Monday, September 28, 2009

Enjoying the Fall Weather

It's been beautiful the last couple days--it probably won't last, because let's face it, we are in Georgia, so we took advantage of the 70 degree weather and went to the park all afternoon. We met the Butlers there. The kids had so much fun together. I know I have a million pictures, but I couldn't leave anyone out and we had some really great pics.

Have you ever found something you absolutely love and when you don't do it often, you miss it like it's a part of you that's gone missing???...That is me with photography. I had to take pictures today to release my creative outlet, what is very much a part of me. So, even though there's a ton of pics, try to enjoy it---it's one of my paths to happiness. Baby Rhese. He was so sweet, had a little cough and Britt rocked him like this and he fell asleep.

Britt took this of Mika and me. She was being so serene while we were there. Got some great shots of her....oh and this is for Brit Denney, my new hair cut, windblown and all....

Savannah Butler--birthday girl who just turned 4 yesterday. Look at those eyes. She's drinking some water.

I can't help but laugh when I see this pic of Ethan running. I named it: The Crazy.

Halle Butler, I named this one: The Crazy #2.--need I say more? :)

Mika enjoying the swing...

She came down the twisty slide and found her brother catching her. Cutest face ever.

Halle, love those big brown eyes.

Notice Kaylin's hair. She's not running, but it was windy. I LOVE it.

Check out Ethan and Aidrian's side pics too. They are new, from today. I love them...

Friday, September 11, 2009

A visit to Angie's

Yesterday Mika and I drove down to see Angie, Henry and Lily! We had a great time, I mostly hogged the baby and then took some photos of him. Lily was at her preschool for most of the time, but they both were excited to see each other and played really well! I realized they are only a year apart!

Snuggling up to the little guy. He was so fun to hold. I think he looks so much like my dad and Angie.

After I took some pictures of Henry, Mika decided it was her turn. I got the cutest pics of her!

This is my favorite one of Henry. It's like he's surrounded by angels or something. I love his cute face, he is so handsome.

Ang looked so beautiful. It was fun taking her picture.

This is my favorite one of the whole session.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labor Day Weekend- the campsite

Favorite place in the world for these Clarke crazies....We went to Lake Wedowee for Labor Day Weekend. We were lucky, it was cool, just a few sprinkles Sat night, the 2 older kids slept int he blue and yellow tent while the parents and baby slept in the other. Paka and Grandma went first to get the best spot on the island. Mika really warmed up to Paka. At one point she was reaching for me and I was bummed...then I realized I was holding the bag of marshmallows and she wanted one! After I gave it to her, she snuggled herself back down in Paka's lap.

The 2 little campers who love the lake! Kaylin was in the water most of the time, she loves it. Ethan loved digging on the shore and helping with the fire.

My favorite part was relaxing in Paka's huge comfy chair reading a book. Do I sound old??? It was great...

2 cute little sisters. Kaylin is so sweet to little Mika. They are warming up by the fire after a fun swim.

Mika was so content there. She'd dig on the shore, wade out to daddy, cuddle with mom, swing on the hammock with Grandma, and ride on the boat.

Labor Day Weekend- water play

Kaylin was awesome on the tube! She was such a champ. This is her and Travis' sweet Cousin Laurel that the kids call Yo Yo. They actually got the most air out of everybody. (No boys this year besides Travis and the "Old Men" to do the "extreme tubing) the only bummer is that it whipped her head down and she bit her tongue, so we had a few tears...scared or hurt? we aren't quite sure which one. :)

Travis is getting better and better on the wakeboard. I love taking pictures of him.

And yes, I even got in the water. It took me a bit to warm up to the idea, but it was nice to get in the sun and swim with my kids. Kaylin was my little sidekick most of the time, but we didn't get a picture. She would pull me around on the floaty calling me "your highness". Here, Mika is coming to say Hi.

My petite little babes could harldy keep anything on! :)

I love how the girls are both pulling the same faces...I have no idea why?

A friend Phil has 2 jet skis that he is so kind and let's everybody ride. So I took Kaylin and Travis took Ethan. Little man didn't like the adventure much, but who could blame him, Travis tossed himself off twice! Kaylin would squeal with delight right along with me as we cruised around Wedowee.

Travis even took Mika moo. He put her on alone at first and she cried thinking she would be alone on that thing. But once he joined her, she loved it. She sat so contently, but never lifter her hand to wave and mom and Kaylin who rode along side of her.

We had a great time. Looking forward to many Labor Day Weekends here....
(we missed all the Clarke siblings and cousins A LOT!)