Saturday, March 02, 2013

Ashes the big girl

Ashlynn is growing too fast! I can remember Kaylin this exact age like it was yesterday. But, it was really 8 years ago...
I remember that everything gravitates to their head. Always a goose egg, a bump, a bruise, a black eye...
 This is her latest. She got a black eye from the park, and a goose egg from a plastic toy bin. They both were within days from each other, so they were both black, then blue, the green, then yellow. Beautiful!

I remember that it's VERY rare for them to sit still. So when they do, it's picture worthy. 
 Mika was at school, and she could watch anything she wanted. She was excited to point to the TV and say, "See, see" then said Yes when I got to the movie she wanted. She would laugh and smile and frown at all the appropriate parts! It was too cute!

I remember they love getting their hair done. All 3 of mine at this age would sit on the counter and make faces or sing songs at themselves in the mirror. I love trying new hair styles on them. Ashlynn is tricky because her hair is so curly. But it's actually getting longer! And I can get it all back in a pony tail or piggy tails. People say it doesn't even look like her, but I think it's cute because you can focus on her pretty face instead of her massive curls.

I remember they all think they are big enough to sit with out a highchair and dip their nuggets in their own ranch. It cracks me up seeing this little person act so big.

I remember they think they are even bigger when they get to ride in daddy's truck. I don't know what it is, but no matter what the weather is, they all want the windows down!
My little baby is getting SO big! Eeek!!!!

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Joyce said...

Oh my gosh you bout have me in tears! She is getting so big! *sniff*