Friday, May 29, 2009


Kaylin had her program and graduation this afternoon. Sometimes she sang, sometimes she talked to Mika with her hands, sometimes she waved and sometimes we had no idea what she was doing! It was so cute. Paka, Grandma, Grandma Wendy, Daddy, Mama, Ethan and Mika all came to see her perform!

Below is Kaylin with her teacher Ms. Bernard. We love her!

It was a great class for Kaylin. She's grown and has learned so much since she came to this school in February. We have seen so many changes in her and are so proud of her! In 3 months...1st grade he we come!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

American Adventures

Saturday afternoon we went to American Adventures, a little them park for kids 10 and under, near White Water park. The kids love it, but we've never been able to take Travis! Above are the kids with their daddy on the Crazy Bus! Below are the 2 crazies in the tea cup. They were spinning the whole entire time. Ethan could hardly keep his head up. Kaylin was die-hard.
Waiting to ride the Go-Karts! Unfortunately, it started POURING right before we took off, so we couldn't go....
Bubby was so excited, and very disappointed when we had to leave without driving them....
The fam playing some miniature golf. We were all horrible....except Travis. I almost started cheating like Ethan, you know, pull the ball with your club into the hole....even still Travis would have kicked my butt.
Riding the rollercoaster! It actually has quite the drop and swirl. Kaylin and I sat in the very front, Ethan and Travis sat behind us in the same cart. Both kids raised their hands going up, but immediately grabbed the bar on the descent. Travis said Ethan would grab the bar, then let go and put his hands up and continue doing that the whole time. He was right into Travis' side most of the time slipping around in every direction. It was a blast.
The kids are begging me to go on this next one with them and since Travis gets more sick than I do, I give in. I figure it won't be that bad, it'll be like the teacups and if you don't try to make it go in a circle it won't. I can handle that! So I'm in the middle, Kaylin is squirming with anticipation. Like I said, she is our die hard. Ethan is super close to me, worried, but excited. We start, WHOA, this is faster than I thought. Swirl, whoosh, WHOA, I thought we weren't going to spin! Yeah, the rest of the ride was me and Kaylin screaming and Ethan giggling as though he would die of the giggles, and we are spinning like mad. I didn't go on another ride after that.
Bumper Cars! Can you see who is bumping who?!? (yeah I wasn't going to say that Ethan was actually driving the "boy car"...)
Kids on the flying airplane!
Mika took a nap some of the time. When she did, we wanted to see if she could ride the little train, but she was too little. ;)
I could post 10 more pics, but I won't. We had a great time and will go back again this summer!

Memorial Day Weekend Birthday

Due to the rain, we didn't go to Lake Wedowee this year for Memorial Day Weekend. Yes, it was quite the upset. But we did get to spend my mom's birthday with her! And parts of the weekend, were indeed clearer and almost sunny. Above Ethan is playing in the dirt where my mom is going to plant soon. Below is Mika happy to be playing in the dirt as well. I wish you could hear the squeal that went along with this happy face.
Aidrian loves giving kisses. This has become a nightly ritual. Making rounds kissing everyone. Here she is stopping to take a break from her hustle and bustle to give daddy a kiss...
Mika loves music and Kaylin loves fingering the piano. So here are the two musicians playing some nice tunes for us. (I was surprised there is no banging!)
Mika outside with mud dripping from her mouth...yuck, but boy was she happy!
Ethan in smiles....
Pretty Kaylin girlie....
Mom's official b-day! Her friend made her some coconut cupcakes so we sang to her! (and enjoyed the cupcakes!)
My beautiful mother. I know she'll hate me for putting this up on here, but she is such a beauty to me. Kaylin and I took time to look at her wedding book that had some pregnant pictures and her as a young mother as well. I looked at her face that I endearingly loved and memorized over the years...and slowly the lines have changed, but to me, they are that much more beautiful. Every crease makes a smile, every wrinkle forms an expression, ones that I admire and adore. Happy Birthday mom, I cherish you.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The wedding I photographed for in Utah for Jocelyn and Garrett, had a reception in Georgia a week later. No, the picture above is not part of Travis' family heritage, but after his sister Breezy got married in 2006, they made a tradition of "tossing" the bride. Thankfully I got married before this tradition started. But Jocey would not leave until she was tossed, at either reception. :)

The picture below is Uncle Paul (my father-in-law's younger brother who lives at the beach we go to) and his 6th child (and only daughter) Emma giving a "hongi".
"This is a traditional greeting of nose pressing. It is the enchange of the ha, or breath of life."
“It’s the essence of life to human kind. Where else does the breath of life enter us? You really have to live it and breathe it to explain it.”
Uncle Paul's 5 sons then performed the "Haka".
"Haka are performed for various reasons: for amusement, as a hearty welcome to distinguished guests, or to acknowledge great achievements or occasions. War haka (peruperu) were originally performed by warriors before a battle, proclaiming their strength and prowess in order to intimidate the opposition. Today, haka constitute an integral part of formal or official welcome ceremonies for distinguished visitors or foreign dignitaries, serving to impart a sense of the importance of the occasion."
My father in law, Brad joined the boys. He was pretty scary. ;)
The boys did an excellent job. I love Blaine on the right, he was so little, but so tough and into it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Toys and a Smash Cake!

Here are some pictures of Aidrian's ONE year bash! She actually was very interested in all the toys. It was cute. The pic below is Ethan saying, "Oh cute!' to an outfit Aunt Angie got her.

The Smash Cake. (We got two--one for the adults for my mom's birthday and one for Mika.) I put the daisies on.
She put her hands right on the cake, then Travis gave her a little taste. After that it was all over her hands, face and hair. She is my first baby to do that! She loved it.

Mika the 1 yr old

Sweet babes turned ONE on Saturday the 16th. It was a weird day for me. I couldn't believe that I was in the hospital having her just one year ago. So much has happened since then...but it has been the most enjoyable year, having her in our lives. She has brought so much happiness into our home. Tried doing a photo session, but she wasn't in the mood to smile, so these are the best of what I got.
She's always had such long eyelashes. I love this photo with her cute cheeks, lips, nose and lashes. What a little beauty.

I love this one. She looks like a little person! Standing there like she owns the place. She's walking like crazy now, probably 90% of the time. She's even trying to run...

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Sorry--these are all out of order!

On Tuesday I got to spend all day with my childhood friend Casey and her cute daughter that was born 2 weeks before Mika. Unfortunately I didn't get a pic with Casey Rustine and I'm kicking myself for that, but at least we got pictures of our girls. Aidrian on the left, Jordyn on the right.

During all my wedding stuff I left Aidrian with my sister Emily and her family. Allie loved Mika and babysat her a lot. Tyler loved playing ball with her (we couldn't get a good picture of Mika with Ty) Aidrian also loved their dog Chloe, I don't think the feeling was mutual....
The last day I got to spend with Emmy, we went to eat at Johnny Carinos (my FAV resturant that closed down here) It was so yummy, but as you can see Aidrian was "done'. :)
Another pic with Allie and Aidrian, and I got in it too. I love Allie so much and was so glad to spend a little time with her!
Me and Emily--I can't even tell you how wonderful it was to spend time with my sista who lives so far away! I just couldn't get enough of her! Thanks Emmy for a fabulous time!
On Wednesday we went over to Aunt Sylvia's for dinner. Most of the cousins stopped by to visit. I had to get a pic of me and Jason and our babies. Jason was a cute little daddy with his son Kyson. It was SO great to see all my cousins!!! Uncle Ernie and Aunt Sylvia showed us a cool slideshow of some pictures they took in Africa. That was neat, I love looking at pictures, but by that time Mika was beyond done. As soon as we got in the car, she was out cold.
Emily and Mika. She went to her right away. She loved her!
Me and Dave. I can't look at this picture with out laughing.
Cute little missy at Aunt Sylvia's. She had just climbed up the back porch stairs and was so proud of herself. It was a gorgeous evening!!
My cousin Jason's son Kyson and Aidrian. Gosh, I can't remember how old he is, maybe 6-9 months??? Sorry J....I have no memory anymore. ;)