Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well here bubby is again with another owie on his head. My friend Maddie and I were at the park yesterday and he climbed on a fence, but all of the sudden he leaned forward and SMACK! His head went face first on the cement. I was worried he had a concussion, but thankfully just a bubbly red bruise and a little blood. On the couch he said to me: Mom I need something for my owie. I replied, "You want an ice pack?" He says, "No, I think I need a cookie."
This pic was taken today and the swelling has gone down.
Ethan just looked at the picture and said, "Oh yeah, that's my boo boo."

This pic he was being so funny that day and I never posted this. He has a serving spoon pretending to be a pirate. I love his expression.

A part of it all

Mika loves giving kisses. Granted they are open mouth slobbery kisses, they are adorable anyway. If you say, "Ow Mika that hurt!' she'll come to you with an open mouth and say "ahhhhh" or if you request a kiss, she'll either sit there looking at you with no pucker or she'll dive into your face.

This was the week I taught Ethan's playschool class. If you look on the left, there is Aidrian being a part of it all. While the other kids did their work, she was throwing crayons everywhere and having a blast.
Here, she's wearing a bow my friend Britt Butler made. It's so darling, although she doesn't keep it in. I loved her hair out of her face and those big blue eyes.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring is in the air....

We are borrowing our friends golfcart and it's been awesome. The weather has been so nice and all the flowers are starting to bloom. Near the Peachtree City Library, they have the most beautiful trees and I had to get some pictures over there. The above picture is Mika saying Hello to her daddy who was taking the picture.
These are the trees in bloom, aren't they beautiful??? Above is Kaylin holding a full bloom tulip.
We visited Travis at work, so he took our pic. The kids love it. They want to drive around everywhere!! The last few days I've picked up Kaylin off the bus on the golf cart too.
Ethan man sitting on the fence by the trees....
He's getting the cutest smile. He chuckles the whole time while he smiles, "he he he he" It's so funny.
Kaylin loves flowers. Most holidays I buy her a rose or a little bunch. She was in love with these tulips. I got some great shots of her.
So dramatic! ;)
This is is my favorite. I love her bright big eys and her face is just precious.
Trying to get all three...well you can see how it turned out. This was the best one.
Although I love the blooming spring flowers, I hate the allergies that come with it. For a week now, I've had itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and now my throat is closing up so I sound like I have a yodel or I'm trying to be sexy. It's not fun, but outside is gorgeous....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

My friend Julie invited us to go to the Zoo with her and her 2 girls, along with Maddie and her 2 kids. It was so much fun! A beautiful day and the kids had a blast! Above is me and the kids at the Petting Zoo. Kaylin was very sweet brushing all the goats, Ethan would touch them with her brush, but I have no idea if they were ever satisfied with a good brushing from him. Mika wanted to get down so bad and crawl all over them! She was so excited to be out of her stroller. She was content earlier in the day, took a nap, but when she woke up she was ready to play! The pic below is Mika free!
Me and my friend Maddie. We drove up together and had so much fun! Didn't even get lost! ;)
Me and my girlies on the train. Mika was very nervous the whole time, while Kaylin waved to everyone in sight!
Garrett, Emily, Ethan and Kaylin.
Ethan on the carousel. He was on a blue panda as he calls it. He was so happy and giggly when it started, but then after a while yelled, "faster, faster!"
Kaylin being a baby bird in the lemar/bird house.
Kaylin sitting on a giraffe head statue. There were 3 giraffe's that came so close to us. The kids were on the fence, with shallow water between them and the giraffe's. One of them wanted a drink and almost assumed the position, but looked at the kids and decided otherwise. They were so pretty up close!!! But Kaylin loves the Zebras the most.
Ethan again on the carousel, sorry I couldn't get this picture in order...
2 cute kiddos ready for our adventure! They had so much fun!
Ethan's top must sees: 1. Gorillas (which we watched 2 babies wrestle and the greyback picking his bum and rubbing his hands together at which Kaylin pulled a face and looked at me questioningly. 2. The train. 3. Tigers. (sadly the tigers weren't out)
Kaylin's must sees: 1. Zebras. I forgot how short and stocky they are! 2. Cotton Candy (by the time we got to a place, they were all sold out. Whoops!) 3. Pandas. They had a baby panda that was sleeping. I wanted to unclude the animal pictures too, but the kids were cuter, so it was vetoed!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Today is gorgeous. The kids wanted to be outside all afternoon--even Aidrian. They were playing and smiling like crazy, so I had to go get my camera. I love the pic of Ethan above. I don't think he could smile any harder. And Kaylin's cute little smile these days--
I love this one of Mika and Kaylin. Aidrian is SO happy standing up and loves attention from Kaylin. What cute sisters.
Kaylin has such a beautiful smile. But I usually can only catch it candid. She just adores her baby sister and wants her to be a part of everything. I'm sure it won't always be like that, so these pictures I treasure.
Bubby and his beat up face. His latest was the couch jumped out and got him on the eye. It doesn't help that he picks it and it's always bloody. What a boy.
Mika in the Johnny Jump Up. I attach it to the deck above and this is her excited face. She squeals and laughs a lot in this thing. I took a video but she was distracted by Ethan bringing his bike up, so we'll take another video later.

Off with the Training Wheels!

Bubby is so good on his bike, we decided to take his training wheels off! He just needs help starting for the quick second he needs to balance while holding still. Here's the first video I have of him.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Brave and The Beautiful

Ethan and Aidrian went to the Dr today.
Ethan the Brave had to go for his 4 yr old check-up and for Pre-K registration.
36 lbs (50%tile)
40 in. (50%tile)
He had to get shots, 2 in each leg. I didn't ever actually say he would get shots until I had him in the car. If I had told him before, he would not have made it easy. Would have probably hid somewhere in the house when it was time to leave...so in the car I broke it to him easy. He was not pleased, but immediately cheered up at the thought of a toy or treat. He was awesome, shy and quiet, but wasn't scared at all. It was almost like he was excited the Dr was checking him, not just the baby. But then shot time came. He cried, wriggled, squirmed all he could. Another nurse came in to hold Aidrian as I tried to tackle the crazy child in my arms. When he got the actually shots, he wasn't crying because they hurt, he was just plain mad. His Dr said he didn't have to come back till he was 11. That will make him happy. When daddy asked if he wanted to go back he said, No very casually. He wouldn't even show daddy his "battle wounds"--it was like he wanted to pretend it never happened....

Aidrian the Beautiful had to go in for her 9 month wellness visit.
16 lbs (10%tile)
27 in (25%tile)
She didn't have to get any shots today, just her finger pricked and then her blood tested for iron deficiencies. It was quite cute, the sweet nurse pricked her finger and she furrowed her little brow at the nurse. She just stared at her the whole time and then tried to eat the band-aid all day till it came off. She is getting less stranger shy, but when the Dr came near she held up her arms, twirled her wrists and fussed looking back at me. (she was on my lap) She did NOT like him looking in her ears or measuring her height. Funny little girlie. And everytime I picked her up after some scary check from the Dr she squealed and breathed in a huge happy sigh. She fell asleep as soon as I put her in the car.

But all in all, they survived and Ethan is just glad the next time we have to go for Aidrian at 12 months, it'll have nothing to do with him. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 months this week!!

Happy Mika is turning 10 months this week!! I can't believe it! I want her to stay tiny forever, but I must say she is hilarious lately. Her little personality is coming out so much. If you can see above, she only has ONE tooth, maybe the 2nd soon. I can't believe how late she is teething! But I am still nursing her, so maybe it's a good thing. :)
My beauty...
I took this today while we were out for a walk. She loves being outside. As long as we are moving, she's content in the stroller. If we stop, she kicks and squirms till she's out moving or on the swing.
We have a little push toy walker thingy, that she loves. Usually if Ethan is around he pushed her in it. She kicks her legs happily squealing as he drives her insanely around each corner of the house. But this morning she had it all to herself. She was so stinkin happy!
This is her new face. She puckers. It's adorable. She usually laughs at the end, she thinks she's so funny. I love it!!! She also reaches out her hand and does this sort of spit/hiss thing to say Hi or when she wants you. It's the cutest thing. She's very social and will smile and spit at everybody, like a warm welcome!
She's been showing interest in baby dolls. I couldn't get a good one of her face planting into the dolls face with a big slobbery open mouth kiss. She likes to eat the doll or hit it....hmmm. It must be a baby's way to show love. :)
She has lost her interest in her baby oatmeal which she used to love. Now all she wants is big people food. Her favorites consist of mashed potatoes, ice cream, crackers (nilla minis), pear juice, and her latest creamcicles. She was squealing for more and Travis stuck the stick in her mouth, it was so funny to us.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Laugh together, Play together, Love together.

My mom took my older kids Saturday and Sunday, so Travis and I had the weekend together. (with Mika too, of course) --That's another post....Anyway, it was definitely apparent when we were all together again how much Aidrian loved having her siblings around. Both for very different reasons, but nontheless, she missed them very much!

Mika loves balls, she has a favorite green squishy one that she was playing with. Ethan sat across from her, opened his legs and this is what happened...it was too cute not to video it.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

What are those white things in the sky?

SNOW! in Georgia!!! I've only seen it 2 times before here in GA, and it was 6 years ago....They are very wet, fat flakes. Hard to make a snowman, but pretty good for snowballs. It started at 11:30 and it's still snowing at 4:30! We took the kids out of course....

Holy Bloody Nose, BATMAN!!

Ethan is 4 years old (today actually) but we had a party on Saturday. We were going to do it at the park, but because of the storms and rain, we had it in the church gym. We set up an obstacle course, a maze with dividers, had 3-legged races, Batman toss and Cake and Ice cream! It was such a fun party! One of thel east stressful parties I've done.
Unfortunately Ethan got a bad bloody nose the night before and then everything seemed to be drawn to his nose, like bikes, balls and swings, so he had 2 more bloody noses on Saturday. He said that's why he didn't participate in any games. Stinker.
But he loved his cake. His friend Ethan Bake's mom is the best caterer and I love her cakes!! (she made his Superman cake last year too!) So here it is!
I love Ethan's face while they are singing Happy birthday to him!
My parents came down, brought some "obstacles" and my mom made some Joker Punch (sprite with lime sherbet--YUM!) My sister Angie, Andrew and their babes Lily came too. Angie took this pic--I love it.
Me and the bloody nosed batman! ;) He sure was a shy guy that day...
The moms watching the kids play. It was awesome and it wasn't even loud--I'm thinking the carpet floors and carpet walls really helped! :)
All the kids waiting for cake!
We put up some "slides" and the kids would ride them down on sleeping bag mats. (yes, we were very creative!) They loved it!!
Ethan opening his presents! He scored!! He loved everything he got!! THANKS!
After all the rain, it warmed up to around 70 degrees, so we went over to the park for a little bit with my mom and dad and Angie's family.