Sunday, January 06, 2013


Christmas morning was a blast!! They all had slept together in Ashlynn's room and were SO excited. I did that as a kid, so I was excited to pass on the tradition. They were allowed to wake up around 7. We went out at 7:30. 
 Ethan got a new BMX bike! It's pretty AWESOME!
 All Ashlynn cared about was candy. We kept trying to make her open her presents and she would like them for about 5 seconds until she saw more candy. We ended up hiding it all so we could continue Christmas morning.
 Mika wanted paints. One thing she got a a cupcake piggy bank that she could paint. It's cery cherished by this little girl.
 Ethan loved his air hogs remote that is a truck and helicopter. He is really good at flying, never crashed it once!
 Kaylin got an American girl doll that looks just like her. It is a prized possession and she got a few outfits and books for her too.
 Mika got a doll that looks a lot like her too. She was so proud.

Overall it was a success. The kids were so happy with their projects, books, crafts and remotes. The rest of the afternoon was joined by the Biddisons, my parents and some Clarkes in and out through out the day. We couldn't have asked for a better one.

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