Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The World According to Ethan

We write Travis' brother Brandon who is on a mission in India every week. I thought it would be fun to write a funny quote from the mouth of his mini-me in the subject line.

Here are some of the favorites:

"I remember when Heavenly Father created us."
That peaked my interest until the rest came spewing out.
"He just went "boop" and we were home. Like that."
Deep doctrine right there. Watch out. :)

"Do you think a monster truck could smash a firetruck?"

"I wish my name was tiny. That is a cute name."

"Mika is a funny baby. I want to keep that baby."

"Mom, my teacher said you can't have a girlfriend when you are Five. And I'm almost 5."

"I saw a wise man when that guy was walking with a stick by that old lady."
Let me clarify. Wise Man = Paka. That guy = Joseph. That old Lady = Pregnant Mary

"Bad guys snatch things. They go to jail. But not humans. Because we stay in our seatbelts."

Makes perfect sense to me...

I don't know how he comes up with these things, but his mind is always going....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ethan Bubs

My little man is turning 5 in a week. I can't believe it. I'm having such mixed emotions about this. He is hilarious, always making us laugh. He says the funniest things and looks at life with so much wonder and excitement. He is very aware and asks questions constantly. He is always thinking, even about things you don't!
He is so sweet and tender hearted. He needs to feel loved and needs to play. He is such a good helper and loves to do things for his friends and family.
He adds so much laughter and joy in our home. His giggle is contagious. And when he giggles he can't stop. From the moment he was born he was a total tickle bug.
So my little man is turning 5. He'll go to Kindergarten this August, and he's so ready to ride the bus. He's such a smart little guy, I know he'll do great. Ethan sure keeps me on my toes and there is never a dull moment, but it's times like these, I can sit back and look at how much he's grown, how sweet our bond is, and enjoy being his mother.

(WOW I'm so sorry, I made that a little personal I even teared up!! But I wanted to, so....)

Photo Session Time!

For 3 days of our break, we went up to my moms house. Even though she had a ton to do, she was happy to see us and play with the kids. We built a huge fort that the kids slept in. Lily and Henry came up one day and our friends the Butlers came up another day. I even got a day of work in there! I brought my camera but unfortunately I didn't take any candid shots, I just took everyone's face shots with a backdrop. The whole purpose was for Henry and Rhese's 6 month photos. But then I decided to do everyone who cooperated!

Sweet Kaylin
Baby Rhese
Sassy Savannah
Halle Cakes
Baby Henry
What CUTE kids!!!!!
Still working on a ton of editing, I'm getting there Ang and Britt!!! :)


Finally! A beautiful day in Peachtree City! We have loved the snow, although it doesn't last but the freezing cold does! The kids have had a break from school, so today we went to Monkey Joes with some friends. It was huge, brand new and so much fun!!!!
Ashley Park is a beautiful outdoor shopping center with really neat waterfalls and fountains. I had so many pennies in my wallet, I let the kids throw them in to make wishes. Of course they have to climb up on this huge wall so they can throw them IN the waterfall....
Kaylin was helping Mika throw her pennies, (she didn't like that idea) and they took a little "hug" break.
Kaylin making her wishes...I like this pic because you can see part of the big waterfall.
Mika has gotten the sniffles today and she is oh so sleepy. But I love this picture anyway.
Ethan thinking of all the mischief he can achieve at Monkey Joes :)
Mika on a little baby blow up, she loved it. Even though she was probably the oldest in there, she was the same size as many.
I couldn't keep up with Kaylin. She didn't stay in one spot longer than a second. So I didn't get any pictures of her in action. :) Thanks for the fun day with the Anthonys and Butlers!

Monday, February 08, 2010


We went over to our friends house The Butlers for the Superbowl. The kids played in the playroom and at the end of the night, we got them to settle down and watch a movie. Our little group, minus Eric and Maddie. We couldn't get a pic before they left!
Me and my hunk. Wow, do I look sleepy!
Me and Britt. Thanks for the fun night!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

"I want some peace and quiet!"

"I'll be quiet." "I'll be peace!"

Know the movie????

Sorry so I was thinking of a Title for this post and I wanted something to do with Quiet Time on there....the quote from this movie came into my head and I started cracking up. Travis thought I was nuts, but I know my fam knows the movie!!!

I LOVE Quiet Time...and Sundays are the best quiet times....All the kids snuggled on the couch. And Mika falls asleep on Kaylin. I love this.


A local High School was doing a musical of the story of the Ugly Duckling called HONK! We knew some of the youth in it from church, so we decided to go and make a Girls Night Out of it! Kaylin was so excited she could hardly sit still. (literally) It was long, but she loved every second of it. She laughed outloud several times and even cried when she thought "Ugly" had died, when he really had changed into a Swan! She wanted her favorite character's Autographs when it was over. It was so cute! We hope to go to a lot more of these events in the future! Here is a pic as we were heading out....

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Dancing, Tickling, Wrestling...Namaste

It has become a nightly ritual to get wiggles out through dancing. We turn up the Chipmunks and have a blast. Tonight Kaylin wanted tickling as well, and Ethan and Mika requested wrestling. Busy, fun night. Above is Bubby and Mika waiting to get tossed on Travis' legs.

Surrounded by my crazies and getting "loves". Sweetness.
Mika getting flipped. I can't look at this pic with out giggling.
By this time, Bubby was sweating like no other, so the shirt comes off of course. And Kaylin has now lost her two front teeth, amongst many others. But her new teeth are already growing in!!
After all those wiggles, we turn on my Yoga DVD and relax. Kaylin does it with me. Not the greatest picture of her awesome moves, but it makes me giggle seeing her concentrating so hard to get those hands where they are supposed to go...
I should add Ethan will only do Yoga when it's the man, not the woman. And Mika enjoys playing with our hair, sitting on our stomachs or biting our toes. Makes for a very relaxing Yoga time doesn't it??? Namaste-


My sweet Kaylin...after wrestling, tickling and dancing, here she is waiting for me to be done so she can read to me.

And Miss Mika moo. She is talking on my Zune (it's like an ipod) and her hair and outfit were so cute, I had to freeze time....
Ethan loves playing outside and Mika is always willing to come out with him. She was sad about a bad fall in the leaves, so Ethan is walking her back to the house. What a good big brother.