Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was so much fun! We were able to spend it with my parents and 3 other sisters! We did crafts, ate a yummy meal, acted out the Nativity and the kids did a talent show. 

Here are the cute angels...

Ashlynn wasn't feeling very well, see how red her eyes are? But she sure loved the baby doll that played baby Jesus in the nativity.She'd poke the eyes and give it kisses all night long.

Ethan and Jake were the shepherds. They did a great job!

Travis somehow always is the donkey. Kaylin was Mary and Tyler was Joseph. They all took their parts very seriously :)

For the talent show Kaylin sang Away in a Manger. She did so good. Her voice sounded so beautiful.

 Mika's talent was reciting 5 little Monkey sitting in a tree. It's the cutest song she learned from her Preschool.

 I love being with my sisters!!! We really missed Tami and my brother's family too. But I'll take what I can get! :) I feel so blessed to have such a large close family. I treasure very memory.

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theshimmysheide said...

This is great. Looks like you had fun. Tell Kaylin and Mika they look beautiful and I'm very sorry we missed their songs.