Thursday, February 28, 2008

7 months pregnant

Just some preggy pics!! Baby and me are measuring good. Blood pressure good. Kidneys good. I think we are in this one for the long haul! ;) Cute Ethan man. He's my little photographer. (when he doens't want to be in the pic. ) I say he's got some skills!
Ethan trying to make a bad guy face...
Full view of this pregnant mama!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A fun-filled Saturday

Kaylin had a birthday party for one of her friends at school at a new jumping place called Jumping Jelly Beans. Since I wasn't feeling very well, Travis and Ethan came too. Everyone had a blast! I was content blowing my nose every 10 minutes and taking pics of the kiddos. These 3 girls were inseperable! Kaley, Kaylin and Meredith. They wouldn't let go of each other the whole time!
Daddy and Ethan also had a lot fun. The slides were super slippery so they just flew down them. One time Ethan was waiting at the bottom of a slide for Travis to come down and Travis totally took him out! It was pretty funny, although Ethan didn't think it was till he saw us both laughing.
A race!
Eating lunch and cake at the party.
That evening our friends, David and Kenda got us tickets for the Supercross! We were so excited (especially Travis) because we got to sit on the lower level! So we got some pretty cool shots. I felt like crap, loaded up on medicine (that doesn't work I might add!!!) and since my ears were already plugged, I didn't need to bright orange earplugs we got for my throbbing headache. (Besides looking at the old men with them sticking out of their ears was a little discouraging!) :) Below is a pic of Ricky Carmichael doing a pretty cool stunt. He didn't race, but made a special appearance...
On the lower level, row 21!!!
My favorite guy (cuz he's "old" and has kids.) He got 2nd place in the main event!
Down by the track...
I slept harder than I have in weeks after that fun-filled day! But there's nothing like spending quality time with the people you love most--sick or not! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mid-Winter Break

On Wednesday we had a Park Play Date. Kaylin was so happy being able to play with her friends. (I think she misses school!) Ethan was just drawn to every mud puddle in sight, so below is him pouting because I wouldn't let him play in it. (after nap, they played in the backyard and got so muddy, I think it wouldn't have mattered anyway!) Unfortunately I don't have a picture of him peeing in the trees. He didn't even tell me he had to go, just took his pants down and peed. Well, what do you do? His friend Garrett shared his bat with Ethan. Boy was he happy!

Kaylin with her friend Haley. They had tons of fun.

Thursday we went to a jumping place called Jump 2 It in Peachtree City. Ethan was nervous at first and quite disappointed I couldn't go on the slides with him, but he warmed up and then tried to follow Kaylin and her friends all around. Kaylin was in heaven. She had 2 of her friends there, Haley and Tarin. They jumped, screamed, slid and rolled everywhere. It was too cute.

Ethan was always looking to make sure I was watching him. He was very cautious around everyone else, but he was a pro at climbing and sliding. Can't wait to go with Travis this Saturday!

A race down the slide!

More pics to come, Angie and Lily are coming over tomorrow! :)
But so far, this has been a fun week!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Me and the kids after Kaylin's school party

Happy Valentines Day to you!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Peachtree City Adventure!

We borrowed the Clarkes golf cart and drove around Peachtree City all day. If you didn't know, Peachtree City has golf cart paths all around the whole city. The kids loved it! And it was a gorgeous day!
One time Kaylin announced she thinks we are lost. She was quite worried and kept telling me she thinks we've gone the wrong way. Ethan wanted to drive it home--I think so he could keep it forever!
Below is Ethan eating some icecream, or should I say wearing got worse after this! But he thought it was pretty funny getting icecream on his nose. (more pics of Ethan on his blog... The Golf Cart. Daddy sat in the back while crazy mom drove. This is at the Library, both of the kids checked out some books and played on the computer.
We went down to Lake Peachtree. Kaylin kept pulling funny faces and Ethan wouldn't smile. So here Travis is tickling Kaylin for her "real" smile, or laugh...
( more pics of her on her blog...
Kaylin eating some icecream and pulling a face...

And here she is again pulling another face. We couldn't stop laughing at this pic...what is she doing???? A pirate says Arg?
This one I had to include because Travis was out on the dock taking the pic and he fell backward, hence my facial expression.
"Queen of the World!"
Happy girl just dancing away, doing her little jig.
Ethan playing. Stick+Water=Ethan happy.

Friday, February 08, 2008

New Photo Lights

So I got some new photo lights...they were supposed to be in DC for Meagan's wedding, but I JUST got them...and it might not be too bad anyway, because Travis and I have been playing around with them ALL night--- Too much light, not enough, lights too close, shutter speed not right...yeah. Fun. BUT, the kids wanted their pictures taken with mommy's new here are some of my favorites! Sweet Kaylin. She was so tired, and was patiently waiting. Too much light, but I still LOVE it.
Below, she wanted pics with mom. Yeah it looks like I don't even have a nose, but it was still cute how she was hugging me so tight. What a sweetheart.
I love this one of Ethan....way too much light, but look at his eyes!!!

Wanted one of my belly...but what do you know Travis got one of my face! Oh well.
Still working on all the settings to get one right...but that face is to die for!

Okay, I'm in love with this picture and I hate that it has too much light in it, because it's simply adorable. You get the idea right?????
Kaylin again, patiently waiting, looking at daddy rearranging the lights. What a beauty.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

South Carolina!

Travis had a Michelin Training up in Greenville, South Carolina last week and I got to tag along! Mom watched the kids and since it was during the week she came to our house! We stayed in a nice hotel with marble bathroom floors and a fabulous free breakfast paid by Michelin! Each morning I would go down to eat with Travis at 7am, he'd take the shuttle at 7:30 to the training center and me??? I would go back to sleep for hours! The first day I toured a little, walked some shops found the movie theaters etc. Travis came back around 4:30pm so we bought some Movie tickets, went out to dinner (they paid for that too!) and toured the town. The second day was much more exciting for him than it was for me....and this is why: He could tell you much better than I could, but they test drove brand new BMW 328i's on a closed course. There were 3 actually...

The Above picture is the Laurens Proving Grounds where the testing took place. The track on the bottom of the pic is where they had the cones set up for the Autocross course. The circle (the bigger one) was a wet track where they would test if they should put new tires on the front or back. With the new tires on the front the vehicles would fish-tail and send them spinning off the track. You can't really see the last track, but it's the one on the top left of the pic. It was also wet and this one they tested all-season tires and summer tires in wet traction. When he came back to the hotel around 2 not only was I surprised, I couldn't help but giggle at how excited he was to tell me all about his day. He was convinced he wanted to do that for a living!! (But I wasn't convinced living in Greenville!)

The next day I had to check out of the hotel at noon, so I was homeless for 4 hrs till I picked Travis up. I ended up going to a chick flick matinee and walked around some more shops.

It was such a relaxing trip, no worries, no cares...just me and Travis (and most of the day just me!!) I finished a great book and got A LOT of rest!

Now it's back to reality....