Monday, November 30, 2009

Let's Play!

We spent some time at Todd and Heathers and Mika really bonded with Adam. Here he's teasing her with a muffin...

We went to a park ont he most freezing day! But the kids were cold at all, they were playing a huge game of TAG. Mika was a happy camper, Kenzie swung with her most of the time.

Me and Meagan--right then it was actually hailing. Brrr!!! Luckily Meagan had some extra coats for me!

In all things Give Thanks!

Meagan and Chris hosted a wonderul turkey dinner!! The empty chair is for Mika who was taking a nap... Here is Ethan helping Aunt Meagan with the rolls....(he did a prety good job--rolls were a favorite!)

Kaylin loved these dolls that Meagan entrusted in her care while we were there. Here's Kaylin in the best seat of the house--the massage chair!

Fun in DC!

So me and the kids drove up with my mother-in-law Vicki to Virginia to see my sister Meagan an her husband, and Vicki was going up to spend time with Travis' sister Breezy. My brother and his family drove over from CT to visit his wife Sarena's brother and sister as well. So we met up and drove to DC for the day. We had so much fun!!! We were all so tired from traveling, but you can't pass up a day in that city.
My brother Adam and I at the Washington Monument. Me and Mika just outside the White House. Isn't that tree gorgeous????

Walking back to the cars from the White House....

Mika loved my brother Adam. Here she is snuggling up to him in the Museum of American History.

My oldest nephew, Trevor had a Scout Merit Badge for collecting coins, so we went on a tour of the Mint. It was awesome and totally smelled of new money...
Trivia of the Day: Does money grow on trees??
Answer: No!! It's made from Linen and Cotton! (no wonder it wrinkles!)
Here are all the cousins wrestling in the waiting hall to go on the tour...

Trevor giving Ethan a shoulder ride...

Outside the Museum of Natural History--the big ol' group. Here Todd and Heather were with us!

Actually taking a potty break--these girls were tired and sat down. Mika plopped right in between them and then were joined by Jared. So cute.

I could post 100 more, but those were the highlights! Thanks Sharps for such a great day!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Star Student

On Monday Ethan came home with a special assignment! At school he is the "Star Student". He told me it's because he sits criss-cross applesauce, raises his hand and sleeps at rest time. He's so excited about it. His teacher wanted him to make a poster about all his favorite things. Here's what we made... He is so proud of it! He helped me a lot. The border is sparkly black paper that looks like shiny pavement. We made it into a race track. He's been putting his cars on it all day. Other favorites are red, black and blue as colors, hot dog, apple juice and sauce, strawberries and m&ms for food, Monster Trucks, camping at the lake, our Family, Zoo animals and fav vacation was Sea World in Texas.

Sleeping Beauties

While Travis and I went to a fireside, Grandma Clarke watched the kids. She said Ethan was all riled up so he got booted out to the couch. She also said Mika wanted to snuggle up with Kaylin. So when we came home, this is what we saw. It was so cute!!!! We actually left her there and wanted to see how long she would stay asleep. She ended up waking up at 5 ready to play.... :)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Rock Ranch

We had a wonderful day at the Rock Ranch. It's this awesome fun-filled place owned by the Chick Fil-A owner. We met the Hayes' and my mom came with us too. Here's the clarkeys on a cow bench. :) (this is right by the train and petting zoo.) They have these tunnels that go underground. Kaylin-

And Ethan-

Kaylin of course wanted herface painted....

They had these tractor bikes. I went on a single one with Mika, but Travis took all the older kids on a ride. Ethan started helping out with the pedaling, then they switched some of the way and Kaylin ended the trip. Travis was in charge of the steering and it was crazy!! Although I couldn't find the brake and when I go off the worker said "Wow, I've never almost been run over by an adult before!"

Waiting for the tractor bikes. Isn't Mika getting so big?? Well, she's still tiny, only 19 lbs, but she her hair is getting longer and she's talking so much. I love it. It was a gorgeous day. We were all hot in our long sleeves and wished we had our flip flops. Travis actually got a red neck (suitable for where we were...) and Ethan and Kaylin got pink cheeks! In November??? Really???

On the cow train, Mika rode with Kaylin. The took a long circle pretty slowly and when they came back around, this is what we saw....
Getting lost in the corn maze. We had a lot of fun. If you look closely, I'm holding Mika --her hand is wrapped around my back and she is fast asleep....

Coolest truck ever. I took an awesome pic of it from the other side, but the bench to take pics was in front of it. It wasn't a monster truck or anything and Ethan didn't think it was very cool at all, but he looks so cute in this pic.

Sweet Kaylin and I, walking out. We were sitting on a rock right by a beautiful creek.

A little fishie around here....

At one of the fall festivals we went to Kaylin "fished" and actually got a fish!!! Of course Ethan wanted one too so I went to the Pet Store and got the bowl, gravel and 2 more fish while the kids were at school.
Goldfish totally discust me, and one has already died (without the kids' knowledge yet---soooo discusting!) so I'm waiting for the day when they all die and we can get a Beta Fish (less dirty and low maintenance)
But for now we are Pet Owners! Yay for mom.... ;)

Monster Trucks!!!

Today they had 2 monster trucks there. I don't know who was more excited, Travis or Ethan. But you could pay 5 bucks to go on a ride. I can't look at this with out laughing at Travis' thumbs up. Hee hee! Waiting to go....
They also had a couple shows where a red truck smashing cars and pumpkins. Pretty cool I'd have to say.
I didn't put any of Mika on the jumping pillow and she was so cute on it. She had a blast. It was sooo bouncy. I even got bounced a few times!

And they all fall down!!! It was so fun watching the kids on here.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


We had a full house on Halloween! Travis' cousin Devon, his wife Heidi and their 6 month old Bronson (the dragon) are in town (YAY) and Jeff's brother, his wife Ginny and 2 yr old Charlotte (pink bunny) came with us and our friends the Butlers, Trick or Treating. All the kids--from left: Charlotte the Bunny, Mika the kitty, Rhese the Goblin, Ethan aka Wolverine, Savannah and Kaylin as black cats, Bronson the Dragon and Halle the cat.

We took the golf carts int he freezing rainy night. Here is Mika...she was a door stopper! (Travis was always the last one at the door...)
We drove past the spooky corner. This guy had gone all out. It was his backyard that backed up to the golf cart path. He had a spooky costume and stood there with the candy bowl. I was proud of all the kids though, they were so brave! That man hanging--his legs will all of the sudden go crazy kicking. It's freaky.

Another spooky house--the kids all loved it. Here's the cemetary part.

Baby Bronson was all tuckered out. He was so cute!!!
We stayed out for about an hour, and came home all freezing and wet! It reminded me a lot of my childhood Seattle Halloweens! Yuck!


We went to another Trunk or Treat with our friends the Butlers. The kids had so much fun. Here they are dancing to the Monster Mash. Our group at our "trunk". Kaylin got her face painted yet again as a whole butterfly on her face. Lovely.

Always have to have a goofy pic....

Travis and Mika aka Bobby from the 50's and Black Kitty

Mika dancing with Savannah...

Travis and Brit...
Ooooh La la!