Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We love Grandma!It was so great spending time with my brother. I've missed him so much. Saturday he took my mom and I out to lunch. We ate at the cutest little resturant called Little Red Riding Hood (or something like that) and everything was antique and vintage. Then he took us to the best donut place ever and I got a true Boston Creme! (we were in MA) Love you bro!
Before heading back on the road, we took some pics by Sarena's gorgeous flowers. The girls--we had such a great time together. :) And Mika even warmed up to Sarena in 3 short days!

The boys--
Sharps, you guys were so great, fun and hospitable. Kenz let me and the kids take over her room and bathroom--such a good sport!! She was a vagabond most nights. It was fun to talk about books with her and watching movies when the youngens went to bed. Jared was so gentlemenly to the girls, always protecting them. Trev was so helpful and I had a great time laughing with him. And Karinn was so sweet to all my kids. She shared and played with them all week. They adored her.

Kaylin's 7th Birthday!

Kaylin was so excited to be with her cousins for her birthday--even tho Daddy wasnt with us
We went to church, had a big brunch, opened presents, had cupcakes and then waited for some fireworks after grilling burgers!

Kaylin wanted these dolls so bad. They were on sale so we got her two so her and Karinn could play them together. She got some great gifts! One is a necklace from her daddy with a cat that sparkles.

Talking to her daddy on her bday....
Blowing out 7 candles!!!

Coloring with her new pastels from Grandma Wendy. Isn't her picture pretty?!

Connecticut Adventures!

Salmon Brook Park--the kids could not stop climbing the erosion. They had a blast. The water was so beautiful, clear and no Goergia clay! But it was freeeezing for these Southerners! :)
I couldn't believe Ethan was in that ice cold water. He loved it.

Children's Museum--
Me and Mika were on TV! :) Blowing Big Bubbles.

The Shadow Wall. We did a bunch of different funny poses.

Mika loved the water area. She was very determined to pour that watering can.

There was a little tractor Ethan loved "driving"

The "Doctors" fixing up poor Makenzie.

One of the favorites of the Children's Museum was this Curvy Climber. It's carpeted and the wires are string pulled really tight. They played tag for forever. Even Mika went up there (with me) and had a blast climbing.

Look Park---
Here are the kids at the Petting Zoo. They had lots of fun looking at this Peacock for a while. :) On the Paddleboats. Mika was born a worrier and things haven't changed. When the worker boy tried to put on her jacket she flipped out and wouldn't put it on at all after that and would not budge from my lap.

Grandma had the "boy boat" They all took turns paddling and the worker girl in the canoe had to tell them to "be careful" more than once....
The Aventurers!