Sunday, August 31, 2008

Family Pictures!

Alright fam--the pictures are all done!!--finally! I'm burning copies now and will send them in the mail tomorrow. In the meanttime, here's a sneak peek of my personal favorites...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Destin, Florida!

Last week we had the Sharp Family Reunion (my side) in Destin, Florida! It was gorgeous weather the whole week even with the threat of Hurrican Fay! (somehow it missed us?!) Travis got to be with us the whole week. It was awesome. We got to stay in the master bedroom and it was kinda sad when I came home to mine.:(
The kids had a blast with all their cousins, I hardly even saw them all week! ;) Aidrian cooed and smiled at everyone and was held mostly by my niece Makenzie, my bro Adam and my sis Meagan, although my other sisters wanted to hold her just as much--they just had other kids to run after! It was a nice break from my arms, but actually missed holding her all the time! It was so fantastic being with all my sisters and seeing their cute kids grow up. Yes, it was chaotic--16 kids and 14 adults will do that, but it was so much fun. Every night after the kids went to bed (passed out more like it) the adults stayed up to play games...well it was mostly the girls who played games and the guys watched the Olympics! The house was awesome--I didn't want to leave! Back to reality....
This is a super long slideshow, but I have thousands of more pictures! Hope you can sit through it! :)

I got to take family pictures out there, but I'm still working on them, so I'll post them later...

Waddle Waddle

I loved this video so I had to post it! Travis spent a lot of the time at the beach under the water with these flippers on! :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The places we've lived...

My friend DeAnn did this on her blog and I loved reading it! So here's a blast from the past for you! (hopefully you'll enjoy it!)

Peachtree City, Georgia (2001-2002) Met, Dated and got married in 2001. What an awesome year. Match made in Heaven, we say. Honeymooned in North Carolina, at a cabin in the middle of no where! Got Riley Cat as a baby, loved that little thing. Lived in the Summit Apartments, where the new wal-mart is in PTC. Had a one I was a wife and had to cook! Oh dear. Both worked for my dad...good times. Opportunity knocked and it was in St. George...

Favorite Things: Golf cart rides and scary bushes! Eeek! Borrowing my dad's Trans Am for date nights, Teasing Riley Cat, being newly weds, eating out, starting a new life together...

St. George, Utah (2002-2004)

Married for 8 months, we headed off to sunny St. George to start a new job building houses for Uncle Randy. We were so excited! Our first real adventure together! Drugged our kitty and he slept in the litterbox in the U-haul. Little did we know what an adventure it would really be...Travis cut off his thumb Sept '02 and we got pregnant Oct '02! Yikes! Found out we were having a girl...awwwww.

Favorite Things: Having our 1st Baby, Building our first Home, Living by Travis' grandparents and family, my my awesome job at the Cancer Clinic and making life long friend Linda, Riding dirt bikes and quads in ourbackyard (along the Virgin River) Hanging out with the Loris family, Pizza Factory breadsticks! A 4 Hr. car ride to my sister Emily!

San Antonio, Texas (2004-2005)

After Travis cut off his thumb, we decided to take another route with his career! My brother found us a job and we moved out there quickly. We could not believe how Texans thought the country ruled around them! They even had a burger at McDonalds called the Texas Burger. Also a special edition truck--same thing. I thought it was hilarious. Coming from dry heat to humidity was quite the adjustment! Kaylin was 8 months when we drove out there and we got pregnant with Ethan Chase!

Favorite Things: Sea World!--got teary watching Shamu and got to pet dolphins! Friends! Oh we loved our friends, they were so fun--BBQ nights BYOM! The Sharps! Living by my brother was great, Kaylin and Karinn were kindred spirits.

Sharpsburg and Newnan, Georgia (2005-present)

Moving here was a hard one. When Travis' brother Danen passed away, we came back to Georgia for the funeral and both knew we had to move here. It was rough at first, but we both grew stronger as individuals and as a family. Kaylin was 3 and Ethan was 4 months old when we moved to Sharpsburg. We moved to Newnan about a year later. Rollercoaster ride. Had Aidrian in 2008. Here comes the silver lining...

Favorite Things: Halloween, Living near grandparents and family, Making new friends--oh so fabulous! Chick Fil-A, Kaylin at Joy School now Kindergarten, A great ward and an awesome Bishop! A risk free pregnancy and healthy baby girl, Making a home and staying here...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Chin

I had to post these pics of Aidrian. She is growing so fast! Now 11 lbs!! I'm loosing my newborn. But she's been so fun lately with her "talking", smiles, coos and giggles. She'll sit in her bouncer shoving her fists in her mouth, squealing if she can't make them in, her eyes follow me around the kitchen and hollars at Ethan if he crosses the line. :)
This pic goes to show she's got "the chin". The other kids do too...I wondered if all my kids would get it--here's proof #3 does! :)


Thought this was cute...

Tummy Time

I had to record this! She just absolutely loves tummy time. I think it's hilarious because it pulls her chubby cheek and eye all funny, but I love hearing her noises and chit chat. This is at 11 weeks....

Sorry the Olympics were on in the background! I should have paused them! Oh well.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shoot the Hooch!

Here we are at the Chattahoochie River...Rachel, Jason and Brighton, Me, Kaylin, Travis and Ethan...and yes the other adults wore lifejackets too! I was just prepared--anticipating those rapids! ;) And we're off!
No, our boat isn't sinking...yet! Travis sat on the back to be higher up but then we started taking on water...Travis' ore broke (mine was hanging on for dear life with duck tape), Kaylin almost fell asleep (waking up for school at 6:45 does that...) and we spent most of the hour and a half dodging other rafts and tubes full of drunk college students!
But we made it and actually really enjoyed the 3 mile drift down the river! We won't mention all the rocks that scraped my butt off or broke my toes...Mom and Dad were there to meet us at our "finish line" ;) with the babies! Abby who scoots on her bum to her final destianations enjoyed sitting in the shallow cool water and Aidrian loved being held by Grandpa.

Let the current take you...

There was a nice little place along the way that had a steady soft current we floated down. Kaylin was dying to get in the water, little did we know how cold it was! (Ethan only went once) Travis said he had a death grip on his neck and made it impossible to swim--can you find Travis in this picture?? ;)

Yes, I had to document me going into any kind of water...But I had Rachel and Kaylin as my support group! Here I'm thinking..."do I have to "jump" in!?!?
Okay so it was COLD--a lot colder than our swimming pool or the bath water at Wedowee...holy crap! I absolutely love this picture and cannot look at it without laughing!!! It look like I'm screaming because I'm looking at a shark eating Rachel! Oh gosh I love it...
But I wasn't looking terrified the whole time! It was fun... (if you kept moving, so you didn't freeze!)

The Party's just begun!

This year the kids were old enough to want to buy a present for daddy all by themselves. We won't mention the fun we had at the toy store...but Kaylin got the most annoying remote control Jet (my idea at first...) and Ethan got a model car he could build with Dad. (although that took a little persuasion because Ethan really just wanted to by a toy for himself!) So okay, I bought Travis toys! Ugh! --The kids were still really excited! We went up to my mom and dad's house to meet Jason and Rachel (my cousin). Jason and Travis share the same b-day so we thought we'd party with them! We decided to go down the Chattahoochie River, then go to dinner and a movie--BATMAN! It was awesome. M&D have a theater that you can buy dinner and treats at the food court and bring it into the theater! Since we were late, that's what we did! Little did I know Chick Fil-a could taste so good while watching a movie! Travis got he biggest burrito I've EVER seen at Moe's!!
Below is a pic of my mom, Kaylin and Aidrian.
Aidrian loved Grandpa! Here she is "talking" to him.
The birthday boys!! Mom got a delicious ice cream cake from Coldstone! YUM! (notice the two pickers below!)
Happy Birthday!!!


Happy 29th birthday Travis!!!! What a crazy birth date this year! So Friday night we went with our friends the Leishman's and the Purdy's bowling. We took the kids and just had a blast. Yeah, forgot my camera again--grrrr. But we really did have such a great time! I guess the Leishman's go bowling often (I mean what else can you do in Idaho when it snows 85% of the time? har har)so their little boy Nash--who is 4--BEAT Travis and my scores!!! How pathetic! Oh well :) Kids get the gaurd rails--and at least we beat our kids!

A pic of Travis, David (just got his appendix taken out!! Doesn't he look in pain? No, he really wasn't, just loves me to take his picture!) and Tyson The girlies and babes...Baby Dade, Kenda, Melanie, Aidrian and me.
Who would have ever guessed he is 29 now!?
The cute kiddos. They play so well together! Nash and Kaylin have been best friends since we moved here, 3 years ago!!! (longest place we've ever lived since married!) Of course they had to go off and move to Idaho but when they visit those two just pick up where they left off. Mya and Ethan stopped the routy play to take a picture too.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Kindergarten Rocks!

Yep the day is here! Kaylin went to her first day of Kindergarten today. I took her this morning, but she rode the bus home. She was so excited. Never nervous, scared, sad...nothing. What a big girl! She wanted to pose! I have no idea....
When she got home I asked her how her day was, she replied, “Funable!” This was her big blurb about school today....she told me that she sat by a new friend named Halee and she played with her outside. She also made a new friend on the bus that is in her class but she can’t remember her name. :) She played in centers and learned about the class rules. She couldn’t eat her crackers at lunch because she took too long eating. She ate in the cafeteria! And for snack, her string cheese went bad so she only ate the applesauce. She likes her teacher, Mrs. Buttry, and she gets to go to PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays and needs to wear tennis shoes!
Big girl getting off the bus. Yep, she takes her rubberbands out...why bother?
All in all it was a great day. The house was more quiet, but we did miss big sister. Tomorrow she is riding the bus to school and I have to get up at 6:30 Eeeeek! No phone calls before 10 am please! (unless you want to speak to Oscar the Grouch!--and I am not only reffering to Ethan!)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Giving you a chuckle

Kaylin: I wish the grass was pink. It would look really pretty.

In talking with Kaylin about school, I asked, "What do you do if you need to tell your teacher something?"
Kaylin: Um, just raise my hand and say Teacher, listen! And then you ask your question!

Kaylin: Mom, you are a nice mommy today.
Me: Well thanks.
Kaylin: It's because I'm so good, right mama?
(smart girl!)

Grandma came to visit last week. Having a conversation about why Grandma couldn't eat the bread we made with our pasta....
Grandma: I can't eat the bread because it'll make my tummy big! I don't want to look like Santa, do you?
Ethan: yep! I want to be Santa! Grandma, what you gonna be?...Maybe a reindeer!?

Having Family Home Evening all Ethan wanted to do was wrestle with dad. We kept reminding him that would happen after the lesson. So this was part of his prayer...
Ethan: ...that we have fun and wrestle right now!....
at the end of the prayer...Dad: Good Job Ethan!
Ethan: see Dad, I pray we wrestle right now!
(like that would make his wish come true??)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Team Edward

My Friend Brittany and I made "Team Edward" shirts, just in case anyone wondered who we were rootin for! :) That night we were heading off to Barnes & Noble to get the book right after midnight. After we got our books we spent the night at her mom's house---no kids (except for Aidrian) and read until 4:45am! Although we didn't get very far because we kept talking or talking to our sisters. By 4 am I was reading so slow and kept reading the same line over and over still not understanding it! I'd say it was time for bed!

Breaking Dawn

This was our little group at the Barnes & Noble for the Breaking Dawn release. We had a good time!

Friday, August 01, 2008

So Cute!

My friend Mel gave Aidrian this darling headband. You can't tell in the pic but it really brings out her blue eyes. She's protesting that I put her down to take a pic....I love this cute little face!
So for the last 4 nights she has slept 8 hrs solid! Now I haven't got the timing right so that I get 8 hrs of sleep too (she'll do 9-5 or 10-6) until last night...since she was up for most of the Braves game, she was exhausted and she slept from 12-8am--perfect schedule for me! I fed her and she is STILL sleeping! YAY! I just might be a new woman when I have to wake up early to take Kaylin to KINDERGARTEN this WEDNESDAY!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh!

Braves Game!

Our friends Brittany and Jeff invited to a Braves Game with them! We got great seats, about 8 rows back from left field! There were a lot of homers hit right by us! Our friends the Bakes were sitting a section over and their son got one!

It starting sprinking, so Aidrian was nestled inside my anorack, cozy as could be! We never got rained out (as predicted) and surprisingly the rain made it nice and cool.

Aidrian was awake and alert mostof the game (besides her 30 min nap in my jacket) I love this pic--her yummy cheeks on that cute little round head! Kisses from dad...
Travis took this pic from our seats...goes to show how close we were! It was awesome!!

Missy girl smiling at Dad. She was such a good baby!