Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pretty Girlies

It has been the nicest weekend!! It's been pretty chilly for the south, so the sunshine and warmth was very appreciated! I have gotten these cute spring dresses for the girls and was waiting for it to start getting warmer and Kaylin insisted on wearing today. :) We curled their hair (even Mika's thin little wispy hair.)

 Kaylin is growing way too fast. I wish she would stay small forever, but she just gets more beautiful and beautiful every day. :)

Mika Moo is my little monster right now, but boy do I love her. She's hilarious and oh so opinionated. She is eating a granola bar and this is the best shot I got.

Fun Visit

My sister and her two kids and my mom came to my house for MLKing Day. What do you do on a cold rainy day? We ended up going to McDonalds who had a huge indoor play place. 

Henry was hilarious. He was so smiley...

 Grandma Wendy with 2 of her grandsons. What handsome little guys...

 We also tried the park, it was drizzling, but they still had fun. Lily has her bike helmet still on. :)

These two girls are so much alike. It's so fun to see them play together. Here they are coloring one of Kaylin's princess puzzles.

And building a "fort" in Ethan's bed with the cat, Fox. 

My mom had the camera and she caught a moment with Travis and I. I thought it was sweet cuz I don't get many pictures of us in a "moment". :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

We had an unexpected snow day here in the south! Boy was it freezing for our warm blood. :) So after some snow, we had lots of freezing rain that kind of just turned everything to ice. That does not mean the Clarkes can't have fun!

 Travis went into work (although his techs weren't there, he did some catch up work) so Jocelyn and her husband Garret came with Laurel to sled with us. And what's sledding with out a car hood?

Kaylin adores Laurel (they call her Yo-Yo) We walked over to the boat ramp and they would plow down that hill, usually falling off the siding before they got to the bottom.

Mika loved the snow. She is usually so cautious and worried. But today she was on a sled or the car hood the whole time. She was soaked through her 3 layers, poor thing. 

Ethan was a little dare-devil. He tried his bike...

And the wakeskate....

 But his favorite was at the boat ramp. He'd fly down that hill. This sled is so cool because it has brakes, which is very useful since at the end of the hill is...the lake!

This is my favorite pic of the kids on the car hood. This thing would fly down the snow/ice. Pure Joy.

Travis finally joined us at 3pm. He couldn't even go inside to eat or change, the kids bombarded him with stories and asking him to come down the hood with them. Of course he invented a new game of spinning...

Here is Kaylin spinning. She definitely went the fastest.

I didn't get many pics of Travis with the kids, we mostly used the video camera. So here's one of him snuggling with the kids after a long cold day out in the snow. 

I joined in the coziness too. 
We just found out school is closed again tomorrow. I'm a little worried since all the roads are about 2 inches of solid ice...we'll be stuck here for sure. Hopefully Travis can be stuck with us! :) It'd be nice if we could get a little more snow....

Little Family

My friend Kenda made these pillowcase dresses for the girls, so what started as showing off the dresses turned into a little family photo op :) 

I love this photo because it shows the kids personalities so much!!

Mika adores her Dadeeee. ;)

Our kitty Fox wanted in on the photos too. You can hardly see him, just a big black fuzzy thing, but I love Kaylin's beautiful face in this picture.

Kaylin and Mom --I'm 20 weeks in this pic. Feeling pretty good and feeling the baby kick lots!

She's such a goof ball!:)

Monday, January 03, 2011

New Years, Reception and Family

We had some fun kid stuff for New Years before they headed off to bed...we had a PiƱata and Root Beer Floats, games and fireworks. Some more friends came later on and the kids had a blast!! These are the only pic I got though...

 Mika finally feels better now! Yay! I love her crazy happy face! She loves candy!

Brandon and Stacey's reception was a lot of fun. Really great food and fun company. I love these brothers--they have so much fun together...

I'm excited to have another sister in the Clarke fam. Stacey is great, talented and beautiful. (don't we sound so much alike?! hee hee) She's a perfect match for Brandon who I love dearly like a brother. They are a great couple.

My parents came to the reception too. Mika was glued to Grandma Wendy, it was fun to see her so happy and social.

 They are heading out to Utah for a few months and will be back in the summer. Ethan just adores Brandon and is very sad to see him go. (he'll have to find another PlayStation buddy)

Mika is quite the little snob when it comes to making friends with adults. But it was Brandon and Stacey's goal to get Mika to like them before they left. They succeeded!! She loves both of them so much. She's wearing the hat they gave her for Christmas.

Jocelyn did our toes--Glitter Toes. They are so fun!! She did mine the other night and Kaylin just about died when she saw mine. So Jocey did hers and Mikas. It was so cute. Thanks jocey!! (eek my white feet!!)

 Here's Kaylin with Max the Lobster getting her Glitter Toes done....

Jocey and Mika with her Glitter Toes!

A little bit of Wedding....

Monday the 27th we headed up to SC for Brandon and Stacey's wedding. It was pretty chilly, some snow still on the ground in the shaded parts, but a beautiful day. The Sealing was so sweet and felt so much love between them. 
I have to admit, I wasn't crazy about the bridemaids dresses (I felt like a tent) but with all of us together, I thought it looked pretty good. I didn't have my camera out, so most of these are from Renae's camera--candid shots. 

I kept my little jacket on as long as I could...but I was still freeezing!

Jocey and I with our flowers....

Cute little girlies. Kaylin and Lana are friends at church and school so they were very excited they are now "family". Lana's dad is Stacey's brother and Kaylin's dad is Brandon's brother, so we aren't quite sure what to call the kiddos, so we just say cousins....
Emma, Kaylin, Lana and Kate.

 Lana, Kaylin, Kate, Emma, Ethan and Luke

Emma and Kaylin. Emma lives in St Simon's so we don't get to see her as much as Kaylin wants to. They are great little buddies.

I love this girl Jocelyn. Her and her husband Garett moved to GA this summer and it's been a blast palying games with them and date nights. She grew up best friends with Brandon (her cousin) and was also really close friends with Stacey.