Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ethan's arm

So Friday around 2pm I get a call from ethan's teacher saying he fell climbing at recess and his arm doesn't look right. She wanted me to pick him up so he didn't ride the bus home in pain. I rushed from the grocery store and saw poor little bubs in tears and very scared. His elbow looked deformed. I got Jocelyn to come over and watch the girls while I took him to Urgent Care here in town. After two hours they diagnosed him with a supracondylar humerus fracture and posterior displacement. If it was just the break he could have seen the pediatric bone and joint specialist but because of the displacement we had to go up to Egleston children's hospital in Atlanta. We got to the ER around 7pm. Here he is after they unwrapped his splint, watching TV. He was so tough and brave.
He kept declining pain medicine even though he was green from pain. I told him that these nurses and doctors were just trying to help him, so the next time they came in they gave him some morphine through an IV (which he hated) 
After another set of X-rays, they said they needed to do surgery with 2 pins in his elbow to set it. They ended up admitting him around 10pm. I guess there was a major accident where the kid had bone coming out of the skin that was going into surgery first, so we had to wait for morning. I was SO grateful it was just his arm, but when a child is stable, you end up waiting a very long time. He was so patient and the staff was excellent. 

They finally let him eat. He had a small window from 10-midnight, so he had just chocolate milk, cheerios and a Popsicle. They told us they start surgeries at 8 am and he was 4th on the list. He hardly slept at all, he was restless and upset. Travis came around 1am and gave him a blessing, which was wonderful and he actually fell asleep during it. 
I was expecting to go into surgery around noon, so my mom came to keep Ethan company. I woke up with a severe allergy attack so my eyes were red and watering with my nose dripping like a leaky faucet. I was so glad she was there. Shortly after she arrived, they started prepping him for surgery around 10am. They had given him pain meds about an hour before, and then had him drink some stuff that would make him sleepy before they put him under. The combination made him very loopy and tired. They wheeled him down to the OR and gave him this fuzzy bear. He was SO happy and would cuddle it constantly. Once the drink kicked in full force and he was talking so funny and his eyes were rolling in the back of his head, they wheeled him back to the OR. My mom and I went to the OR waiting room, where our family friend Ngan and Dad came. Unfortunately they didn't get to see Ethan, but it was so nice to see them. The surgeon came out 20 mins later saying the surgery went great!! He was only under for 15 mins. When they brought him back to his room he was very sad, upset and disoriented. It broke my heart. He wanted to rip all his wires off, get his shirt on and go home. 
Thankfully my mom was there and she started reading him books and he calmed down right away falling in and out of sleep and then by the 3rd book he was reading along with her. He read the 4th one on his own. He drank 2 juices, had crackers and strawberries and was allowed to go home! He was discharged around 1pm. 
I had no idea a simple fall backwards off the monkey bars would turn into this! But I'm SO grateful he is okay. He has a splint and sling for a few weeks until they take the pins out and then he'll most likely get another splint for the remaining time. The Surgeon does not like casts. I'm proud of our tough little man, he is in a lot of pain and does not like his medicine. Hopefully tonight he will get some good rest as he hasn't slept well in 2 days. Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers! It's made this whirlwind much more bearable! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Big girlie

I'm trying this new blogger app to see if it works!
I was snapping a few pics of Ashlynn and Mika would not stop beaming at me. She was so fun. I'll post more later!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My cutie patootie

Oh it's a good thing I adore her, because she loves to held constantly and I can't get anything done unless she's sleeping!!! 

She is so fun right now, rolling over, cooing, giggling, gnawing on her fingers (and sometimes sucking her thumb! -gasp- She recognizes all the family and will follow. Her favorite spot is in your arms, turned out on your hip. But she also likes to be in her bouncer- although she has to be next to someone and will call out for you to start talking to her. She loves attention, but on her terms :) She loves standing up with help and will bounce and kick on your lap. She's such a joy to all of us.

Six Flags

Yeah we might be crazy bringing 4 kids to 6 flags, but our friend who works for Coke got us in to the park for Coke family and friends day. We couldn't turn it down. And I'm so glad we went, we made so many fun memories as a family. 
Mika and Daddy coming out of the Monster Mansion. She loved it!

Ethan on the carousel. I wish we got a pic of him driving the cars and the bumper cars. He's so good :) We video taped it instead.
 Me and the girls on the swinging ships. 
 Kaylin and I rode GOLIATH with our friend's kids. They are all tall enough! Oh it was so much fun. I LOVE rollercoasters!!! Kaylin kept saying she was going to pass out and it made me laugh so hard I was crying.
 After the ride stops...

Kaylin loved the carousel. She'd pet her horse and then act like it was really running. So cute. She also liked the water log rides, which of course we don't have pics of. That's why she's in her bathing suit! She got soaked!!!
 Mika was a little trooper. She couldn't ride a ton of rides, but the ones she did she was grinning from ear to ear and would wave to us every single time she passed.
The old rickety Georgia cyclone. Oh it was horrible and painful and I thought we were going to fly right off of it. After the ride Kaylin asked if I liked it and I told her why I didn't. She said, "Oh phew because I really didn't like it either!"

 What a fun family day we had!! Mom came around 1pm and took Ashlynn for us so we could ride more rides with the older kids. We went back to Grandma's house around dinner time and they watched the kids so Travis and I could go out to eat on a date. It was a a perfect ending to a fabulous day!

Labor Day Weekend

Breezy and her family came down the week before Labor Day Weekend. Nathan came from Hawaii too! It was a blast having them here. Brandon Stacey, Garret and Jocelyn came over every night for game night. 
We also went swimming in Lake Peachtree and the pool. 
Ashlynn is chilling in her stroller on a gorgeous almost fall day...

Breezy's baby Sayla and Ashlynn. They are about 9 months apart. 

We played games at the church a couple of times. Volleyball, crab soccer, and interesting tennis matches....

We went to Lake Wedowee for the weekend. I didn't get many pictures there because I was either holding Ashlynn or in the water...but we had a great time. Unfortunately we got rained out. But we still had a great time just being together!! Thanks Breezy, Troy and Nathan for visiting!!!