Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mika's day at the Park

Aidrian loves to be outside. She loves crawling, but still takes her time looking at everything around her.
Angie, Lily and my mom came to Peachtree City to play with us on Thursday! It was a beautiful day, a little chilly, but perfect park weather. I love the pic above, Mika loves looking at who ever is holding her. Here we are trying to take a pic of the group, but I had to crop out the part where she's looking at Angie...

Ethan loves Mika moo. He always wants to be near her, holding her or "playing" with her. Here they are sitting a a big handicap swing together. I love this pic because he's kissing her and she's not fussing at him!

"So big!" We put these little mittens on her and she was quite cute with them. She ate them, hit with them and tried to take them off.

She loves the swing. It was hard to get a good pic because when the sun was in her face she sqinted up her whole face.

Here she's giving loves to Aunt Angie. I love this pic too. She loves giving hugs, burying her face into you.
Checking out Grandma....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Water Water Everywhere

Here are pictures of Travis powerwashing....the kids, I mean the patio. You can't see it very well but Travis is spraying up and the mist is drenching the kids. They came in dripping wet. Both of the kids tried it and it threw them back into the wall. It was pretty funny and we got a video but it wouldn't upload for some reason. Ethan was laughing hysterically the whole time, I call it his evil laugh. :)

A first for everything

Little miss Mika got her 1st bloody nose...the kids love "helping" her crawl. They'll pick up her feet and that means her head bonks down to the floor. This time it was a pretty hard bonk. You can see a little blood in her nostril--but she's still smiling....

Friday, January 23, 2009

The latest....

The latest ramblings of a 13 year old...I mean 5 year old.
Kaylin seriously cracks me up. How do they learn this jig and talk like a little valley girl??

On Fridays, Kaylin can bring a dollar on Fridays for ice cream after lunch.
Kaylin: Mom you forgot to buy me ice cream at lunch!
Mom: Oh no, did I forget to send money today?
Kaylin: Yeah I was like crying for my life.

"Ethan, stop talking about poop, I'm like gonna throw up."

"Oh mom, you startled me!"

kaylin: Mom, when are you going to make dinner, I'm like totally starving!
Mom: You are?
Kaylin: Yes, my tummy is saying, "I'm so hungry, feed me now!"

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Nope she's not diving into her bucket of toys, she knocks it over so she can climb on it! It's her stage! ;)
Here's proof of little Mika's new favorite skill. Although it's quite hilarious, she is a very distracted, delicate crawler. Doesn't B-line it like Ethan did, she takes her time, doing her tricks (the stand on feet and bouncing back and forth thing) then decides it's time to move again. When she reaches her destination, she then proceeds to crawl up onto it, bounce around, then tries to stand, usually resulting in a squeal and a fall. She only moves quickly if it's after something she really wants, like a book, mommy's sunglasses or laptop or the space heaters. I think it's too cute.

The Letter P

This boy keeps me guessing and guessing...or in other words, "Ethan, what are you doing?" In the picture above he's "cracking out of an egg." Makes perfect sense.

So each week at Play School Ethan learns a new letter. Last week was the letter P. Now THIS was fun! He could actually get away with saying a potty word and blame it on the letter P! Yes, he'll sing songs all day about the letter P giggling away until I ask him to stop....Ah boys.
Anyway, back to Play School....with it being the letter P, they did puzzles! Ethan's all time favorite. His teacher took these pictures. Notice what puzzle he picked....
These are his friends, minus Kate (who he adores). It was "P"ajama day. Ethan Chase, Ethan Michael, Garrett, Emily and Savannah. Cute kids.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A temporary move....

Just so everyone knows, we are temporarily moved. We came to the Clarkes basement until we can find a house to buy. We'll be using our cell phones and if you want our address, just email me. And if you are local, call me so we can play!!! I'm in Peachtree city now!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

She's a CRAWLER!

It may not look like in the pic, but she's actually moving forward now. A few days ago she'd just go backwards.
I was packing in the kitchen and she was so excited to be in the middle of everything. Cute little face...I'll get a video soon.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Are you ready for Monster Jam???

Last night we made every little 3 yr old boy's come true...well maybe not every little boy--but our son--for sure! Ethan's favorite show on TV is Monster Jam--he already has his favorites. Blue Thunder, Pastrana 199 and Grave Digger. (Grave Digger is the truck that gets the most hype--cuz he does some pretty crazy stunts.) Last night Pastrana 199 was in 1st place for the Freestyle event (at the end he flipped over and caught on fire!) until Mr. Escalade took it with only Grave Digger left. Grave Digger of course stole the 1st place, even though we thought Mr. Escalade was more entertaining.
Above: Grave Digger racing Blue Thunder.
Below: Pastrana 199

Yeah I'm lame and forgot my camera. Maybe it's packed...I can't remember anymore. So at least I had my camera phone....sorry the pictures are crappy. We were in the blood nose seats and actually THE VERY LAST ROW possible in the Georgia Dome, so you can see the black cinderblocks behind us. But we loved it, we didn't ever get beer spilled on us, or kicked in the head or back and I could actually nurse Aidrian with out anyone even knowing! Yes Mika came with us and she was great. Never cried once. She was clapping and cheerind, standing up and looking around.
Ethan was so excited. He was a little bored during the racing--they were SOOOO loud, I could feel the vibration in Mika' body! But she just stared at the trucks race, then clapped after. Intermission was the best part in Ethan's opinion. Cars raced with trailers on the back and you had to win with your trailer still on. People had put quads, a Harley, a barrel, signs and yes, even a port-a-potty on their trailers. They then had teams push a monster truck tire for a chance to win $1,000. Very entertaining! This pic was after the show, but the cutest happiest smile on bub.
After the show we walked down closer and there were Ethan's favorie trucks right there. From left, Blue Thunder, Grave Digger and Pastrana 199. How cool!!!

Friday, January 09, 2009

La Petite!

Sweet, sensitive, little Aidrian went in for her 5 months shots--yes, I'm that behind (she'll be 8 months next week!) She was a tiny little thing, weighing in at 15 lbs and 26 inches which put her in the 10% tile. But she's healthy and growing at her normal curve. (I love the picture above--soooo sweet. And the pic below just makes me laugh-she just woke up and was so excited!)
One fo the typical looks she gives Ethan. I laugh outloud everytime I look at this pic!
She is such a funny little babes. So tough and knows just what she wants, but then a tender little thing who cries at the proximity of her brother. She was happy and content with the nurse and the Dr....then they lay her down to measure her and she was all upset. Ethan says, "Mommy I scared for her" thinking she must be getting tortured hence the screaming...nope. I told him, "She's just, fine she's just mad..."
Little missy still loves her oatmeal with bananas. Gets upset when it's gone. Here's her sitting in her little booster with her classic look....
And she's noise, but she loves clapping. Then she'll grab her hands tightly together and knock then into her mouth, usually resulting in a furrowed brow and then she rubs them over her mouth to make the coolest noise in her opinion.

My growing seems way too soon to say she's 8 months old...

Monday, January 05, 2009

Cute Little Bug

Little Mika Moo is coming into her own cute personality. She's a sweet as ever! A big time cuddler, drooler, giggler, bubble spitter, tongue player and snorer. She's very curious and usually likes anything to play with that isn't an actual baby toy. She talks a lot, usually when she's supposed to be quiet...bah bah bah's and spitting is her speciality.
She's beginning to be a tad stranger shy. She definitely likes to check things out before she's okay with any situation. She's literally attached to my hip, or in the same room as me all day long. It used to be that she'd be okay if she could see mommy. Nope, now it's being held by mommy. I have to physically save her now. :) I love these pics, proof her eyes are still blue! She is already 7 1/2 months old and growing way too fast!!!

Puzzle Man

Ethan LOVES puzzles. We got him a couple for Christmas as he mastered all the puzzles we already had at home. This one below is a huge dinosaur one with 48 pieces. He's a pro!
I had to put that since I got in trouble from some people about graphic images of Ethan's pinky accident. So there ya go....
BUT THESE are MUCH better!!! His pinky is healing so nicely and looks so awesome!

It looks like he may even get some nail back!
He's a brave little guy--we are so proud of him being such a good sport through it all. And we are so happy it's growing back so good. yay!
Ethan called Daddy into the bathroom to wipe his bum.
Travis: I need your bum higher.
Ethan: But I'm on my tic tac toes!
Travis: Your tippy toes?
Ethan: Yeah, my tic tac toes!

ONE more bathroom laugh:
Kaylin: Mom! Ethan's coming in the bathroom and I need my private-seat! (privacy)

The New Year

So we are starting off the New Year with all sort of excitement! (Do you sense the sarcasm?) Some good, some bad and just plain busy. So there probably won't be a ton of posts (maybe still some!) in the next couple weeks as we are packing up the house, getting ready to move...just locally and only 5-10 minutes up the road, but unfortunately our land lords are foreclosing and not wanting to rush into buying a home (I didn't feel good about any I've seen so far) or make a "bad choice" as I say so often to my kids, we are going to rent for a little longer...
Lessons I've learned:
1. It's very hard packing with 3 kids at home all day (and one a baby trying to crawl and cries when I leave the room)
2. I dont' want to move ever again unless we BUY
3. I hate when it rains on packing days
4. Our nonverbal agreement of Travis not helping, just doing the moving part is officially NOT an agreement anymore!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I love my Friends....

For some reason (I can't figure out for the life of me) I can't get my pcitures off my camera, so I had to take this one from my friend kenda's blog...but the other night we went over to our friend's house the Purdy's. We just love them, I don't know why we don't get together more often. The Leishman's were still in town and they came over too. We always love it when they come into town to visit--my kids love Nash and Mya! Here are all the kids...Kaylin and Nash (both 5) Mya (almost 3) Dade (18mos) Ethan (almost 4) and Aidrian (she did have a cute little sweater on but it got soaked through...)The kids had a blast playing while us grown ups tried to yell over them! I took cute pics of Melanie, Kenda and I--but again they are stuck on my camera....So sad to see you go Mel! We'll miss ya!
Also I got a surprise visit from my cousin Rachel and her cute fam, so they came with us to the party for a little bit before they headed back up to Athens. We loved seeing them, even if it was a short visit and the kids always love to play with Brighton and Abby. Thanks for stopping by! ;)