few rattles, she'll grab on to them and usually just gets her hands stuck in them and then she'll bring them up to her mouth. They'll fall on her chest and she'll just stare at them.
In the evenings, once the 2 older kids have gone to sleep, Travis loves holding little babes. The picture above is her mummy wrapped on dad....

Go- Go Gadget Arms!

So Travis had Aidrian working out, giggling and smiling up a storm. Of course when I come into the room she starts to fuss, but I still think it's super cute. Watch her arms, it's so funny! And you can hear her when she's fussin...

Saturday, July 26, 2008


You will not believe this, but I forgot my camera!!! We went to a carnival near our house at the new outdoor shopping center. All you had to do was "register" for this drawing and you got a wrist band that would give you free food, treats, and rides. The only thing it dind't include was a hot air baloon ride--bummer! But we ate a ton of snow cones and cotton candy to our hearts content! Kaylin got her face painted twice, the first time a tiger and 2nd time a butterfly...They loved the carousel, the slide, the air jumpers, the concerts, the firetrucks and the clowns. We had such a great time, but we all were dripping sweat! It was 95 degrees today but it felt like we were in a cloud! It finally started sprinkling and so we headed home. Here's Kaylin's cute face. She LOVED it and didn't want to take a bath so she could have her face painted for church!

Friday, July 25, 2008


So we thought it'd be so much fun to take the kids to a skating rink. We were in luck, in Fayetteville there's a place called "Dazzles". All right! This is exciting! What? 7 dollars per person? Okay, Ethan and Aidrian are free...phew!
Thankfully, our friends the Leishman's came with us to join in the torture...I mean, FUN!!!

Below is a pic of Kaylin and I...starting out on the carpet....doing well....keeping her balance.... Okay, let's try the rink. Wow, it's a lot slippier...hmmm....okay Kaylin, hold on to the bar....oh shoot, the bar
Okay, let's get off the rink as soon as possible....squirm, twist, grab, ouch....this is horrible....what were we thinking? I think I pulled a muscle....
I don't think "Dazzles" had air conditioning, boy were we sweating!!! We all wore way too many clothes! Do they allow swimsuits?

And so this was Kaylin--MOST of the time....on the floor. My friend Melanie and I tried taking one kid between the two of us....WOW, that was painful. How hard can skating possibly be? The whole time we are telling the kids, keep your feet together, stand up strait, try walking, watch your feet...nope. It was a lot funnier to them to drag on our arms, fall into our skates and hear me yell, therefore trying not the fall ourselves, or watch us pull them up with all our energy as other skaters flew past us!
Travis and I did get a "snowball" skate although it was to rap music! :) It was really dark so the picture isn't too great. Travis was used to rollerblading, hence the concentration...I was a pro--remembering the days of Skate King for my 12th birthday! Hee heee Travis taking Ethan worked out much better that my insane task with Kaylin. Ethan would just drag in between his legs the whole time.
After a while, he just took his skates off and watched us....
Will we be doing that in the near future??? NO WAY!! I'm still sore...ouch, I need some Advil.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Perfect" Baby

Little Missy went to the Dr. today for her 2 month check up. My wonderful friend watched the 2 older kids so I wouldn't have a horror story at the Dr.s office today. Yay! Aidrian woke up so happy this morning--that's a good start! She's talking the whole way to her appointment. Smiles and coos at her Dr and even smiles at the nurse as she's just about to poke her! Her little lip curled and boy did she cry. It was the cutest thing. We had to show off her battle wounds. So Miss Aidrian weighed 9 lbs 10 oz, which was just below average. She was 21 inches, which was in the 25% tile and her head was just below average as well. The Dr declared she's a "perfect" baby! :)

Kaylin and Ethan doted and loved on her and she was loving it--perfect photo op! My friend Britt Butler makes the cutest bows and headbands, so here she is sportin her new one. Isn't it cute!?
Of course little man wanted to take a pic, so here's a crooked one and me and babes.
And the sistas! It's amazing to me their similarities. Cute little girlies. My favorite thing that Kaylin does to help me, is in the car when Aidrian fusses she'll sing to her. Mom and Angie know how much that little girl sings! She'll sing soft and quietly right up to her and Aidrian will almost always calm her down if Bubby doesn't yell at her from the back...


I have allergies so bad here! It's driving me crazy! Stuffy, tingling nose with burning eyes! This is how I feel... So Travis heard some theory that if you eat local grown honey, with it you eat the allergens that are in your area and therefore you get immune to those allergens...hmmm. I don't buy it, but Travis think we should get our own little bee hive and start the honey process. What an adventure that would be! I'm terrified of bee stings (traumatic childhood experience) and he's allergic. What a great plan!
So I don't know what I can take while nursing, but I know it's safe to take Bendryl. Luckily the sleepiness doesn't affect me (maybe because I'm already a walking zombie?) but sometimes I don't think it works when a crazy attack happens! Help!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ethan's Prayer

..."thankful for learning shapes, thankful for throwing frisbie, thankful baby Aidrian open her eyes..."

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Swim swim swim

We went swimming with our friends at a private pool and had such a great time. Below is a pic of Kaylin swimming to Travis in the deep end. She does so well. Ethan stayed out of the pool most of the time, but they had a hot tub that wasn't heated right now and he liked it in there too.
Aidrian took a swim for the first time today!! She liked it! It was so hot and I felt so bad that she was sweating so much, so we thought she'd like to cool off a bit. She stayed in there for a good 15 minutes and it did her in. She fell asleep as soon as I wrapped her up in a towel!
Here's the hot tub that runs into the pool. Ethan was trying to go behind it so the water would fall in front of his face, Travis would stop the water and then let it fall when Ethan was in place...apparently it didn't work.
Whenever I couldn't find Kaylin, I'd scan the pool and you'd see a pink little bum just above the water. That's in the deep end, just swimming away.

Little Fish

Kaylin learned how to swim this summer. It's not graceful by any means, but it gets her to where she wants to go. Angie got her some goggles and since then she's been under the water more than above it and has figured out you go a lot faster! Here's a little video.

This one is Kaylin jumping in to Travis. Then she swims in the deep end to the side. Aren't you so proud Grandma??

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I don't know how to rip this video so that it just shows the end, but it's worth the wait! ;) I hate that you can hear me on it in the background, but that's what it takes to get a smile. :)

Officially 2 months old!

Sweet little missy is officially 2 months old! I loved this picture because it shows her cute little profile. Her hair is still staying blonde and her eyeslashes are getting so long! Her eyes are still blue (I hope they stay that way!) She's very content and even tempered, but likes attention (which she gets plenty of!) As soon as she's wrapped, she searches for her passy and is out like a light. She is in constant smiles these days. In moments when she stops, it's for concentrating on "talking" to us. She works up so much to get a little "coo" out! It's so cute. Below is her in all smiles, wrinkling that cute nose. Just a doll.
This is her classic passy look. As soon as you put it in, she furrows her little brow and looks at you like a stranger. It cracks me up.

Puts a smile on your face

Reading scriptures as a family, can you guess which story?
We asked the kids, "What would you bring to the promised land?"
Kaylin: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Chicken Nuggets (someone hungry?)
Ethan: baby's crib, kaylin's room, mommy and cars.

Kaylin comes into my room and says, “Your son is messing up my house!”
Later I’m feeding Aidrian and she comes up to her with a tape measure, measure her and say, “Your baby is the perfect size!”

In talking about Kaylin's new school...
"Kaylin, your new school will be Welch Elementary."
Kaylin: I thought it was going to be Kindergarten Rocks? (a book she got from her Pre-K teacher)

Kaylin telling an amazing story that I said, "really?" to, she replies:
Yes! I saw it with my bery own eyes!

At grandma's house, Kaylin saw the picture of all the siblings together and says,
"Grandma there are your treasures."

Waiting for Travis at work so we could eat lunch together Kaylin says,
"What's taking Daddy so long? Maybe he's going potty?"
(I thought my fam would get a kick out of that...)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Smiley Aidrian

My cute little 8 week old is smiling and giggling so much! I love it! She'll stare at me from her bouncer while I eat and wiggle, squawk and just beam at me...
She can spot her crazy siblings and will smile at them too--I guess babies don't hold grudges yet!

Families can be together forever...

Travis' youngest brother Brandon went through the temple was a very special day. 3 years to the date when we went for Danen. I love that kid. He's going to be a great missionary. Little does he know how much we will miss him.
Me, Brandon, Vicki, Travis and Brad.
Me and Travis. Lovey Dovey. :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A day in the life...

Travis taking the kids on a dirtbike ride...usually it's the scooter, but Brandon's bike needed a quick start...They both love it and would spend all day on it. We are buying them helmets, don't worry! Pretty Kaylin all grown up! I'm still trying to grasp that she'll be a kindergartener this August!
Ah, the love these two have for baby Aidrian. I'd say she puts up with a lot! But they are very sweet to her...maybe loving on her too much?? The face says it all...She does have a new cry where she curls her little lip under--that's her sad cry.
Ethan loves dressing himself. Mostly it's any shirt he can reach, the same shorts from yesterday and in this case, none. Here he's sporting his belt and a superman cape.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

3 little babies at 7 weeks old

Travis thought it would be fun to post all of our kids at the same age. So here they are, all 7 weeks old. It was so fun going back through their baby pictures...seeing the similarities and differences. They all have the cheeks tho! Not that the pink and blue don't give it away...but can you guess who is who?

Little Missy

Baby Aidrian is 7 weeks old now. She coos, smiles and blows tiny bubbles. Now she actually gives us reason to stare at her all day long, as if we don't have anything better to do! She is the cutest little thing!
Daddy and Aidrian Sunday afternoon.

Talking to mom...

Awake, alert and happy. She's such a sweet baby, just looks around happily until she's tired, she'll let out some yelps for me to come and wrap her. My cousin Rachel made the quilt that's under her. Isn't it pretty!?
Aidrian having some tummy time...but of course it's never alone, Ethan is always next to her. He's getting better at not yelling in her face, but he sure wants to play with her!