Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's a Girl....

 Well Travis and Ethan will be totally outnumbered, because we are having another little girl. I'm struggling to find names (and a room for her) but at least I have till May!

This is what I had the kids open to find out what would be joining our family....

Bubby was a champ. He was so disappointed and let down. He really wanted a brother. It broke my heart. But he wanted to set up the port-a-crib in my room and get out all the pink blankets for her. He saw me taking a picture of the shoes and wanted to join in. 

Ultrasounds are always hard to see, but it's still fun to show off. This is showing her girlie parts. :) 

 This is the best shot they could get of her profile. So her head is on the right and belly on the left. She is 18 weeks and 4 days, right on schedule and is growing and looks completely healthy. What a blessing!

So I'm off to "think pink" and get ready for another sugar and spicey little thing.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Clarke and Gardner Family Dinner

It's now a Clarke tradition that the two families being married in will have a family dinner. The Clarkes will make up limericks and odes and we will laugh the entire night. Usually it's a getting to know you kind of thing, but since we already know the Gardners, we ate dinner, had the funny limericks, then played Volleyball. 
Here is Brad being Brandon and Duane being Officer Bob (Stacey's Dad) --they are acting out what it was like when Brandon asked Bob for Stacey's hand....

This was by far the funniest thing I have ever heard. Brad made an Ode to some song on the Beverly Hillbillies about Brandon. We recorded it and will put it up on Youtube, for some of the fam that couldn't be there.

Me and my little sickie getting ready to go....

 Kaylin sang a rendition of Silent Night with Brad. It was so cute and beautiful. She did such a good job and I love Brad's voice with the guitar.

Renae and Jocelyn making a funny limerick about Jonathan. Don't they look like trouble?!? I LOVE these girlies!!!

One of my fav parts about family in town is Game Nights. We laugh so hard.
We played a game boys vs girls, so here's the girls couch.
Jocelyn, Laurel, Me, Stacey and Becky.

The boy couch--they are making "sexy faces" I love Jonathans. ;)
Travis, Brandon, Brock, Garett, Jonathan

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve and Day!

 We spent Christmas Eve up at my parents house. We acted out the Nativity. Here is our Joseph and Mary :)

And the Wise (wo)Man and Shepherd. My mom was the Angel and my dad, the Inn Keeper/Narrator. (Mika was asleep.)

Ethan was by far the most excited for Christmas morning! He woke up at midnight and at 5am asking if Santa had come yet. It was cute--except for the fact that it was midnight and 5 am!! We had told them the night before they can't come out till 6:45...Both Kaylin and Ethan were awake at 6 talking and giggling in their rooms. But I put my foot down and we didn't go downstairs till 6:45!

These are Ethan's favorites. He LOVES his remote control the best. I'm actually surprised it's still working well!

He also got a bike--from Santa. It's pretty cool, a Harley Davidson one with a speedometer and cool silver rims. Even though it was about 29 degrees outside Christmas morning, nothing would stop him from riding his bike!

Kaylin is as sweet as ever, cherishing every present she opened. She loved her doll and horse, but now that we are home and settled, she loves Max, the puppet blue lobster. (weird gift I know, but she loves puppets and it was on a killer sale...)

Mika was oh so sick with pneumonia that morning, so she was pretty out if it. She'd help me open her gifts and look at them, but it was pretty sad. She was up and happy for about an hour though. Here she is playing with her new princess Barbies on Kaylin's doll house. 

Angie's cute family came after breakfast. It was fun for the kids to show Lily their toys and play. We took some pics by my parent's beautiful Christmas Tree.
In this pic I'm 18 weeks along...

Merry Christmas!!! Oh and it actually SNOWED on Christmas Day! That has happened here in GA for over 100 years!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Travis~ Manager of Earl’s Quality Car Care, Leader in Scouting Program, Daydreamer of glass-like water and wakeboarding, Recent NASCAR Test Driver, Dropper-offer to the bus in the mornings, General Contractor of basement, Proud daddy of 4.

Brittany~ Manager of Clarke household during daytime, Wrestler of 2 yr old, Laundry folder of dirtiest kids on planet, Kitty owner, Affected by morning (and night) sickness, Teacher of 16-18 yr old girls, Practicer of talents in Photography and Patience.

Kaylin~ 2nd grade attendee, all styles and forms of Art Lover, family fun Planner, stuffed animal Care Taker, kindest and most patient Sister Award-Winner, talented Singer, Baptism in 6 months Preparer, gentle Kitty Lover.

Ethan~ Kindergarten go-er, fast bike rider, all motors included Player, a Friend to everyone and Boyfriend to many, proud Bus Rider, all things pertaining to food Consumer, beginning Reader and Writer, not very gentle Kitty Lover.

Mika~ non-stopping Talker (to non strangers), Typical 2 year old Trouble Maker, Singer of ABC’s, constant Companion of Mom, decidedly a Non-Napper, pretend play Explorer, wants to be Bigger, Tattler of self, not in the slightest gentle Kitty Lover.

Baby #4~ Expected in May 2011. Girl or Boy? Known Dec 29th

We have been thinking of you, missing you, and praying for each of your families. We hope your life has been blessed with joy, love and peace. May this holiday season remind you of our Savior and the true meaning of life and the Season.

With Love,
Travis, Brittany, Kaylin, Ethan “bubby”, Aidrian “Mika” and baby ClarkeJ

120 Pebblestump Pt Peachtree City, GA 30269

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I think we may be in the running for the largest leaf pile ever! Yesterday Brandon and Brad started blowing and raking the leaves into a pile and the kids just had to go out and help. Ethan was quite the helper with his little rake.

Then of course, the fun started. Brad and Brandon would toss Ethan pretty high in the air and land in the leaves.

 He LOVED it. Yeah he had leaves in his shoes, his pants, his hat and gloves, but no complaining out of this little guy. It was freeeeeezing and he was in heaven.

After Kaylin's homework was finished she headed out too. She kept making Brandon play her ogre game and he would just tackle her. Here Ethan is getting tackled, can you see him??

Kaylin didn't want to go as high, but she still had a lot of fun. Here is her landing. I laugh every time I see this.

There's some air!

Mika wanted to see what all this funny business was about. She was absolutely freezing and it took a while to warm up her hands and feet after we came in, but she'd stand there watching the kids and laugh.

Brandon wanted her to join the fun so bad. So he threw her in. (yes, he wins the best uncle award!) She was giggling the whole time.
 The pile is still going...there are even more leaves at the back part of the yard, but this pile will keep the kids entertained (and very dirty!) for the next few days! :)

Monday, December 06, 2010

Santa's Lap

We got to eat breakfast with Santa at the church. Me with my girlies. I see so much of their personality in these pics. :)

 Ethan was so nervous, but he went up and was so brave. Insisted on going by himself. He asked for a bike.

Kaylin is my believer. She loves Christmas with her whole heart. And she knows the true meaning of Christmas and loves to story, but asks many questions about Santa. She asked for a doll house this year.

Mika all morning was exclaming Santa! Santa! Even went as far as "MY Santa!" But when it came time for her to sit on his lap, there was no way she was going to do it. She screamed.

And yet, she still got a candy cane. It lasted more than her lollipops do, but much much more stickier!

So this was her 2nd attempt. She still wanted her Santa, but made me sit with her. So, hello. 

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Baby is an Apple!

So I have an email that sends me emails about the new baby--and I love hearing about the size. You know it starts like a tiny nut, then you graduate to a walnut, then some other weird vegetable, a lemon and now it's the size of an apple! wooohooo!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving FUN!

  My parents drove with me and the kids up to Virginia to stay with Meagan and her cute family. It was exciting, because we got to stay in their new house! My brother's fam was driving from CT to stay with some of Sarenas family that live very close as well. So it was a big Sharp and Woodruff partay.

We had our Thanksgiving feast at the church with about 8 families of Sharps and Woodruffs. It was a blast for all the kiddos. And boy did we have a feast! The food was excellent!
We also had the opportunity to be with Trevor as he was ordained a deacon.

Here are most of the little kids. They had so much fun together.

Ethan gained 2 little shadows. They were all blondies, so cute. He's in the middle of Trey and Jacie.

My brother is the best. I think he's a keeper.

Meagan's house was so much fun. She put up her Christmas Decorations for us and the kids loved it. Ethan loved baby Wendy and always played with her. 

All the Sharp, Clarke and Perdue cousins that were there. 

 Eating pizza!

This will be the last moment in time that my nephew will be the same height as me! And he even looks taller in this pic! Booo! I can't believe how much he's grown up. I can vividly remember when you were born and I came to visit you when you were only a few weeks old. Love ya Trev.

 Travis sister lives about 30 minutes away and came with Troy and cute Sayla to Meagan's. It was so fun to see them. Sayla is getting so big and is so stinking cute! She was super sleepy in this pic.

Ethan loved having the Sharps over so they could play the Wii. Jared was so nice to play all his games with him. They sat on Meagan's HUGE beanbag.

My mom was reading a story to Wendy--she loves books, and I just happened to be chilling next to them. :)

One day we went to Great Falls. It was very cold, but the kids had so much fun going on a hike and running around. Kaylin and Karinn- so excited to see each other.

The 2 preggie sisters. 

We had a wonderful time sharing Thanksgiving with all of you. It was always fun and had the best food ever! Thanks Perdues and Sharps for making this all happen!