Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Children's Museum

Ethan's playschool group went on a Field Trip to the Children's Museum in Altanta. Ethan had a great time--so did Mika. The picture above, I absolutely love. This is in the baby section and this piano was just her size. She's actually dancing.
Below is Ethan and Garrett on the big tractor. Sometimes they would run off and the first place we'd look is here because they always came back to it. Those two boys were inseparable.
They had two train tables, one for littler people. Mika loved them. If you look at her mouth she's actually making her "truck" noise. Several bigger kids tried to swipe her trains and she would not let go of them and she'd yell the same yell she gives Ethan when he's in her space. It was hilarious.
Ethan controling a lift. He loved all the tractors there and spent a lot of time on each of them.
Me and the kids outside the museum. It was such a beautiful day!
Part of Ethan's class. We are missing two girls. The two on the end are younger siblings. The kids all had a great time. So glad we went.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A walkin' beauty

It has happened. She's walked more than 10 steps, stopped to change direction and walked some more. Usually she goes where she needs to and then falls. It's the cutest thing. We'll try to get a video soon.
Mika just out of the bath. I spike up her hair to let it dry but it always falls down when it's dry.
I love her pucker face.
She still only has 2 teeth!!!! I can't believe she can eat all she does with only two teeth. But I think she's getting more--hopefully.
She'll be turning ONE on May 16th. Whoa, this year has flown!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is gorgeous. One day--with out my kids, I want to really devour the city. I love the architecture, the trees, the charm. Above is a pic of me and my kids by the coolest line of trees.
Below are all the grandkids that were on the trip standing in front of the "waving lady" by the river.
These were the cutest tug boats. So cool.
There are 25 "squares" in Savannah. And 21/25 are still there. The squares are grassy parks with some kind of monument or fountain in the middle of each one. Old beautiful homes and churches surround the square. This is a picture taken of one of the squares. With the old light, the fencing and the trees, don't you think it's charming?
We took a trolley tour. I sat by Trevor. Mika was very disinterested in the tour. She kept trying to peel my sticker off or get off my lap. And I wanted to sit on both sides of the trolley so I could see everything. One of my favorite things we saw was a home that my parents house in Peachtree City was built after. It was gorgeous, but I have a lot of heads in the way. I also loved the homes with the wrought iron balconies, the Gothic churches, and the Pirate's House.
I got really hot really fast. My kids didn't last long, so we left about 3:30 to drive back home. Thanks Grandma for a wonderful trip and we miss the Sharps already!!!

Tybee Island Beach

While the Sharps were in town, we headed down to Tybee Island! Angie and Lily met us there too. We stayed in a condo right on the beach! This was our view from the room. We left the doors open at night to hear the waves.

Mika loved the sand. She was in heaven. I love this little face she's making. It's her "I'm so funny" face.
Kenzie was so cute with Mika. (all the Sharp kids were!) When we first got out there, Kenz took Mika down to the shore. The water was too cold for her though!
Me and Sarena soaking up the sun! It was windy so I didn't realize how hot it really was. I came home with red shoulders.
This pic was taken at 9:30 am, the sun is right behind Ethan and it was beautiful. I love all the pictures I took that morning. I hope Sarena puts them on her blog of Jared and Trevor along the shore. There were a few tidepools that Ethan loved playing with his trucks in. I'd say he was pretty happy on the beach.
I love this photo. There were a lot of seagulls and Mika started crawling towards one. I was surprised that the bird didn't fly away sooner. But I caught it started to fly away and it looked like it was going to charge at Aidrian! (don't you love that polka dot suit??)

Kaylin and Aidrian playing in the sand bucket.

More in Tybee

Mom and Sarena made some really great meals! Here are the kids enjoying it!

Mika was a very tired baby there...
The kids room was full of noise and fun!
We stopped by the Tybee Island Lighthouse. It was a very cute lighthouse. It was closed, but we still got some pictures there.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Sharps are here!

The Sharps came to Georgia for their Spring Break! We are so excited to have them here!!! My little fam went up to my parent's house this weekend to spend some time with them. Ang and her fam came on Sunday. A picture of Mika flying. She loves it and I love her face. Pure joy.
Mika's hair is crazy from the wind, but I love her little face. She's getting more confident in taking more steps. It's pretty cute. She warmed up quickly to the Sharps and I tired to disappear so they could have time with her. Makenzie was the winner, but she enjoyed Adam and Sarena as well. Very cute.
Here's all the girls with my brother. My mom, Angie, Lily, Adam, Makenzie, Karinn, Aidrian, Me and Kaylin.
This was the only time I would see Adam, since we are goign to the beach and he's going out of town with my dad. So I had to get a photo. This was the best one from my camera, I'm sure theirs turned out much better. But I still love it, it shows Adam's "true colors." :)
On Saturday, we rode the 80 around the neighborhood. Travis took up the quads, but unfortunately the closest place to ride was an 1 1/2 drive, and they had just spent the previous day inthe car for 16 hrs. So we just rode it around the culdesac. Trevor was the first on. I think he spent the most time riding. Makenzie, Jared, and Sarena all took turns too. I even did once. It brought back a ton of childhood memories!
Adam was the craziest--
but Ethan was the runner up. In this picture, Ethan is gunning the gas and Travis is grabbing the break so they don't smash into the mailbox. :)
Mika loved her joy rides. She was very content.
We are going to the beach this week. Stay tuned for beach posts!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

11 months old!!!

Aidrian is 11 months old this week. (the 16th) I can't even believe it. She's still so small and petite, but bubbling with personality. She loves going on the golf cart. When Kaylin is with us too, she loves to sit int he middle. Otherwise she's on my lap kicking her legs.
She loves being outside. She'll cruise around everywhere, happily taking a seat wherever she desires to stop and eat some leaves.
She mimics sound now, like when we say Hi, she hums the same tone. She also screams when the other kids do too. She squeals when she is happy or wants food. We are working on saying Please. She's learning how to wave Hi and Bye by curling her fingers. She loves Ethan's quads and crawls around while pushing one. She claps and loves her soft puzzles, pointing to pictures in books, drinking through a straw and will throw all food on the floor when she's thirsty.
This is for my friend Melanie. I love this outfit and got so many compliments on it. But she couldn't crawl, so she'd walk on her hands and feet, it was quite funny. And I didn't mind because then she didn't get the outfit dirty! Look at her feet, she's always on her tippy toes when she's standing.
We all have very cute relationships with Mika moo. She loves playing with daddy, she'll point at him and have conversations with him. She loves to wrestle with him and be tossed high in the air. She loves mom and squeals whenever I pick her up. She'll hug me and eat my shoulder laughing. She loves to pull my hair or poke my eyelashes when she's trying to nurse or go to sleep. When she's tired she rarely will go to anyone else. Kaylin is very sweet to her. Mika will get so excited when she sees her bus. She loves sitting on her lap or walking with her. Kaylin sits by her in the car and always makes sure she has toys or crackers. Ethan loves to play with her, but lately Mika has ruined his race tracks and steals his cars. He complains and fusses and it's hard not to laugh, as he is the ultimate destroyer. He takes time to walk with her and walways wants her to come outside with him. His favorite is to sit her on her walker and push her around like crazy.
My funniest moment so far:
Ethan put Mika backwards in his huge tonka dumptruck one day while they were outside. She was quite nervous and yelled at him a couple times untill he started moving. I wish so bad I had a video of this. Her little cheeks bounced around, her eyes wide with worry, but a slight look of delight as they raced around the yard. She'd yell at him when they went dowhill or turned. (Did I mention they were going fast?) I looked away for a moment and all of the sudden I see Ethan LETTING GO of the dumptruck pushing her down a small steep hill in the yard. I yell for Ethan to run and get her and she's flying down the backyard NOT slowing down. Her head and cheeks bobbling with the worriest look I've ever seen. I can't even write this with out laughing and tearing up. It was so funny. She comes to a stop and then full out cries. It was hilarious. He takes her out and I tell Kaylin to bring her back to me, as they are at the far end of the backyard. Kaylin puts Mika back in the dumptruck but on her tummy instead. Ethan races her back to me with a yelling Mika the whole way. Ahhh. That was funny. She puts up with so much, despite her protests.


Alright, I have been tagged. Now here is how it works. Go to the 4th folder of where you store your pictures. Then go to the 4th picture in that folder and post a story about that picture.

When all the Clarkes were home, I made everyone take family pictures so Vicki could update her wall. (my pic was horrible and missing all my kids!) So we brougt the tripod out to Starr's Mill and this is the 4th one. I'm 4 months pregnant.

(Sorry it took me so long to realize I've been tagged Maddie!)
I tag 4 people: Angie, Tami, Meagan, and Sarena. You better do it!!!

A bunch of Monkeys

We we ride the golf cart around the lake, there is a small playground the kids like to stop at. Across the path there are different exercise bars, this is for pull-ups, but they just like to climb and be monkeys.
Kaylin posing at the top.

Just hangin around. ;)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

We had a wonderful Easter Sabbath. This is our little family after church, so Mika is asleep and Ethan was a mess, but it was now or never.
While we had the kids in the bath, Travis was the sneaky Easter Bunny and hid their baskets with a toy and then all the eggs and candy around the backyard. The kids were so excited when we told them the Easter Bunny left things outside for them! Here are the two kiddos waiting for dad to cue up the Video Camera.
Kaylin with all her treasures. She found an egg that a squirrel had gotten into. She thought maybe the Easter Bunny shouldn't come at night and let the animals get her candy. (we didn't tell her it was only out there for 15minutes!
Handsome Ethan Chase. Instead of his normal spikey hair, we combed it to the side. He looked SO grown up to me, I couldn't get over it. He ran so fast around the backyard he tripped twice, but I don't know if he even noticed!
Mika got a soft puzzle. She loves it. It's a multi-purpose toy, it's a biting toy, a puzzle that can be pushed around like a car while crawling, and can be made into a block and she reaches her hands inside the missing puzzle pieces and I think it just might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'll have to video it. Oh yeah and she's taken 6 steps all by herself!!!!

Saturday Easter Egg Hunt!

We went to our church for an brunch and Easter Egg Hunt. The kids were so excited. It was a little chilly, but they didn't care at all.
Afterwards we went to an outdoor shopping Center to see the Easter Bunny. I'm only in this shot because Ethan was deathly afraid of the big bad bunny. Doesn't he look scary to you?? I love this pic because of Ethan's face....
Mika the flying baby. She LOVES being tossed in the air--at all heights. :) Notice she kept the egg in her clutch!
3 cute kiddos.

Had to get a picture with Travs. The day before we had just gotten back from our trip and we missed him soooo much! It's good to be home.
And with my cute Kaylin. She's such a cheeser. I love it. Did you notice, there's something new and different about my hair????