Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Little Thanksgiving

This year since Travis had to go into work on Friday, we decided to stay home and have our own little Thanksgiving. We started the morning putting up some Christmas decorations. We have a small tree that we put upstairs and the kids loved helping me put all the decorations up. They also helped me with the Christmas Cards. Kaylin and I made little indian feather hats for Ethan and Aidrian and helped me set the table. Travis got a really yummy citrus turkey recipe and he did a wonderful job! Kaylin was sure she wouldn't like it, but ended up eating 2 helpings! While we ate, we went around the table and listed 5 things we were thankful for: Travis and his delicious turkey: 1. My Savior 2. The best family in the whole wide world-Mom who I love more than anything, Kaylin my wonderful daughter, Ethan for being energetic, boystrious and happy, And Aidrian Mika my sweet happy baby 3. My job 4. The Gospel 5. Extended Family-thinking of Danen today.
Brittany enjoying the delicious turkey: 1.My family-siblings, parents, in-laws, and most importantly my children and husband. 2. The Gospel, all aspects-how it makes my life beautiful 3. Food-how it makes me so happy after I eat some 4. Warm house as it's freeeezing outside 5. Eternal Families-giving me hope and peace.

Sweet Kaylin: 1. My mom and my Dad. 2. The soldiers. 3. Ethan and baby Aidrian. 4. Food 5. Princesses. Can i add one more? Jesus!

Ramblings of a 3 year old: Ethan: 1. My Old friends. 2. Hmm, not a lion because he's kindof bad. 3. My house. 4. Cookies. 5. That's it.

Kaylin: Dad all you did was make this yummy delicious dinner!
Ethan: Dad do you want Danen to come down?
Dad: No I want to goup to heaven to see him.
Ethan: No I want him to come down!!

Kaylin: I think Aidrian's thankful for mommy and daddy and her toys.

Today we are on our way down to St. Simon's to Travis' Aunt Christina's house. We'll spend the weekend there with Brad and his 2 brothers. Aunt Christina has one girl who is just a bit younger than Kaylin and then 5 boys who keep Ethan very occupied! We are excited!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Trees and Tutus

Monday we spent the day up at my mom's house. Angie and Lily came too! I love going to my mom's house--especially at this time of year. Her Christmas decorations are wonderful, memorable, and magical. Kaylin loves playing with her large nativity (shown in the first pic) and also with her small Christmas town. She'll stand on a stool and would play there all day if she could!

Aidrian sitting in front of the nativity. Love those cheeks!
Three extremely cute girlies in front of mom's christmas tree... We got them these white and silver sparkling tutus and mom sewed them to fit their small little waists. Kaylin loves wearing it, so we thought we'd stick them on with whatever shirt they were wearing and they were too cute not to take a picture! Kaylin was so proud to be the big girl "helping" Lily and Aidrian.
No, Mika can't stand up, I'm holding her arm on one side and Kaylin's holding the other. My girls will wear silver tops, cream tights and red shoes for their Christmas outfits. How adorable!

Grandpa and Aidrian. I don't know a single baby who doesn't adore Grandpa. Whenever he could take a break from work he came down to hold Mika, play Legos with Kaylin and Ethan and "talk" with Lily.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight Round 2

So for Girls Night Out we went to Red Robin for dinner. YUM! That's my favorite Burger joint. From Left: Wendy, Summer, Laurie, Le, Kristi, Me and Maddie. We had such a great time!! And my burger totally hit the spot. I was so full I didn't have anything else the rest of the night! Yeah, I'm a goof...but at least I have other goofs as friends... :)
Here's us at the Movie Theater. Me, Maddie, Kindra and Julie. Kindra was the best ever and saved us some seats. Unfortunately we all couldn't sit together, but after the movie we all talked. Most liked it, some were disappointed. I actually liked it even more the 2nd time around...

Yeah, try to ignore the BIG WHITE BLOB in the front. Whoa. I think the flash liked me! It was seriously so cold we went over to Starbucks afterwards to get some Hot Cocoa. It was a blast. I was driving Travis' clean truck and loving the seat warmers! The kids were great for Travis--they were all asleep and the house was picked up! What a fabulous night!

Let's Ride!

Cute little Aidrian all bundled up taking a bike ride with dad. Now it's setting records of coldness here! It's been freezing all weekend and I'm not even kidding or being a wus. In the sun it's okay, do-able, but when that wind hits...I feel like I'm in the NorthEast! Eeek! Travis was riding bikes with Ethan and thought it'd be fun to take Aidrian out. She loved it! Didn't even make a peep. Now I remember when Kaylin was this age and we put her in the Snugli on the quad in St. George...she wouldn't made a sound and eventually fall reminded me of this sweet little sight.

Thanksgiving Dress Up

Kaylin came home from school on Friday wearing this cute little home-made outfit! She said she was an indian at her school party. I have no idea what she is holding, but it had to be in the picture too!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Midnight Movie

So my friend Britt Butler and I thought it would be super fun to go to the midnight showing of TWILIGHT! It was awesome! We loved it! I don't know if you notice those HUGE drinks, but we got large cokes that would have taken me 1 yr of pee to fill that thing up! Holy Cow! Needless to say I was jittery, hyper and wide awake during the movie!! (I couldn't get to sleep till 3:30am!) Here's before the movie goofing off. We had so much fun! I'm going again for the Girls Night Out this Saturday!
I can't say anything about the movie, but I was entertained, enjoyed it and left happy. I think that qualifies for an A rating in my book!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"I'm not picking my nose...I'm just scratching my brain."

Yes my son is a nose picker/booger eater...this was the conversation we had today.
Mom: Ethan, come on, stop picking your nose! It's gross when you eat your boogers.
Ethan: No it's not, I like my boogers.
Mom: Why?
Ethan: 'cause they are delicious! I tried to get a picture of him picking it, but I couldn't ever catch him. I said, "Ethan pick your nose for the camera!" And he responded, "No my hands are all dirty."
Hmmm, makes sense doesn't it??

On the way to meet Travis for lunch we had more conversations in the car...they were so funny. Here's one of them...
We saw a man walking along the side of the road.
Ethan: Mom turn down the music I want to talk to you!
Radio Off.
Ethan: Mom why isn't that guy driving his car?
Now he isn't satisfied with "I don't know" any more, we have to brainstorm possiblities and options...
Mom: Maybe his car broke down and so he has to walk.
Ethan: Hmmm, no I think someone stole his car!
Mom: Or maybe he doesn't have a car and he wanted to take a walk?
Ethan: No I think someone stole his car and he is mad!
The man was flaling his arms and talking to himself...

Monday, November 17, 2008

It must run in the family...

Falling asleep in strange places at any time of the day must be our specialty. I think the kids get it from Travis (he can do the same thing) My other post explains that Mika's been fighting a cold--here we are at lunch, she's fussy so I sit her in the Bumbo right in front of me to keep her happy while I eat (I'm starving!!) and the next thing I know.... She's dead asleep!

2 little monkeys....

Ethan wanted me to put a movie on in my room-snuggled up on my pillow and is snoozin away. Mika has been fighting a cold for a week now and today it has won. She's so tired but she wakes up frequently, just not feeling good. So I laid her down next to me at the computer, which happens to be next Ethan sleeping. It was too cute not to snap a shot. She even smiled while dreaming.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

6 month Photo Session for Aidrian

I can't believe it...Mika Moo is already 6 months (on the 16th) She was so happy and adorable yesterday I had to do a little session...I loved how the pictures turned out! She's sitting up! She does so well! But when she topples over she fusses till someone puts her back up. Ethan still thinks she can't sit up by herself yet, so he thinks he needs to hug/hold her up. She doesn't like this tactic! She is such a happy baby. Loves to smile with her mouth wide open.
I love her gorgeous blue eyes...I thought this one captured them pretty well. What a pretty little thing....

And of course Ethan had to jump in the pic! I still need to touch this one up, he has his lunch on his face...they actually have a really cute one together, but Travis loves this one, so it's going on the blog! :) Besides this shows his true personality better anyway right?

This is her face while talking or making bubbles. I love it. She's such a funny little babes. She has so much to say and do! (I actually think this one looks a lot like me as a baby...)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blabble Bab Bob Bob

When she gets in these talking moods, not much quiets her! :)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mika's New Trick

Travis has done this with all the kids and they love it. She looks so accomplished. So cute.
I love her little face. Her eyes just sparkle. Yes, she's loosing her hair, but if it's anything like the other 2 she'll get it back in a couple months. It's also the lightest baby hair yet, so it's not as noticable, unlike Ethan who lost his baby hair in patches. :)

Another photo session and I was testing the shutter speed and different shots. I had to post this pic because of Aidrian's little face. I love her cheesy grin.

The leaves were gorgeous! I know in a couple weeks they will all be dead so I had to get in a pic! It was such a beautiful day yet again...Kaylin collected about 20 big yellow leaves (see the new side bar pic of her) and Ethan loved finding sticks. It was very hard for him not to throw wahtever he could find into the lake...

Need to Rake?

So the kids are playing...well "helping" daddy outside and all of the sudden we hear Ethan crying/screaming. I ask Travis what happened and as soon as I heard the word rake and Ethan's face...I understood. Kaylin had a metal rake...this was her story...she was holding it up in the sky looking at the neighbors house, it fell and it scratched Ethan's face and she said I'm so sorry! So I guess it was an accident, but I still feel bad for his little face...

Friday, November 07, 2008

Fall is Here...

The other Saturday we were cruisin around Peachtree City in the golf cart and I was looking for some perfect photo ops for my session that afternoon. I absolutely LOVE fall!! The leaves, the crisp air, the breeze. It's all wonderful. Favorite season by far. Here's some pics I took of the kids and Travis...

Lately it's been 70's during the day, cooling off to high 40's at night. Perfect weather in my book! But the week before it was really cold, like highs in the low 60's and we were all freeeezing! I know us Georgians are whimps!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


So for those of you who don't know, Travis' youngest brother Brandon is serving and LDS mission in Bangalore, India. His letters are incredible. We love them, cherish them and laugh at them. Anyway, here's part of his last letter...I thought it was pretty funny so I had to post it...
"I miss working with Travis. We had so much fun at those jobs and the dump was the highlight of the day. I remember one time we were playing lightbulb baseball and he hit this one beautiful bulb, which shattered quite nicely, and one of the peices flew straight for my eye, but using my catlike reflexes and Matrix bulletdodging skills I avoided it, or in other words I got lucky, and two pieces hit my eyebrow and cheek just above and below my eye. Travis saw me grab my face and got scared that he hit my eye so we realized that this game was a bit too dangerous. So we proposed that instead of the pitcher standing in front of the batter like we had origionally that he would now stand diagonally to the side. And with that problem solved we continued with the fun. We were quite the problem solvers. But that game wasn't as fun as the sink races in which we tilted the dump trailer to about a fifty degree angle and sat in porcelain sinks and raced down the trailer, landing on concrete and dirt where the sinks would smash to peices and we would roll around in pain. We solved that problem by laying old nasty carpet at the bottom of the trailer and went about searching the dump for more sinks. We were successful in finding a beautiful double metal kitchen sink where we each could fit in our own side and ride down together. that one lasted a coupe of times before both sink and our tailbones were too demolished to continue. Those were some good times. I always refused to be called a redneck until last year when Travis pointed out the fact that we like playing in the dump, big trucks, riding on car hoods behind our big trucks, things that explode, more big trucks, even bigger trucks, and mud... with big trucks in it. We are definitely rednecks."
What do you think?????

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Trick or Treat!

We had a great time trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. Here's little miss Butterfly sick of being in her stroller with one cute red nose! Kaylin and Ethan met up with their favorite neighborhood friend Natalie. This is in front of a spooky house! Kaylin wasn't frightened by anything! There was even a Dad who had a chainsaw (minus the chain) who would come up behind kids to scare them. Ethan ran, but Kaylin just stared at him. They had a great time running from house to house and getting a ton of candy!
Kaylin with her sparkly face and Aidrian.--I just love the big pink blob outfit!
Kaylin and all her candy!
Aidrian laying in Kaylin's candy. She loved all the crackling wrappers and wouldn't give up this popcorn ball.
With all the fun and excitement that lasted all week, I'm soooo glad it's over and done!! Back to "normal" life right????

On the Square

Trick-or-Treating on the square is in downtown Newnan--all the shops and stores dress up and give out candy. I've never been and neither had some of my friends so we headed out around 9am to see what all the fuss was about! Ethan wanted me to take his picture right here....what a cutie. He loved going around the blocks and getting loads of candy! Everyone commented on how cute his costume was, even though he doesn't call it the SWAT team, he calls it his Light Saber costume...Hmmm. This was our cute little group. Garrett the Pirate, Ethan as a SWAT team guy, Aidrian the butterfly, Dylan the monkey, Ethan as Diego and Eli as Batman.
There was one lady who was dressed as a hot dog and she said, "Oh I'm so glad no one thinks I'm scary!" We told her about the huge man dressed from head to toe as a Gorilla just around the she didn't have to worry that she was scary...Ethan would not take candy from him if his life depended on it. His favorite stop was the Firestation.