Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Bday

My birthday was great this year! I woke up to signs all around the house, most of them made by Kaylin, like this one. She printed out each picture, cut it out and pasted it with coloring and captions. What a cutie.
 My friend took all the kids so I could go on a lunch date with Travis! It was great just us two and I didn't have to share talking to him:) I had coupons to Chilis and got a free yummy dessert!

I got to go out to dinner with some of my favorite girls (some not pictured were Stacey, Becky, Renae and Jocelyn) We went to LaParilla and it was so much fun. I hadn't laughed that hard in such a long time!!

Later I went up to moms where Angie and her family came up too. My mom made a delicious white chocolate chip cookie cake! It was heaven!! We spent time in the pool and then Mom watched the kids so Angie and I could do some bday shopping! Thanks Mom and Ang for a fun birthday celebration!

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