Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What we did this summer...

Our summer has been jam packed full of fun and sun! (And it's almost over! Booo!) We have been outside for most of it- as long as it's included water:)
 We love playing in the backyard or at friend's houses with kiddie pools, slip n' slides and hoses!

We love driving to Aunt Angie's to play with the Hayes cousins, and of course swim in their pool!

It's especially fun when Daddy gets to join us! These two really are FISH!

We got to celebrate Lily's birthday with her! 5 already?! We love our Lily bug!

Ashlynn enjoyed Lily's birthday cake very much:)

 We got to spend time with Meagan and her cute kiddos, flying in from Bangkok! She has a bounce house in her dining room. Talk about Heaven! :)

It's been fun having a cousin friend for Ashlynn. Her and Kyle and taking a ride in the wagon, pulled by Ethan.

We love going to Mom and Dad's and spend the day with them and at their pool. Grandpa loves little Ashlynn and she's done being stranger shy!

We go to "Movies at the Park" at a nearby outdoor shopping center. They always have free face painting, bounce houses and hula hoop contests. The girls got paintings that matched their dress and the artist came over to take a picture of the finished products!

 The kids love playing in the backyard, building their homemade fort. Someday, Travis will build a real fort int he middle of these trees, but as of now the kids enjoy making it homey and shaded. Ethan's pointing out his bench he made.

Since we play all day long, it's nice to end the day with Movie Night. We've been finding movies we grew up with like Honey I shrunk the kids, The Never-ending Story, and then fun kid movies like Matilda and The Secret Garden.
But the favorite in our family is the trips to Lake Peachtree on the boat. That'll be another post. :)
This will be a summer full of memories and bonding. One that I will always cherish.

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