Sunday, March 03, 2013

8th birthday party

I have to say this was a very fun party to plan! It was really hard to find any decorations already done, so I decided to do it myself. We had a BMX bike race, hot wheels race, tire swing games, a put stop for snacks, and an awesome cake! 

 My friend Megan made this cake. Vanilla on to and chocolate on the bottom. It was a total hit.
 And it was abosolutely freezing. There was sleet during the party, but we couldn't come inside and miss the races! The boys didn't even seem to feel the cold. They're bikes were everywhere!
 Stacey and Sawyer came too. They spent most of the time inside, but Sawyer took a little ride on the tire swing with Travis. What a cute little face!
 Here's the hot wheel race. We had two lanes and each boy got to pick a car of their own and could take it home with their goodie bag. You can't see the tracks very well because we had human tunnels and a team at the bottom to see who won.
 The girls were a great help! Kaylin had Amber, Lana and Kate helping her with green GO flags, finish line flags, rating jumps and of course having some fun too.
 The starting line. These boys were so excited!

 Ready, Set, GO! The 3 in front were the most determined to win! Tyler was by far the oldest and was super sweet in staying with Ethan so he could win on his bday. I love Tyler.
The finish line! 
Those 3 coming in strong! Yay!
 We came inside for the cake. It was just TOO COLD!!! 
 And it was devoured! 
Now I want to sleep for 2 days, but that boy was in HEAVEN! He had so much fun and it was the perfect birthday party for this always moving boy. Love you big guy. Happy 8th bday!

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