Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just a few

Just a few from the pumpkin "search"....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Festival

We went to Kaylin's school fall festival yesterday. It was pretty chilly, but I don't think it mattered to these fun-loving kids! Kaylin got her face painted as a butterfly. Travis has been such a great help to me lately, I got hit with a bad cold with a fever on friday and was totally out of it all weekend. He's such a super-dad!

As you can see Kaylin is walking on air--she was soooo happy.

The great thing about the festival was everything was priced decently. Pizza was 2$ and cotton candy was 50 cents. Here Kaylin is showing her love for pizza.

She loves going on rides, even though she went alone, you would have never known, she had such a blast!

Ethan loved all the blow up fun! I think he jumped in one for 20 mins strait. No lines, it was awesome. Here he's going down the slide.
And Kaylin on the slide. Because we got a wristband, they all got free tickets to adopt an animal, so Kaylin picked the pink bunny. Ethan got the cat from Shrek and Mika got a doggie.

Ethan enjoying the cotton candy. They made it right there on the spot.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So today the Director of Ethan's school, stopped me and leaned close to me and said:
Do you have any idea how many girls are in love with your son?

I had no idea how to respond, I was not expecting that!

I'm not quite sure if they love him for this cRazY side.... Or his handsome side....

Or his shy side...

But it's quite funny when I drop him off to school and the girls will say, "Hiiiii Eeeethannnnn". (He gets so embarassed.)
One time a cute little black girl who sits next to him told me, "Ethan is so funny, he drives me crazy he makes me laugh so hard!" A different time we are leaving and another girl says goodbye to him and her mom says, "Oh thaaaat's Ethan!"
Hmmmm.......I think I may have a heartbreaker on my hands! :) Right now he just burst into a song from Wicked that says, "My face is flushing..."and then of course he changes all the words to say something with some kind of potty word...then to smile that smile and say, "ooopsie, that was an accident."

Big Squeeze

Took this today on our way to the park on the golf cart. The kids plastered themselves to poor Mika (who is feeling under the weather at the moment) but it turned out so cute, I had to post it.

The Water Heater

Yep, Kaylin's story/picture tells it all! We came home from the fair, gave the kids a bath (thankfully) and the water heater burst. Water came gushing into our ktichen and down the hall to the table....Nooooo! I was not a happy camper. Travis went to work immediately, Ethan just stared, and Kaylin got her pencil and paper and went to work. I thought it was pretty dang cute.
For those of you who can't read it is says:
It was leaking in the kitchen
a pipe was loose
It leaking all over
We don't know what pipe
then a picture of Travis saying Oh No! He is standing on the square which is the floor and the water heater is on the right leaking water.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

County Fair!!

Tonight we went to the Coweta County Fair. Unfortunately it was pretty darn cold here in the south. Right now it says it's 45 but feels like 37. Now that's cold for a southerner!! :) We still had a great time though. Here is Travis and the kiddos at the petting zoo. I was bummed Mika was so shy with the animals, she really loves them but when she was in her stroller a cow put his head through the gate and tried to eat her sleeve! Whoops! Maybe she won't mooo all the time anymore... Kaylin followed Smokey the bear until he realized she was asking him for a picture. He was cute. They gave her a frisbee thing, that's what's on her head. The other two kids wouldn't go near him. When he waved at Mika she hid into Travis shoulder about to burst into tears.

Love these two's blue eyes! Aidrian was inthrawled with all the lights. She kept pointing at them everywhere.

Not the best pic, but here are the two older kids on a rollercoaster. They had a blast!!!

Kaylin was "dying" to go on a spooky rollercoaster. (ha ha) It was pitch black inside and we sat in this little cart with out any buckles. Red light, with loud noises and scary skeletons were the highlights. :) I think I screamed more than she did and I even heard her chuckle at me a couple times. Here's us making "scary" faces, but I look like I'm not one who is scared huh?

This girl is after my own heart, she loves cotton candy-it's gotta be pink too!!!

Travis caught a "momma moment" watching Ethan on a car ride. I love how it shows the fair in the back, so fun. Kaylin and I were "dancing" to try to keep warm and Mika was trying cotton candy. :)

Bubby is so shy, this is the best pic we have of him all night! At least it's in a flashy blue car tho!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Brett and Sarah's Wedding

Our good family friends got married this past weekend in Orlando, Florida. We flew Travis' sister Breezy out from DC to watch all 3 kids while Travis and I drove the 7 hrs down to see Brett and Sarah sealed in the Orlando Temple. I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable road trips we've had in a loooong time!!! We blasted music, sang at the top of our lungs, did impersonations and I bellowed the whole soundtrack to Wicked.

Don't they make a cute couple??? The sealing was soooo sweet. It was very special and we were so glad we were there.
The temple was so gorgeous. It was a beautiful sunny day but SO HOT!! It was 90 degrees and so muggy you walked outside and began sweating in more places that you would like to know! Travis and I enjoyed having the weekend off as parents and just be a couple. We had such a great time together, loved talking and laughing all night. We splurged and got a nice hotel for 2 nights, it was awesome!

This was the grooms side that was at the Wedding. It's a tiny pic, sorry! On the left you can spot Aunt Christina and Uncle Paul, then Brad ad Vicki. We are on the other side by the bridesmaids.

Brett asked Travis to stand-in for Danen. (Travis' little brother Danen was one of Brett's best friends. Brett was there when Dane died) The pic below shows off both of their nubs! Brett has 2 fingers that are shorter and Travis' thumb is missing. Perfect photo op! ha ha

Okay there is a really funny story that goes along with this picture....After a small ring ceremony, they held a reception at the hotel. They fed us a really great meal, had lots of toasting and we had a blast dancing. At one point Travis looked over at this cute down-syndrome girl who was dancing alone on the dance floor. She walks right over to him and puts out her hand. Of course Travis takes it. They go around in a huge circle around the dance floor. This is their conversation:
Girl: You're cute.
Travis: Thanks.
Her dad comes up to "rescue" Travis saying: Can I cut in?
Girl: Go away! Scram!
Her dad: But he's a married man!
Girl: Shut up!
Girl: I'm going to put my head on your chest now.
They dance for quite a while, it was one of the highlights of the night!
Congratulations to the happy couple!! We love you guys and are excited you'll be in our ward!
I'm bummed we didn't get any pics of Breezy's time with the kids--they all had a great time. Thanks so much Breez, you are the BEST!

Monday, October 05, 2009

St. George Island Get-Away!

My sister Meagan and her hubby Chris were coming to GA! So mom had a fabulous idea of going down to the beach for the weekend! The Hayes' came down too. This is one of the views from the house. The weather was perfect, the house was perfect, we had such a great time. Me and baby Henry...Angie's new babe. He is soooooo handsome!
Movie night! Monsters VS Aliens. You decide which is which on the couch.... hee hee

For quiet time Kaylin was allowed to read by the pool with Grandma. But when quiet time was over, that fish was back in the water! Grandpa would go in with her (even though it was freeezing!) Here they are having a big splash war. Gpa would go to town and drench her, she'd hold her hand up and yell Stop! And then coax him closer to her so she could splash him back, usually ending up hitting him on the head with her mini boogie board. It was so fun to watch.

Mika was our human ostrich. She loved putting her head in the sand!

This is her huffy puffy face. I love it. Check out those eyelashes!

Ethan and Lily had such a fun time together. Even when I thought Bubs was a bit too rough for Lily, she was laughing hysterically. She calls him "Bubby" and therefore I am Bubby's Mommy, Aidrian is Bubby's baby and Travis is Bubby's Daddy. (She doesn't know what to call Kaylin yet) Needless to say, we heard those names MOST of the trip! It was so cute!--Oh this pic is Angie pulling these two on a boogie board after Ethan took Lily around for a while, she fell constantly and was non-stop giggling.

We found all sorts of sea life; little fish along the shore (like this poor dead one with no eyes Ethan pointed out) a school of fish Chris and Travis swam out to, lots of sand crabs in all different sizes, a big stingray and baby one--both at different times, groups of porpoises and even bottlenose dolphins! Sadly Ethan would not venture out with Daddy to see all these creatures after he saw crabs come OUT of the ocean and then seeing the big stingray swim by, but yet he wanted to hold a dead fish....hmmmm.

Travis built a big trench for our amazing castles and Ethan and Lily decided to sit in it. Travis and Andrew came by dumping water on them and they giggled and squealed with delight. They loved it.

Kaylin was out in the water most of the time. She was quite bored when no one would go out with her. But she was always in some imaginary play.

Here is a picture of Travis near a bottlenose dolphin. He said they were still 20 feet away, but they looked super close to us back at the shore! There were about 3 of them playing and smashing their tails on the water.

Chris was Kaylin's little swim buddy. He sure got an earfull which he did not disclose. :)

I mostly sat and watched all this going on, enjoying taking pictures, but Chris and Travis took a few of me so I could prove I was there! I do have a couple of me IN the water, but they didn't make the cut.

I wasn't planning on taking pics, but how often to you get to go to the beach with perfect weather?? My mom wanted an update of a family picture anyway, her last one was when Mika was tiny. So we don't match--well kinda if you call jeans, blue, hot pink, white and gray matching....
Me and My Love. Isn't he a hunk? ;)

I don't know which family picture I like best....The kids are cuter in this pic, but I'm not a fan of me...my hair, yuck.
So make your vote: PICTURE 1?

or PICTURE 2? I love it in Sepia!! (then you can't tell we aren't matching! ha ha!) And I love this background and my hair! :) I can crop it closer too....hmmmm.

Taking a pic with Meagan and Chris... (meagan is 6 months pregnant, having a girl!)

Wanted one of the girls that were there with Mama Sharp. This was one of the few that didn't turn out crazy! :) This was a view from one of the balconies...so pretty....

I believe everyone needs a goofy shot...brings out so much life, dontcha think?

Thanks M&D for such a wonderful trip!!!!! XOXO