Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We have to slam doors around here it seems....Ethan slammed the sliding glass door...
Mom: Watch out for Aidrian's fingers bub.
Ethan: Don't worry, I didn't cut them off!

Phew! :)

We were walking to the park and I ran over his toe with the stroller, he says, "Ow! Mom you trying to beat me up?"

We were at the park, he yelled and then looked around.
"Hey who's copying me? You are? Hmm, maybe it's the tunnel."

Little Man

Just wanted to show you Ethan's pinky--it's almost all grown back! Even his nail. It may sound silly, but I truly think it's a miracle! Last night he was playing cars and he said to himself, "My finger looks funny! See Aidrian?"

My Little man is turning 4 this weekend. Whoa. I'm not ready for him to grow this fast. He's not my baby anymore, and not even a toddler anymore. He's my boy. He has so much character, he's the funniest kid I know.
He plays hard, eats a ton, and sleeps hard. He rarely takes naps anymore and it's never really pleasant when he wakes up. He's a lot like his dad and Uncle Brandon, but this whole waking up grumpy thing- I can claim. :)
He's such a helper. He loves helping with dinner especially. For a few days of mid-winter break we went to Grandma's house. We made homemade pizza. The kids loved it. He knows where everything is, is already ready to get me anything I need him to grab for me real quick. Yes, the house IS quieter when he's gone, but I sure miss him--my big helper.
I'll post his b-day pics next week. He's asked for a Batman theme....

Monday, February 23, 2009


Because of our move to Peachtree City, we decided to take Kaylin out of Welch Elementary and put her in the school right around the corner, Huddleston Elementary. She had a mid-winter break last week and then Monday she started at the new school. I've never seen her more excited! I met her teacher, Mrs. Bernard earlier and told her that her teacher was so excited to meet her and the girls were so happy she was coming into their class because they had 9 boys and only 8 girls, but she would make them tied! Kaylin was quite happy about that and told everyone. So Monday morning came and she she eagerly waited patiently as I gave the office some paperwork, asking quietly, "Can I meet my teacher yet?" When she saw her classroom she walked right in up to the teacher. She wasn't shy at all. She was....brave. :) She had a great day and her teacher called me that afternoon to tell me who she played with and how much she loved centers and recess. She told me many of the students took Kaylin under "their wing" and "mothered" her as we all know 5-6 yr olds love to do. :) The picture above was taken after she got off the bus, it comes right to the corner so we played at the park right there until it came. Kaylin said her bus driver was very funny so she wanted to sit right behind him. The picture below is her talking to grandma Wendy and trying to remember her day so she could tell her all about it.
Here are some pictures from the time we stayed with Grandma Wendy during break. (oh yes, my kids call my mom Grandma Wendy--I think it started when my mom told Kaylin that her name was Wendy just like the Wendy in Peter Pan. Kaylin gasped and stared at Grandma in amazement. She's been Grandma Wendy ever since)
Now I had to go to the denstist on this day, but Angie took her camera, they went to a park in the city and I heard it was a blast. From what I heard mom and the kids where walking and singing "How do you know?" from Enchanted. I LOVE my mom's little jig right there!
Kaylin loves to play and be outside! She is in her own imaginary world and often likes to bring others in on the fun. She's always running (and tripping) climbing and singing. She wants Grandma Clarke to teach her how to play the piano while we are here. She's always humming or singing something, mostly made up words to songs she knows, but every now and then we get an origianl with vabrato.
Kaylin loves Lily bug. I think having a baby sister has helped her see how helpful she can be to little poeple. She sits by Mika in the car, making sure she has her toys, her blanket and snacks. She also helps Lily a lot. At mom's Lily was fussing in her highchair so Kaylin went over and spood fed her her yogurt. Lily can do it just fine by herself, but she loved having Kaylin feed her and just giggled. It was quite cute.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Our great friends David and Kenda invited us to go the Supercross this year! Awesome seats! 29th row! We love sitting close (we did last year too) but everyone stands up for every race in the main event. Kind of annoying since we are so close, but they are really into it!
When it started they do some pretty cool things for the main riders. Songs, fireworks, stunts etc. Aidrian came with us since we were going to be there so long and late. She was awesome. But she didn't like the opening show, mostly the foreworks and the huge flames of fire that shot up 50 feet. The pic below shows some colored fire flames at the start of the main event.
Me and my friend Kenda. We had a blast chatting, or should I say yelling, playing with Mika and dealing with all the drunks surrounding us! ;)
We brought ear plugs for Mika, but they were too big. This was the first attempt but it was difficult to get them in her ears because she wanted to eat them. They'd eventually fall out and she was totally fine with all the noise.
Happy Mika with a happy Travis.
It's far away, I didn't play with the camera tonight, Travis did. But he wanted to see the show more than take pics, so we only have a few. This is a rider at half time doing a trick.
I love this pic because it shows Mika's blue eyes and long lashes. She was a crowd stopper. When I got soda one time the lady taking my order wouldn't stop talking to her. Mika would beam and then hide, it was quite cute.
Finally by 10 or so, she was too tired to say up. There was so much for her to see and it was pretty loud so she was riled up. Sweet baby.
Thanks Purdy's for the great tickets and a fun night out! It's become a fun tradition!

Angel Baby

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Circus

My friend Brittany Butler had tickets from her mother-in-law for Box seats to the Circus! We were so excited to go with her and her girls! 2 of her sister-in-laws came too with their kids. It's so nice, free parking (close!) great seats and free drinks. There are about 3-4 rows and then a kitchen area with a bathroom in each Box. So it was great for the kids.
Mika loved the shows! She just stared, clapped and jabbered at everything. I would put her down and she'd stand up at the glass (licking it of course) and watch. (One of Britt's nephews peeking in a pic)
The "Bike Ball". Ethan was excited for this one. It was quite the event. We took a video of it for Travis to watch.
Kaylin really liked all the girls, except one show she thought a lady was being too silly. At the end there was a jungle/flower themed event and she loved the flowers. They were like huge umbrellas that danced.
Here's Mika up at the glass being so big. There's glass from Ethan's waist and up, with a bar in the middle, that's what she's hanging onto. The glass goes up to the middle of Ethan's face.
Me and bub. He was really tired and wanted to sit we me a lot, but he enjoyed the shows and being with Savannah.
Thanks Britt for such a great day!!! We loved it!


It's kind of dark, but I still think it's blog worthy. :) She's crawling faster now, but still likes to pause and soak up what's around her. I love this video because she sees the red light (which means it's recording) and she's cheesy smiles for the camera. She loves climbing up on me and she's crusin' all over the place.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A lot of Love

After we took our kids out, it was our turn! I didn't expect much, I just really wanted to be with Travis without kids. Vicki and Brad said they would watch all 3! We were heading out to dinner and by the time we actually left I was starving!!! So we wanted La Parilla....hm, line too long, I'm too hungry. Next door was O' Charlys, love that place! Whoa! Line even longer....Around the corner...MOES. Winner!! So for V-day we ate a Moe's and spent a wopping 12$! Awesome! I wanted something for dessert and I love Chick Fil-A milkshakes, so we stopped in and there were baloons with people taking pictures. Yep, that first pic is at Chick Fil-A! Then Travis was taking me to Twilight and it actually just got to the 1$ theaters! So we were in luck! We were saving all kinds of money tonight! Travis hasn't read the books, but I've told him about the story (and my sisters know how I can tell a story...) and he actually really enjoyed the movie.
DISCLAIMER: These next photos display a lot of love :) hee hee

I'm sorry, you probably don't want to see this, but I love it. I am laughing, yeah I get embarassed, but I still love it....
I have to say that being with Travis was so therapudic after a long hectic week. I loved talking with him, holding hands, getting doors held open for me, cuddling in the theater. It felt like we were dating. We had such a great time together. I didn't care that we didn't spend a ton of money, no huge gifts, no big fancy resturants, yes not even flowers, but it was one of the most enjoyable Valentines Day for me because we were so into eachother and there was no other place we have wanted to be than with each other......

Me and my "Gertie"

Sweet Kaylin wanted a Girls Day just with mommy. So on Valentines Day we went grocery shopping together and then we went and saw the movie Bolt. It was so cute, she had a new pink dress on, I let her wear lip gloss and blush and we painted our nails. She kept asking everyone if she looked beautiful. She'd laugh and say she had to keep asking that because she was doing new things and getting more beautiful! We had a great day together!

Ethan and Aidrian went with Travis on some errands and met us for the movie too. I think it may have been our best movie experience with kids with all of us ever. Ethan actually stayed put the whole time, Kaylin absolutely loved it and Mika slept half way through it. It was a really cute movie too!

PS To explain the title...when Kaylin was a toddler we were in a store and I said, "Come here girlie" and a lady stopped me and asked, "Um, did you just call her Gertie?" I laugh thinking about it now but at the time I was horrified that when I said girlie people might actually think I named my daughter Gertie!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Cute Mika in the stroller. She loved being outside! I think she could see and watch the Buttlerflies too. She'd look up and stare a lot. My favorites were the black ones with bright blue when the wings opened.

Ethan's playschool group went to Callaway Gardens for a field trip on Tuesday to see the Butterfly exhibit. It turned out to be a greater adventure that originally planned. I drove up with my friend Brittany about 1/2 hr later than the rest of the group, driving through the windy roads (she is pregnant) I get major car sick and she does too! yes, even driving! I get out while she parks. I'm so dizzy, we get into the welcome center and I lay on a bench. Ugh. I felt awful. I decided I need to eat something, and we had brought lunches, so I start on my bagel. That seemed to help. We find out we have to get back in the car to drive to the beach that their class is at. It's a 30 min walk and a 5 min car ride. Oh fine. The wind is blowing and I'm sitting there freezing. It just gets worse and worse, I feel terrible. The class goes home and we take our kids to the Butterfyl exhibit. If you've ever been to one, you know it's hot and humid. That didn't go so well. By the end I was trying to just make it through the doors, almost completely blacking out. Any chance I could, I knelt down to catch my dizziness. Poor Britt had to do a lot of the loading and buckling, I was no help. I lay in the front seat and close my eyes the rest of the trip back home. Bummer. So needless to say, these are pretty much all the pics I have of the eventful day. But hey, no puking! That's good! I got home and slept the rest of the day trying to get my fever down.

A cute pic of Ethan pushing Aidrian. He was so helpful all day. I knew Ethan would be a bit worried about the butterflies flying around him. It was pretty funny, he'd duck and laugh and say Whoa! every tim one swooped near him. But I found myself doing that too a few times! They flew all around you!
Cute Mika in the stroller. She loved being outside! I think she could see and watch the Buttlerflies too. She'd look up and stare a lot. My favorites were the black ones with bright blue when the wings opened.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

How to torture a baby sister....

First you lift her up and plop her on a wagon and try to turn it, while it topples over with an already mad passenger. 2nd, Put your sunglasses on her and laugh hysterically.
3rd, lift her onto the picnic table and give her glue.
4th (mom's favorite) let her sleep from all that hard work endured.
5th, go to bed yourself. It's been a long day!

Little Superheroes

I'm teaching Ethan's playschool group this week the letter Ss. Naturally S stands for Superheroes! So we made masks. Ethan wanted Batman. Kaylin wanted Catgirl--oh yes and mika did too.
I love Kaylin's face in this one---being a superhero is serious stuff!
When we put this on Mika she just froze. She wouldn't move or smile. As soon as we took it off she was beaming. Cute girl.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Little Man......not so little anymore

Ethan bubs is growing so fast I can hardly keep up. Do boys ever slow down? Eating, running, jumping, peeing, climbing, playing, growing....it's all done at hyper light speeds. He is getting taller by the minute. We live so close to the best park in PTC now, he loves it there.
Always climbing something..

He'll be turning 4 in a month. Wow. I never imagine my Ethan Chase to be 4. What a big kid. He's so smart, loves to have fun, is a great helper and wants to be a part of everything.