Monday, August 24, 2009

The Crazies having fun...

Kaylin made a little home-made fort out of the toy shelf. Ethan was getting comfy inside it. We also made masks today. Ethan was a tiger and Kaylin was a kitty. They picked the paper. They had so much fun with these! (and so easy to make!)

Mika was happy Ethan was preoccupied to not see her steal away his truck. Here she is putting magnets on the car carrier and making "broom broom" sounds.

Masked Beauty

Mika was the tiger. She thought it was a pretty fun toy. She kept trying to get it on, so I finally helped her. Then she started playing peek-a-boo.

I love her little eyes peeking. The string was still around her neck, she was thinking it was "on".

There we go! She sure thought she was cute.

A Trick on Dad

So this is Travis on a Sunday afternoon, grilling hamburgers. Ethan was his little helper. He decided to go up on the deck above to see if he could see the smoke coming up through the wood slits. There was a big tarp in his way, so he yanked it away only to DUMP water on his dad below! I hear Travis yell something with the word Ethan in it and came running by the door, Mika starts crying (she was already scared of the BBQ but wanted to be outside) and then I hear this evil chuckle. It continues even after Travis says he's going to get him back... Now I don't have a picture of Travis' head dripping with water, I chose a towel instead of the camera, but then promptly came out to take a picture of this scene.
Here Travis is telling Ethan how "he got dad good" and he's going to get him back. Ethan giggles and runs up to the deck looking for some more water. Kaylin comes out to see what is going on and Ethan comes back down to tell her to stand "right here" and then runs up to the deck. Thankfully he didn't find anymore water on the tarp.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What does a 15 month do?

1. Try on dress up shoes and walk around like you own the place. 2. Take off your skirt and go into the outside kiddie pool with your older brother, steal his monster trucks and get sopping wet from head to toe. Then poop with no swim diaper.

3. Climb on the table to get to your big sister's markers. Try to be discreet, if caught, act like nothing happened.

Climb and walk on the table whenever possible. Make a big mess and then put whatever you find in your mouth.

Jumping Beans

Yesterday my friend Britt and I took our kids to Jump 2 it. It was a much needed trip! Above is Kaylin, Savannah and Ethan. I don't have a good pic with Halle too, but they all slid down together and Savannah and Kaylin smashed into eachother...Kaylin's front teeth going into Savannah's head...they were just fine after hugs from moms and asking if each other were okay.

Kaylin was off on her own for half of the time. I caught her in this little place singing about "never being outside before"--such an imagination!
Ethan is so roudy after school, we needed this place badly. He had a great time and ran arond everywhere. It was awesome to let him release all that energy! I may have to turn my backyard into one of these things...

Mika is officially not scared of big plastic things! There was the little place that looked like a castle that she loved. I thought these pictures were so cute and showed how much fun she had!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby Rhese

My best friend Brittany's baby is finally home! He spent a week in the NICU...I came to over to spend some time with Britt and hold her new baby Rhese. He was so sweet. Loved to be cuddled. He had a moment where we he was very alert, so I started snapping away. Britt put him in this rocker shirt, and with his dark spikey hair, it was the cutest thing. These two of him are my favorites.
Mika was very interested in him too. But she mostly wanted to be involved with the picture taking. :)

Here's me and Rhesey. He was so fun to hold and was such a sweet baby. Mika took a nap at Britt's house so I got my fill of holding him! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1st day of SCHOOL!

Monday was Kaylin's 1st day of FIRST GRADE! I still can't believe it. Poor girl has to wake up really early to catch her bus at 7:15. She has the same teacher this year and most of her friends stayed in her class as well so she was VERY excited! Below is a picture of her friend Bailey and Kaylin in the first row like they did last year. You can't really see them, but I thought it was a fun picture that my friend sent me.

My little man Ethan is off to Pre-K this year. Now this I can't believe! He was SO excited! Mika was behind me making him laugh, he was such a giggle bug in the car. He told me all the things he was going to do that day, it was so cute. But then when we got there, he was totally and completely shy...but he had a good day and he made some new friends playing outside and stayed quiet on his rest mat the whole time! What a big boy!

Old Man's Party

Yep Travis turned 30 this year!!! I wanted to throw a huge laua but so much was going on that weekend, we just invited some friends over for cake Sunday night. We got the fabulous cake at Publix and the kids helped me put on the candles. WHOA!

Isn't he a cute birthday boy?

Mika enjoyed the cake very much! ;)

This was the gang that came. We love our friends! Thanks for coming! We sure missed the ones who couldn't make it either.
Brock, Garrett, Maddie, Eric, Caroline, Earl and Dixie Randall, David and Dade, Brit and Ethan, Kenda up at the top, Travis, Mika and Kaylin, Adam, Claire, baby Matthew and Dehl, Allie, My dad, Lily and my mom, Niel, Bailey, Luke, Kindra and Brooklyn.

A perfect day for the birthday boy....

Other than riding his motorbike, Travis loves the wakeboard whenever he can. I took the camera out and tried to get some pics to show off Travis' skills! :) Our friend David came out with us to drive for him. Thanks!!! (and double thanks cuz I dropped his and my cell phone in the lake! ooops!)

More at the lake...

Mika loves steering the boat. This is her cute new smile, before we left for the lake....Below is Mika on the boat with crazy hair! :)
My niece Allie spent the weekend with us--Allie and Kaylin had a great time on the tubes! This was the fastest Kaylin has ever been! They were squealing, laughing and screaming the whole time! But they NEVER fell off or cried. They had a blast!

Monday, August 10, 2009

New Baby Henry!!

Meet me new little nephew Henry Jackson Hayes. Is that an awesome name? He is SO cute and calm. I wanted to hold him all day! Above is my favorite picture of this little guy. He was so sweet holding on to his mama's hands. I'll let Ang post the other pics I took of him if she wants...
Below is a pic of Kaylin and Henry meeting...Kaylin says: Oh I think I'm going to like this baby." And then sings quietly to him..."my child, i love sweet child, i love you...." It was so cute...he actually spit out his passy and fell asleep!

Grandma Wendy, Allie (my niece) 3 of my kids AND Lily bug all went to the pool so I could be with Angie (the new mommy of TWO!!!) and sweet Henry babes. It was great to have him all to myself most of the time! The kids all had fun with Super Grandma, but as soon as they got back Ethan was begging me to see Henry. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of them together....So here they are, Kaylin, Allie, Lily, Ethan and Mika. What a bunch of cute kids!!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Coolest Fort

So I wake up around 9--yeah a little late, but Mika was snoozin and I took advantage of it. But the house is way too quiet for anything good. I look for the kids, can't find them. Oh well, I'll make some phone calls. Then I hear thundering foot steps coming down the stairs and they shout with excitement they have found the perfect branches for a fort! BUT they need help to build it with "no saws or nails." Hmmm. This could be tricky. I go out to the front yard feeling optomistic, I was an excellent fort builder when I was young. We drag all the branches to the back yard and I start building it against Danen's tree. This is how it turned out. It's almost like a dome shaped hut made from leaves with one opening, where the kids are. Mika was even in on the fun. We were all disgustingly dirty so up to the bath we went!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Texas Ski Ranch

Wednesday we went up to the Texas Ski ranch. It's a wakeboarding complex with lines that pull you around a lake with jumps and sliders. We left the older 4 kids with a babysitter and took the babies. It was soooo windy, so Mandee and i headed over to the Outlet Mall about 5mins away. Then we find out travis was jumping over all the ramps and doing tricks! So no pics of that....