Sunday, January 15, 2012

Monster Jam!

We have taken Ethan to Monster Jam since he was 3. It's one of my favorite traditions. Last year we went to the pits- so we went again this year. You get to see all the trucks racing up close. This is one of Ethan's favorite, El Toro Loco.
 Travis' brother Brandon came with us too (his wife was photographing a wedding :( ) This guy handed them a  TRAXXS banner and they took it. Yeah I had to carry it in my purse all night!

My friend Kenda and her little guy Dade came with us too. It was so much fun having them with us!!!

 Travis with the little boys in front of Grinder. He was the BEST at freestyle! Did a full flip and still went tearing up the track!

Ok so for morning after morning I'd watch Monster Jam with bubs and have gone to Monster Jam for 3 years now, I know my trucks. :) And I was called a redneck just a few times that night. But I had such a good time. I was hooting and hollaring and almost as excited as Ethan was...

Monday, January 09, 2012

We are CLARKE :)

So my sister Meagan had THE BEST idea having her kids spell out her last name. So I decided to give it a try. Thought it turned out pretty cute!

lil projects

So we've been working on a functioning play room upstairs. It's been really fun. I figured bright happy colors because it's a bit on the small side. The kids love it and spend a lot of time in here! 
My first project was an old bench I made back when Kaylin was 2. We just did a quick make over- new fabric for the cushion seat, a little bit of bright blue paint and a new knob. 

The big project was the entertainment center. Family- this is the light wood armoir we had in the "pool room" growing up. It was black at our other house, but I thought it'd be fun to paint it blue. :) I LOVE it, one of my favorite pieces now. Changed the knobs too (they are all mismatched.)
And lastly, there is a whole wall of closets (So boring --but very functional!) filled with toys. I changed out the knobs (all mismatched still) and painted in the inserts the same blue.

 Seriously, painting makes me SO happy. It's like a get to release a creative outlet, almost like it's therapeutic!
So I'm very happy with this room! Now on to the next!!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

She's trying to what???

Sweet little Ashlynn Grace is trying to CRAWL. Oh no baby!! I'm not ready for this. I want a few months of cuddling and immobility!  She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth, then lunges forward to reach something, pushes up on her toes and gets it. :((((

I love her eyes. They are so big and the color? I have no idea! They change from green to gray. 

Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Years!

New Years Eve we took the kids to the church to play and be loud and have a picnic. They had a blast. 
I love this of Ashlynn looking at Travs.
 Ashlynn loved rolling around everywhere. Look at her eyes!! What color is that?!?
 My oldest and youngest girlies. Oh I love them...

 Ethan lost a front tooth and the other is loose now! Big 1st grader!!!
 Travis brought the remote truck they've been working on together. It actually was really fun to play tag with it and watch it clear jumps they made.
 Taking a ride on the carts for the church dividers. You can tell we are having fun :)
 We decided to be spontaneous and head up to Altanta to watch the peach drop! Travis had never been. So the tower behind us is where the peach is. Really really crowded, but it was fun. We could have walked and talked all night.